He was not ready for a marriage .. his parents were forcing him for a marriage. finally he had to agree. .
He wanted a girl who was modern and outgoing.. But his parents brought him an alliance that was exactly opposite..

She loved him from the day she saw his photo.. She had dreamt of a life with him.. She loved him more than herself.. She thought he would love her too…
But once they were married she understood how bad destiny is…




” laado… are you ready ..  the maheshwari will reach any time soon.. ” said dadi as she entered her pothi’s room…

” haaye .. kithna sunder lag rahi ho thum.. kisi ka nazar na lage.. ” saying this she puts a nazar batu behind her pothi’s ears .. who was sitting in front of the dressing table wearing a pink kehena..

It was her engagement today.. She hadn’t seen him … only in photos she had sen him and with that she had seen many dreams about their marriage.. Their life.. And today her dreams are gonna be true partially..  She will get engaged to her love..

From Ragini gadodia to mrs Ragini Laksh maheshwari..

But was it the same for him..

No .. He would have killed Ragini if he saw her before because of the effect she had in his parents.. They weren’t ready to listen to him just because they wanted her as their no matter what.. Even their sons refusal didn’t matter them…
And he hated because she was traditional.. how can the great businessman laakh maheshwari marry a traditional girl.. She was beautiful, educated , rich .. But she was traditional.  That was not up to Laksh maheshwari’s standards..

Finally the engagement was done.. And soon the marriage too was done..

And their lives changed..

It was night in the maheshwari mansion..

Laksh was angry depressed and irritated.. He never wanted her as a wife .. He was adamant he was determined to never give her the place and rights of a wife..
But he thought he would explain her properly.. he didnt want to hurt her seeing her innocence after he wasn’t that rude..
Ragini was seated in the centre oh the bed on his no.. Their room.. she was shy , happy  , overwhelmed.  She belonged to her love now..

She heard the sons of the door being open…her heart started beating really fast.. Her face turned crimson red..

” dekho .. I wanna talk to you.. see im not beating around the bush.. I wasn’t at all interested in this marriage.. And im so sorry o can never accept you as my wife.. im soo sorry for spoiling your life Ragini.. I was forced into this marriage.. I hope u forgive me… ”

Ragini was shocked .. this was not what she expect.  This is not how she dreamt of her first night to be… she thought they would start being friend and then slowly their relationship would bloom.. She didnt look up.  She didnt want him to know of her feelings..  But she could feel her tears filling her eyes..

” its ok laksh.  Im sorry for coming into your life forcefully.  ” she said in a choked voice..

” you need not be sorry Ragini.. And don’t call me Laksh ji. Its just Laksh… ”

” hmmm. Ill go change.. ” she said and took her night dress and rushed into her room..

” god..  why are you doing this to me.. What sin did I do to you..  why are you punishing…me.. I didnt ask for anything else..  only some love from him right.. why can’t u give that to me god..  first you have snatched my mother from me .. now why are you amazing my husbands love from me.  Am I that bad.  Am I that undeserving of love.. ” she thought.. breaking the dam of tears in her eyes..  What else could she do..

He was shocked.  He thought angry at her. But seeing her so innocent he didn’t have the mind to hurt her..

After sometime.. he saw her coming out of the washroom wearing a plain lavender sari ..

He was mesmerized.. He felt something different looking at her..

But soon reverted his gaze from her.

” Ragini I know you might be feeling bad .. But im sorry .. lets stay as friends.. ” He said .

” hmm she said and went to bed.. saje did not have the energy to face him not talk to him.. due to the mount of tears she shed inside the washroom..

End of happy one..

I know you guys might be wondering whats up with me..
Tha things is I have a lot of id was right now.  So if. Dont start writing .. Ill forget them.. that’s why im posting now..

I hope u guys like it..
Pls like and comment..

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