Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned ( part 10)


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All are sitting in the hall when thakurs enter MM
Mr. Tahkur: namaste!
Dp: namaste! Please come inside. Khushi you come with me for mehendi.
Khushi: sure aunty
They go and sit
Girl: whose name shall i write in your palm!?
Khushi: write R. Just and R
Girl: okay.

While ragini also sits down for mehendi

After her mehendi is completed she leaves for other work. She again gets busy in attending the guests and looking after the arrangements.
Laksh comes there and drags her to a corner.
Laksh: ragini? What donyou think haa? You will leave me like that? Do you know how much it hurt me when you left?
Ragini: laksh leave my hand if anyone sees we will be in trouble.
Laksh: i dont care about anyone else. Just stay here .. Wait..
He takes out something from his pocket .it is a mehendi cone. He writes laksh in her hand and leaves her.
Ragini tries to rub it off but he holds her hand .
Laksh: if you erase it then you will see me dead.

Ragini is crying: why are you doing this? Why are you making it difficult for me to stay away? You dont know how much have i struggled.. Please dont do this to me j beg you.
Laksh: i dont want to hear anything. You can go now.
He leaves from there.
The function gets over and only house members and ragini are left.
Ragini: aunty i will leave now as it is very late and tomorrow is sangeet so i have to wake uo early .
Ap: that is fine beta but wait .. She shouts: sanskaaarrrr swaraaa come down
Sanskar: yes badi maa?
Ap: you both go and drop her home.
Laksh is standing infront of him behind ap and ragini. He signals sanksar to refuse
Sanskar: i would have badi maa but actually swara is very tired and is having a headache so i will stay with her. Why dont you ask laksh to drop her?
Ap: okay. Laksh she turns behind. Please will you drop her?

Ragini: its fine aunty i will go by myself
Ap: you stay quiet.
Laksh: sure maa!
They leave in a car. On the way .
Laksh: ragini inhave decided something. I will stay away from you. I am sorry for what i did. I promise not to come in your way the next time.
Ragini: thats good. Finally you realised. Okay then bye. She gets down and goes away.
Laksh: i hope ragini i could have told you what i am planning.. But you are not ready to hear.. Now i will do it my way.
He leaves.

Precap: sangeet ceremony. Ragini dance. Raglak romantic dance

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Credit to: Ananya

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