Raglak an untold love…..part 1

So hey m back n I never hope tat u all will appreciate my ff so well ……well m glad soo glad I love u guys soo much ….a bone crushing hug to all….btw me m in class 12 now
So guys I may be irregular 4 my updates due to my studies but I ‘ll try my best to write it …n hope I ‘ll like my story to
So here it goes …n apologise 4 grammatical n spelling mistake

It is shown a big house ……..n someone is shown doing workouts … Her regular exercise
A sound comes – Ragini(yah tat girl is our ragini) its ur first day of collage do u want to get late on ur very first day of collage ……swara may come anytime ……get ready fast I ‘ll tell ramu kaka to prepare ur breakfast
Ragini- Maa 5 min n I ‘ll be there
Maa – okay beta

Screen shifts
Again a big bungalow
Here a boy is shown getting prepared 4 collage (he is none other than our laksh)
he goes get blessing 4m his mom n dad
Mom- laksh best of luck 4 ur collage ….n enjoy ur day ……don’t forget to have ur lunch
Laksh – Maa thanks n as long as ur blessing is with me I ‘ll always do btr in my collage …….n yeah don’t worry I ‘ll have my lunch on time Saying tat he leaves 4 clg in his car ……….

Screen shifts to Raichand mension
Here ragini is shown having her brkfst by her moms hand …..n swara cms
Swara- ragu still u r such a whatever…..aunty now today also u can’t let ur daughter eat by herself …..
A.p – swara how can I let my princess hand gets dirty
Swara- choro aunty no use ……I hear this everyday …neways ragu chale…..or u wanna be late on ur first day of collage

Ragini- Maa byee I need to go now ….swara seems to be very angry ….love u maa n tell tat i love him so much …chalo swara lets goo
They both go in swara’s car
So they all reach in st. Stevens collage
They all are in bcom
Ragini- swara lets check out some guys …lol ?
Swara -ragu don’t start here …manik may be here anytime n u lve it
Ragini- swara fine lets go to class we have our orientation programme today
They both go to class
Laksh is waiting 4 sanskar n there he comes handsome
Laksh- so Mr late here u are ….btw sanskar (n he gets interrupted by sanskar )
sanskar- bro easy call me sanky …sanskar n all does NT suits my image
Laksh- fine whatever now lets go 4 orientation programme
So programme begins
N everyone introduces themselves one by one
But our beautiful ladies were busy gossiping ?? lol girls habit
N our sanky looking for girls as usual
Laksh was the only listening carefully lol so interested n wen his turn came ….damm god knows how everyone listen to his 1hr long intro
Damm I fell them ??

So after tat everyone turn came ragini sanky swara …..n programme was over but our ragini didn’t even notice laksh at all
N even our laksh didn’t notice ragini
But patience destiny has its own plan 4 them

Guys this much 4 today hope u like it n guys u know ur comments gives me more ideas to write this ff hope u like this also

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