Raglak Unchain of my heart (Part 3)

Hello fellas teja and aninya back with unchain of my hearts part 4
I know u r very excited about laksh entry but for this u have to comment as we r giving u some kind of regular updates?

Unchain of my heart part 4
Ragini run from manik clutches
And she went to airport and get hit by a person she see him and start asking for help
Ragini- plzz can u please save me plzz my husband she start crying
Laksh- hm I can help you first yr me ur name
Ragini- ragini I m from Punjab my husband marry me for money and they torture me
Laksh- ok come with me
He take her to his home
Laksh- u can leave her for one week then I will book ur passport
Ragini- thanku so much ..
They leave like this and ragini is overcoming to reality ..
And now she living her life

One day
Laksh friend invite him to his party so laksh take ragini also with him bcz he is insecure about her loneliness …
Ragini first hesitate and then get ready to go with laksh
Ragini came in blue gown, she is little hesitant to go in front of his frnds. Remembering pervious incident where manik’s frnd humiliated her, tears came brimmed into her eyes.
Sensing her condition, he held her hand.
Laksh: ragini, don’t worry they all are good.
Ragini nodded in yes.

Both reaches at venue, his frnds became suprised seeing laksh with girl.
Kabir( Laksh’s frnd) : hii, bhabhi I am Laksh frnd.
He forward his hand for handshake.
Raglak sees each other.
Laksh; Ragini, he is my frnd. And kabir she is ragini my frnd.
Kabir: vo sry, I thought..
Ragini: it’s okay kabir ji
Kabir went from there.

Laksh’s other frnd sees them, one of them.
Guy: I think both love each other.
Kabir; ya I think so.
Guy: then I have an idea.
Kabir: what??
Guy: wait and watch
He went toward waiter and signal something to him.
Waiter nodded in yes and went toward raglak. Both are standing there thinking about each other.
Waiter: mam, sir take this.
Ragini: no, I am okay
Laksh pick both glasses and signal waiter to go from there.
Laksh: ragini, drink it. It’s not wine.
Ragini nodded in yes.
Both started to drink..

After 5 seconds
Both felt something different, they choose to ignore it.
Both started to feel dizzy.
Ragini: laksh, I am feeling like dancing.
Laksh; me too, let’s dance
Laksh hold her from waist. Current passes from their bodies, they see in each others eyes.
Both started to slow dance, soon slow dance turned into passionate one. Laksh back hug her, his hot breath touching her bare shoulder
ragini feel dizzy so she ask laksh to go home
Laksh- let’s go
They both not in their senses

At home
Ragini went to washroom to change and laksh also went to change in his room
Suddenly ragini scream
Laksh run to her room and see ragini is dancing in shower wearing bathrobe he get mesmerized he went to her and come close to her she start smiling
Laksh come forward to kiss her lips he start kissing she also start kissing he enter into her mouth feeling her taste the kiss is like for 5 minutes
He take her to his arms and take her to room he make her his ..
He remove his cloth and her cloth and start sucking her bre**t she is literally moaning in pain but laksh is like craving for more and more he look forward to her navel and went down and kiss on her navel he dog her nails in him then he come up and kiss on her neck curves and went down he make her legs broad and kiss her thighs and then upper thighs and then on her exposed part he scream but laksh is doing like Craver or lover .. he start entering into her ragini enjoyed it and then start doing their love at last when they r done they sleep on each other … not realising what is the next decision of God

In morning
Raglak wake by birds chirping and see each other in exposing condition
Ragini start crying and laksh is shocked
Laksh- sorry this is my mistake
Ragini- no it is mine
Raglak- we both r include in it
Laksh- sorry ragini and i m that person who rectify his mistake so I will marry you and take ur responsiblity on me
Ragini cry hard and remember manik
They both went in washroom and start preparing to leave to Punjab
They went to airport and reach Punjab whole journey they r silent not even contact through eyes ..

They reach home
Raglak are not able to see each, both were highly guilty.Their trances broken by someone’s voice. ( Laksh mom knew laksh and ragini intimatcy as laksh tell her through phone)
Voice: Laksh, you both had done mistake.
Laksh: sry mom, we didn’t knew they will prank on us. It’s not her mistake. I am ready to rectify my mistake.
Ap sees toward ragini, she move toward her and cupped her face.
Ap: Ragini , you are very good girl. Do you wanna marry my son?
Ragini; aunty, how could I? I mean I am not suitable for him..
Ap: you are perfect for my son. If you agree than I will proceeds further.
Ragini; I don’t what should I say? If you wanna this then I am ready.
Ap; Laksh, do you have any problem?
He nodded in no.

Next day, ap make both marry each other with only presence of some friends and family members even she don’t invite ragini parents also bcz she think ragini condition is only bcz of her parents
Annapurna is very happy as a bride which she wanted for laksh is now her bahu so she praise ragini beauty and qualities too.

In wedding night
Ragini with long viel is sitting on the middle of bed her room is decorated with red rose and with beautiful lights
Just laksh enter and close the door
Ragini feel some kind of fear but manage herself as she still in her past memory she nervously clutch her dress. Laksh sit near her and hold her hand.
Laksh: Ragini , don’t worry! I know you are not ready for this marriage. Take your own time.
She nodded in yes.
Laksh; can we be frnds?
She nodded in yes.
He happily hug her, she also respond his hug. For sometime both lost in each other warm embrace.
Soon both realise there position, they separate from each other.
Laksh: vo I am sry You change your dress , I m also going to change my dress.
She nodded in yes and move toward washroom.
Nd wear her night gown and
After sometime both slept on facing side of bed.

Precap- Bua entry , Bua ki bad tricks to humiliate ragini infront to everybody

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