Raglak Unchain of my heart (Part 4)

Hello everyone ur aninya and teja is back with ur ff unchain of my heart part – 4

Both were sleeping hugging each other.
Ragini sleep got disturb due to sunlight. She slowly open her eyes and felt something heavy on her body.
After analysing the situation lips curved in smiling manner. She slowly tried to remove his hand to avoid embarrassing situation.
After successfully espacing from situation, she went from bath.

After half an hour
Ragini came outside in pink saree.
Laksh was still sleeping like kid, seeing him smile crept on her lips.
Someone knock on door and says them to come outside for morning arti.
Ragini started to wake laksh .
Ragini: Laksh ji, everyone is call us. Pls wake up fast.
She hesitate to touch him.
Ragini: Laksh ji
With so much hesitation she about to keep her hand on his shoulder but before she could do so , he turned other side. Due to disblance, she fall on him. Her wet hair cover his face.
He slightly open his eyes and removed hair from his face.

Both started to see toward each other.
Ragini: vo sry Laksh ji, I was just trying to awake you.
She tried move away but her mangalsutra stuck in his t-shirt button.
Ragini: vo sry, I don’t do it knowingly.
She nervously started to free it.
Laksh was just staring her lovingly and an unknown smile appear on his face. He held her hand.
Laksh: let me do that.
She nodded in yes. He started to free it now Ragini is staring him. She came in senses by Laksh’s voice.
Laksh: done.
Ragini: thanks

She moved away and started to become ready.
Laksh came outside after bathing and sees her struggling to tie dori.
He moved near her and held dori, by mistake both of their hands touch each other.
Ragini look upward , both have sweet eyelock through mirror.
Laksh; I can help you.
Ragini: no it’s kk, I can do it.
Laksh: ya you are doing na from past 15 minutes.
She started to looked down.
He started to tie dori, during it his hand touched her bare back which send shiver to her body. She closes her eyes and clutches her saree pallu.
He smiles seeing her condition and moved away.
After not feeling anything, she open her eyes.
She started to find Laksh, whereas laksh was busy in becoming ready.
After becoming proper ready both move toward temple.
Ap: Ragini , today you have to do morning arti.
She nodded in yes.
She started to sing melodious song, listening her sweet voice both ap and Laksh become amazed.
After finishing arti , she give arti to everyone.
Ap: waah Ragini, like your face your voice is also amazing.
Ragini: Thank you ma

She moved toward laksh and forward arti thaal toward him.
He still lost in her melodious voice. His trances broken by AP’s voice
Ap: Laksh, take aarti beta
Laksh nodded in yes and take aarti.
He moved from there, ap come near her.
Ap: beta now you have to make dishes for next ritual. If you need any help then let me know.
Ragini: ma, you take rest . I will manage.
She nodded and move from there.

After half an hour,
Ragini came from kitchen and started serving dishes to ap and Laksh.
Both started to eat it, Ragini nervously standing there.
Ap called her near herself.
Ap: what is this Ragini?
Ragini’s face turned like cryingly.
Ragini: sry ma, don’t worry I will again make it.
She started to move from there but stop listening some voice.
Ap: you don’t need to make it again because..
Ragini: no ma , I will make it.
Ap: first listen me.
Ragini nodded in yes and looked down.
Ap: because its perfect.
Ragini: ma, I will make it
Soon she realizes what she had said?
She looked toward ap, she nodded in yes and give shagun to her.
Ragini gaze shifted toward laksh who is silently eating kheer.
Ap smiles seeing Ragini face.
Ap: Laksh, don’t you like it?
Laksh: no ma, its nice.
Ap: only nice
Laksh: I mean it’s awsm
Ap: but you never use such words when I make food.
Laksh; ma, I have work
He stood up and began to move from there.
Soon he stop listening someone’s voice.
Voice: aye chore, where are you moving without finishing your food?

All turned toward that direction, one mid aged lady standing there with her luggage.
Ap : sujata tum
Sujata move toward Laksh and hold his ears.
Sujata: Laksh, what is all this?
Laksh: bua , I have some work ..
Sujata: first finish all this.
He nodded in yes and began to eat.
Her gaze shift toward Ragini who is nervously looking here and there.
She stood in fornt of her.
Sujata: hey chory, what are you doing in my house?
Ragini: vo I ..
Sujata: what I? Don’t you know how to speak?
Laksh: bua , she is my wife.
Ap: ha sujata she is my dil. Ragini take her blessing, she is Laksh’s bua.
She nodded in yes and bent down to take blessing. Sujata makes faces and give blessing.
After completing breakfast, all went for their respective work .

In evening
Ragini is resting in her room suddenly her phone ring and she answer it .
Ragini- hello
Laksh- ragini
Ragini- h laksh
Laksh- have ur lunch
Ragini- hm..
Laksh- ok then be ready we r going to court as u already signed divorce papers and now manik also send papers to my office ..
Ragini- ok
She get up and start getting ready
She wear saree orange colour and chura( newly married) and fill her mang with sindoor and went down ..
Bua- ragini beta where r u going??
Ragini- Bua ji laksh call me and said to call out .
Bua smile
Laksh come and he pass a smile to ragini and tell her to sit
They went
Bua- I have to make ragini my slave..
In court
They filled all procedures to their requirements and went to home
Ragini- laksh can u please take to my home
Laksh- no they people can’t think about ur problem just make u marry with that bad person
He take her hand in his and kiss them
Ragini shy- laksh vovo….
Laksh- I m ur husband and i have this right and if u give me u all then see I will prove myself a best husband. .
Ragini shy
Laksh- so it is yes or no ..
Ragini- laksh we reach home
She run from there
And see some ladies r talking with Bua …
Bua- ji I m also feeling to have my granddaughter or grandson after all laksh wife also came …
Ragini listen them and went to flashback ..
When raglak consummate
She come and take blessings of elders
One lady- ragini soon give her heir ….
Laksh listen them and went to their room
Ragini come and suddenly someone close the door
She see and smile to laksh ..
Laksh- if u don’t feel comfortable in having babies u can tell me
Ragini- I didn’t say anything …
She take her nighty and went to washroom ..
Suddenly she scream and open the door laksh see ragini is only in towel ..
Ragini- laksh lizard
Laksh come and make lizard run to outside from window corner
Ragini feel the situation and is going to close the door suddenly laksh open the door and take her hand in his and come close to her … ragini close her eyes he kiss her lower lip very smoothly and then her upper lip and then take then in his mouth and feel her taste she is breathing fast .. laksh kiss ragini eyes and take her to in his embrace and went to bed
He come on top of her and remove her towel and start sucking her bre*st and bite it she moan in pain and dig her nails in him when laksh going to enter her she make laksh side by giving push to him ..
And cry
Laksh understand that this is too early too make her his.. so he wear his Pajama and sleep on his side by closing the light
Suddenly door knock and ragini come in her sense and fastly wear her nighty only and laksh ask her she is ready
She nodded
And laksh went to open door
Bua – ragini beta tomorrow is karvachauth and ragini u should do fast …
Ragini – ji Bua ji..
Bua feel some thing as bed was messy so she think that raglak intimate ad it is also showing by ragini clothes..
Bua- laksh ragini
They both see towards Bua
Bua- I hope u both soon give me heir of this house
Laksh and ragini feel awkward
Bua went and laksh again close the door
Ragini- sorry vo I just remembered manik
She start crying
Laksh console her
And she sleep on laksh shoulder and laksh make his hand on her waist …

Precap- Bua tortures on ragini ,laksh and ragini romance

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