Raglak Unchain of my heart (Part 5)

Hy everyone we r back again to give u raglak ff- unchain of my hearts next part
Unchain of hearts part 5

Raglak r sleeping suddenly alarm ring and ragini sleep get disturbed and she wake up and see laksh is some how on her she manage to free herself and went to washroom and come out wearing blouse and petticoat … and wrap saree to cover her body she started to wear saree suddenly laksh also awake and see ragini with full of love …
Ragini wear her full saree and start doing make up and at last she fill her mang ..and going to went down suddenly lshe pull by laksh
Laksh- today is my day so give me one thing
Ragini-?? What.
Laksh- morning kiss on lips he pout

Ragini shy and bend her head
Laksh- don’t shy do ur fast
Ragini come close to him he can’t wait so be grab her waist and going to kiss suddenly Bua call ragini
Laksh- f**k man pehle hi itna bura hota h mere sàth and ab Bua too ?
Ragini smile and run to Bua
Bua- ragini u will not have ur sargi as Annapurna Is not here
Ragini unwillingly nodded and went to drink last sip of water she is going to drink it Bua take it and scold her
Ragini alone cry and after it she clean her face and went to laksh
Ragini- suniye breakfast is ready
Laksh- ok I m coming … ragini listen
Ragini- ji
Laksh- be ready after breaking ur fast I organize a gift for you and in return u also have to give me something

Ragini blush
Laksh come down and ragini too
Bua- laksh I think u give too much freedom to ragini I mean. .
Laksh- Bua ji plzz she is not a kid she is my wife not my slave
Ragini feel proud ..
Bua- ur wish laksh my work is done as I warn you ..
Laksh smile and see towards ragini

He went to office
In evening ~
He call ragini
Ragini is sleeping she open her eyes and answer the call
Laksh- hello ragini
Ragini- ji laksh
Laksh- open the door
Ragini – but why Bua is also not at home
Laksh- that’s why saying open the door …
Ragini- ok coming
She set her saree and went to open the door
She open the door and see laksh is standing with a packet and a bouquet..
Ragini – ap itni jaldi aa gye
Laksh- hm….
He come inside and ragini close the door ..

( Bua is in satsang?)
Laksh- ragini today I want to come close to you
Ragini- laksh sorry …
Laksh- why should you
Ragini- just bcz of me you r listening Bua taunts ..
Laksh- she is like this only ..
He hug her and console her
And take her in his arms and take her to room
And ask ragini to wear his present
She went to washroom and wear dress
When she come out laksh is awestruck..
She is wearing deep tight blouse of golden girl and saree if red color she come and put her make up and get ready laksh also get ready
And Bua also arrive

In night
Laksh break her fast and gift her a pendant of laksh name she make him to wear this by his own hands . .They went to dinner out
Bua fumes bcz laksh even don’t ask her to come with them ..
Bua in mind- now see ragini I will make ur life hell…
When they return home they see Bua is already sleep in her room
Laksh close the lights and then they went to their room …
They also sleep bcz they r tired

Precap- Bua make ragini do whole work without eating something and make her stay away from laksh ?

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  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Raglak were Amazing
    Waiting for the next one…………..

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  3. aweeee poor ragu

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    Outstanding outstanding choti. You rock but feeling bad for my ragooo can’t see her like that. This bua hate you how dare you make my ragini suffer like this.??? Amazing thank you sooo much for giving me the links. Love it this ep was fantastic love raglak from core.

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    Awesome update dear…loved it soooo much……..

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    awesome dear….feeling bad for ragini….poor ragini….love u raglak….

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