Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned part 1


Hello everyone!! Ananya here.. I am back with one more ff. Although i dont get many comments on my ffs still i am writing this for the few of you who like my work.
I my ff swara and sanskar are already married and ragini and swara are not sisters.

The story begins with a huge mansion in which an elegantly dressed lady comes out. Kaka ye sab saaman le aana( please get all this stuff). Everything should be perfect today. Afterall people are coming here to see my son for marriage.
The lady is revealed to be annapurna.

Dp comes out: ap where is laksh? Doesnt he know that he needs to be at home today? Afterall what will thakur’s think about him? We need to get this marriage done i had promised mr. Thakur 15 years back that his daughter khushi(kanchi kaul)
And laksh will get married when they grow old.

Ap: haanji.. I will go look for him.
She goes inside searching for him but diesnt find him. She calls laksh.
Ap: beta laksh where are we are searching for you since morning. Come fast they are about to come in an hour or so.
Laksh: sure mom i will be there.

After sometime the thakurs come to MM and laksh and khushi meet each other . Both of them are not too much interested in getting married but they accept the proposal.
Mrs. Thakur: badhai ho! We are now samdhis.
They greet each other and call the pandit who fixes marriage date after 15 days.
Dp: how will we be able to do all this so quick? We need to do a lot of preparations.
Ap: dont worry ji. My friend’s daughter is a wedding planner. She is very good at her work. I will talk to her.

Next day a small house is shown. A girl wearing blue kutri with white churidar and big jhumkas is shown. She is our ragini.
Ragini: maa i am leaving. I will be back by evening.
Sumi: haa beta go and all the best.!

Ragini leaves and reaches mm. She is the wedding palnner ap was talking about.
She enters the house and as soon as she enters she is about to break a vase but holds it on time but looses her balance just when laksh comes and catches her.
Laksh: hey girl easy!
Ragini: i am sorry! Actually i .. I.. I am sorry.
Laksh makes her stand straight when ap comes she greets her.
Ap: namaste beta! How are you? Seeing you after a long time.
Ragini touches her feet: yes Aunty actually i was in london for a marriage.
Ap: great! Now come sit here. We ll plan what all we have to do.
Laksh come here sit with her and tell what all do you want in your wedding.
Laksh says in a bit uninterested manner: maa you do whatever you wish.
Ragini: hello mr. How can you reply to your mom like that? Talk properly and now say sorry.
Laksh gets irritated: ms. Ragini plz mind your own business.. Make big fat amount of this wedding and get lost!
Ap: laksh!! Is this the way to talk?
Forgot all your manners?
Laksh leaves in anger.
Ap; i am sorry on his behalf beta! He never behaves in such a way. I dont know why he was like that today.
Ragini: dont worry maam. I know how to handle grooms. She winks and gives a smile.
They start discussion aboout the functions. First mehndi then sangeet and finally shaadi and bidaai.
Ragini: okay maam! I have a rough idea of what you like. I will make a plan according to that and will tell you by tomorrow. Btw. I want to meet the bride and even groom if he wishes to.
Ap: yaa dont worry about that. I will talk to him.
Ragini: bye aunty.
Ap: bye beta!!

Precap: not yet decided

Hope you guys like it. Please do comment

Credit to: Ananya

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