Raglak an untold love…..progolue n intro

Hey guys I m very new here bit hope u guys will support me ….n like my ff …actually I love ragini n laksh couple a lot so I just wanted to write something on then ….
So here it goes
1.Ragini Raichand – rich , spoiled by her parents as c is da only daughter , n c also love her parents a lot
2.Laksh Khanna- studious , hard-working, book worm types n even he is rich
3.a.p n d.p – raging’s parents
4.Manik Sharma – ragini’s boyfriend
5.Swara Agarwal – Ragini’s best friend
6. Roshni n siddhart khanna – laksh parents
7.Sanskar – laksh best friend
Other characters ‘ll be introduced in the chapters only ……
Ragini n laksh two different personalities how they fall 4 eo n how do they cope up with everything lets c

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  1. Follybraverl

    Hay hi Priya welcome dear just Rock as like raglak….

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Omg thanks u soo much ….folly n yes I ‘ll try to rock it

  2. Amul

    waiting for ur ff

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Just wait a bit …..I ‘ll surely post it wenever I ‘ll get time

  3. Yeah nice ff i love raglak …they are more dearer to me than swasan.keep updating

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Yeah even me raglak they are my hearties …..n thanku soo much 4 ur comments I m glad tat u like it


  5. Shrilatha

    awesome yaar is ragini aarogant lets see wiating for u next chappy

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Yeah …….just wait …..n I ‘ll upload the next update asap …..n thanks 4 ur comments ……

  6. Awesome plot plzzz continue dr

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      Thanks dear …..of course I ‘ll upload it asap n thanks 4 ur valuable comments ….

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    Awesome priya….

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  9. Very interesting and plz continue. Thanks a lot for Raglak story

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      Thanks ammu…….ur comments are soo valuable ……n yeah even me I love Raglak a lot

  10. Mintu

    Awesome dear

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      Thanks dear ….

  11. Different story di

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      Soumya love ….thanks n I ‘ll try my best to keep ur hopes up ……

  12. Aadya114

    Hi I also joined yesterday and raglak is my favorite

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Yo welcome aadya…..so ur my friend 4m now as we both joined da same day ….n btw did u write any ff….if u have written then send me ur link

  13. Awesome

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  14. Asra

    nice intro dear…waiting for ur update….tkcr dear….

    1. Priyaangeljain

      I ‘ll update ASAP dear

  15. Asw

    Nice keep going

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    nice xx

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  21. IQRA222

    hey hello welcome to TU and RagLak paradise hope you will enjoy with us. i am iqra and i am 13 . Friends??
    and about the prologue and intro its awesome something very unique with ragu as arrogant and our lucky boy as book worm too interesting
    waiting for the nextpart

    1. Priyaangeljain

      Hey iqra sure friends n m 15 okay …..btw hope u like my other episodes too ….u know I ‘ll be eagerly waiting 4 ur comment on my next update ….ur comments are soo soo valuable to me ….btw where r u my ?????

      1. IQRA222

        hey didu pls do call me iqu as all my friends do. and i am 100% sure that i will like your other parts too. and sorry i didnt understand the last question??

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