Raglak: wedding plans go unplanned (last part)


Hello guys! This is the last part of my ff. Please read till the end.

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It is the wedding day. Full fledged preparations are going on.
Meanwhile mr. Thakur is busy on the phone talking with someone when swara is standing behind him.
Thakur:make sure he doesnt get out of there. Tighten the security around him.
Swara: who is he talking to? Laksh was right I guess. I need to tell this to sanskaar.

While here khushi was crying and talking to herself when ragini comes there.
Khushi: i am so sorry ragini for doing this to you but i want you to get married . I cant ruin your happiness because of me.
Ragini: khushi we have already had talked enough about it. You are getting married to laksh and that is final. I cant live in the guilt of intentionally destroying someone’s life when i could have saved it. I know i cant live without him but things will be normal if not good. I need to learn to be strong.
Khushi: ragini please dont do somuch for me that i cant return. Please do ask for anything you need from me. I will always try to help you.
Ragini says with tears in her eyes and almost choking voice: i need a promise from you.
Khushi: what kind of a promise?
Ragini:promise me that you will mever leave laksh alone. You will take care of him like a mother, encourage her like a sister, love her like a wife .
Khushi: i promise ragini. In mind: i promise that I will unite both of you afterall true love deserves to win.

Ragini leaves from there and engages herself in work to stay away from laksh.
Swara tells everything to laksh and sanskaar. Then sanskar reveals that he heard thakur ( rest of the conversation is muted)

Its evening now, the mandap has been setup, everyone has come . The pandit says: call the bride and groom its time now.
Ap: swara go bring khushi and sanskar you bring laksh.
They arrive to the mandap. The pandit starts with the rituals. Its time for pheras now they complete the pheras and other rituals.
Pandit: you are now man and wife. Stay blessed. Now take elders blessings.
Ap: that is fine but first let the dulha dulhan show their faces to us . I also want to see how my daughter in law looks like.
First bride removes her veil and ap says: as expected.. You look like a princess. May god save you from black eyes( burinnazar se raksha kare)(i had no idea what is it called in english)
Then the groom lifts his sehra and everyone his hell shocked seeing him.
Groom: i am rajat( yes it was rajat)
Khushi’s husband.
Mrs. Thakur: who the hell are you? How dare you do this?? How can you marry my daughter.
Rajat: your husband knows me better .. Kyu sasurji!?
Mr. Thakur: you ba***** how dare you run out from there? Wasnt my warning enough for you?
Mrs thaur: what warning ji??
Rajat: i will tell.. Wait.. I have loved your daughter ever since we were in college. But your husband asked me to sray away from her due to his so called reputition. I was about to elope with her yesterday when his men came and kidnapped me and tortured me to stay away from her. I managed to get out of there with the help of sanskaar bhai and swara bhabhi. I cant leave her.. I cant run away from the responsibility of my child.
Everyone is even more shocked.
Khushi while crying: yess! I am pregnant with his child. We love each other and wanted to get married.
Ap: and what about my son? Didn’t you think for once about him?

Meanwhile someone shouts from behind: mom it was my idea to get these two married. Afterall two people who love each other should be united right? You were the one who taught me this.

Ap: yaa yiu are right laksh. I am sorry khushi we got so busy celebrating ourselves that we couldnt see your sadness and unwillingness .
Stay blessed beta.
Dp: and about you mr. Thakur you tried to sell your child for a deal? I will never want to get attached to a person like you. The contract between us is over.

Mr. Thakur: do whatever you want but one thing is clear from my side i will never accept khushi and rajat. I disown her as my daughter. He leaves from their trying to drag mrs. Thakur but she jerks her hand: all my life i have done what you said. Till it was about me i resisted but now its about my daughter i will never leave her . You may go.
Mr. Thakur: do hell with you and your daughter.
He leaves in anger.

Sanskar: maa wont you ask your son if he still wants to get married?
Ap: how can he sanskar? I have to first look for a girl right?
Sanskar: what if he already loves someone?
Ap: then i must like her . And yes he is free to marry if he truly loves her.. But who is she?
Sanksar: badi maa you know her very well. You love her and treat her like your own daughter.
Ap: who??
Swara brings ragini with her who is drenched in tears.
Swara: maa she is the one.
Ap: ragini?? When did this happen? Well i am more than happy. But why didnt you tell this before ?
Laksh: coz i was worried that you wont accept her.
Ap: there is nothing in her that i cant accept. I loved her as a daughter till now but now i will love her more as my daughter in law.

Ragini: thankyou aunty! I am sorry for all this.
Ap: shutup. Dont call me aunty call me maa.
Ragini: okay maa. They both hug.

Sumi: its nice. You found a new maa so forgot the old one haa?
Ragini: it can never happen i love you ..
She hugs her too.
Ap: now pandit ji must be getting late. Come fast..
Then ragini and laksh perform all the rituals and get married.
After everyone leaves laksh enters the room where ragini is already waiting for him.
He enters the room (remember the one they had booked in the venue) and shuts the door.
Ragini: wait laksh. I need to say something.
Laksh: yaa go ahead..
Ragini: i think we need to plan it out before we go ahead ???
Laksh: do hell with your stupid planning. It is all because of your unplanned wedding plans that all this drama happened. No one can stop me today. He goes near her and kisses her first on her forehead then on her lips. They consummate their marriage.
And they lived happily ever after!

The end

Okay now i know this was a long update but it was supposed to end today .

I would like to take a minute to thank you all for your immense support.
I start with
Dafsi: thankyou so much for your encouragement! I love you and your ff!
Sindhu di: you are an inspiration for me! I love your ff.
Thankyou megha , lovely and ammu for commenting everytime and making me feel good about my writing.
Thankyou SPP and nikky for your support and love.!
Thankyou anonymous ,rafeee,lisa and fairy for your kind words.
Thankyou aaushi ,piya,nami,dharani,akshata for your comments and patience to bear with me.
Thankyou rasha,hemalattha,ragz teju and ruhani for actively reading my ff and supporting me.
Thankyou snehahari,sanchami,ankita and akanksha for you love .
I love you all. I want you all to comment and rate my ff. And i also want my silent readers to comment today.

Credit to: Ananya

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