Raglak Two shot : Wish I could remember (2)


RAGLAK TWO SHOT – Wish I could remember
As he walked into the increasingly familiar office, His face grew a sheepish expression. She was bent over her drawer, her brown hair falling over her shoulders. Inhaling sharply, he tapped the opened door lightly.
Laksh: Knock, Knock!
Dr Sinha looked up, surprised written on her face, before a breathtaking smile lit her face.
Dr Sinha : Hello!
That one word made him feel pleasant. Even though it sounded stupid, it was just the way it was. He smiled a half grin.
Laksh: Hi!
She straightened, before she placed a hand on her hip, a playful frown on her face.
Dr Sinha : So where have you been all this while? It’s been two weeks.
Lakshclosed the door behind him, but didn’t take a seat quite yet. Dr Sinha went around her desk to face him, a playful determined look on her face. Oh, he knew that she was expecting him. Sanskaar let him know too. He just couldn’t find it in himself to pick up the phone and tell her that seeing her wasn’t a good idea. He couldn’t even listen to her messages for God’s sake.
It still wasn’t, but the level of his willpower decreased. He couldn’t stop the gravitational pull between them.
Yeah, he admitted it. Dr Sinha provoked feelings in him that, honestly, scared the shit out of him. He couldn’t even talk about his turmoil to his therapist because – well would you look at that – it was about her. The irony.
Honestly, he wasn’t as bitter as he let on. Life was just a downward spiral. How was he going to admit to Kavita that maybe marrying her wasn’t such a good idea, mostly – mainly – because he was starting to feel unexplainable feelings for this Dr Sinha enigma. And he was pretty sure that you shouldn’t go into marriage if you aren’t one-hundred percent sure about your decision.
Laksh: I got your messages.
He admitted that.. but he didn’t listen to a single one. God knows what her voice does to him. He rubbed the back of his neck, hating that he was lying.
Laksh: I… I was just busy, you know. Wedding preparations and Kavita wanted me to be with her.
He could’ve sworn her smile fell, but it was probably just him. Her smile was still brilliant.
Dr Sinha : No problem. Well, Have a seat. I’ll be right back.
She was back in two minutes. She still smiled at him, but this time her eyes were shining, and they looked moist? Also, Her smile seemed forced.
Dr Sinha : How were the past two weeks?
Laksh: Busy, As I said. How were yours?
Dr Sinha : Fine…
She was talking in an absent-minded way, making notes about god knows what in her notepad. What the hell was she writing? She never wrote anything down.
Dr sinha : Have you been writing anything down?
Startled that she went right at it, he stared at her for a few moments incomprehensively. Dr Sinha had a concentrated look on her face, but when she looked up, she looked confused.
Dr Sinha : Sanskaar?
Laksh(lying) : No.
It was stupid to tell her that he almost associated the feelings in his memories with what he felt when he thought of her. How completely unprofessional. He almost snorted at his thought.
She nodded in understanding.
Dr Sinha : That’s alright..
She smiled a warm smile and he felt himself relax in relief. There was the Dr Sinha he knew.
Dr Sinha : We are going to try something new and different today. You up for it?
Laksh(with a wry smile) : Do I have a choice?
Dr Sinha (responding with a cute smile) : I’m afraid not!
She paused, and seemed to be inwardly debating a matter in her head. Her eyebrows were narrowed ever so slightly and watching her, he felt his hands rise on their own accord, almost like…like he wanted to… pull her to him.
Tensed, he straightened and awaited her words.
Dr Sinha (paying no attention to the tension) : Umm.. (blushing slightly) This may sound weird, but we are going to go to the beach today.
Laksh(eyebrows raised) : Beach? (questioning like he had not heard correctly)
Dr Sinha (nodding) : That’s right.
But if he didn’t know any better, it were almost as if she were forcing the words out of her throat.
Dr Sinha : To tell the truth, Dr Rathore thought it might be a good idea to go to the beach today. He’s worried about you.
Lakshwatched her, an unreadable expression on his face. Sanskaar was worried. As if he didn’t know that.
But the way she said it made his chest clench.
Laksh(skeptically) : So he suggested the beach?
Dr Sinha (cheerily) : Yes. (sensing his mood) Don’t you like the beach?
No. They just made him completely miserable.
Guessing his answer, She continued.
Dr Sinha : I’m a therapist! You’re paying me to discuss your problems. You don’t need coaxing if you came here willingly. And today.. Today, You came of your own accord. Willingly.
She shot him a pointed look, but it wasn’t condescending. It was sweet and it made him smile. Sighing, he rubbed the back of his neck. Where was he supposed to start? He felt like the life is sucked out of him whenever he stepped into an atmosphere remotely like a beach resonated? He knew it had to do with something he forgot. Maybe something horrible happened. Maybe something wonderful. If anything, it had to do with the girl he was once in love with.
God, strong feelings were provoked even after memories were erased… it had to mean something. It can’t not.
Dr Sinha : How’s Kavita?
Lakshshook himself out of his reverie, his mind flashing to his best friend. She was fine; great, even.
But that was because she didn’t know about these sessions. He briefly wondered what she would do if she discovered it was all Sanskaar’s doing.
Laksh: She doesn’t know I come here still.
Dr Sinha : Accha? Then where does she think you are?
Laksh: She assumes I’m with Sanskaar.
He shot her a crooked grin when she shook her head good-naturedly.
Laksh: So.. shall we go?
Dr Sinha : Really? You don’t mind. It will certainly take more than an hour’s session time…
Laksh: I don’t mind as long as….
As long as you’re with me..
Shit! Was that what he had been about to say?
Dr Sinha : As long as?
Lakshjust stared at her blankly.
Dr Sinha : Mr Mehra?
Laksh: Nothing. Chalo, Let’s go.
He couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
She was just so… unprofessional that he couldn’t help but smile. The way she tried to eat her cotton candy reminded him of a child; she wasn’t neat. She was scowling and struggling, muttering god-knows-what under her breath. He thought it was cute.
He swiped a strand that managed to attach itself in her gorgeous hair.
Laksh(amused) : You missed a spot.
Dr Sinha’s responding smile made his chest clench in the way where all he could think that she was too beautiful to be alone. Why the hell didn’t she have a boyfriend anyway? Did she have a boyfriend? For some strange reason, the thought didn’t settle too well with him. It almost made him feel… jealous.
Dr Sinha : Cotton candy is so delicious. But it’s so sticky and I have a really hard time with it.
Laksh: It’s on a stick. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your hands to take a piece and eat it, Instead of putting your mouth on the stick.
Dr Sinha (giving him a haughty look) : Cotton candy is meant to be eaten on a stick. It’s the feel of the beach.
Laksh(wryly) : I guess the sand and the water means nothing?
As he cast his eyes at the people on the boats and kids playing on the sand, completely exhilarated, He took in a deep breath, quelling down the dark sensation clawing at his chest. God, he completely had issues. Why did he feel so wretched whenever he was here?
He felt something grab his hand. And everything was suddenly okay.
Dr SInha (tugging him near the ice cream stall) : Come on… We have lots to do. Boat rides, Balloon shooting, Eating some more cotton candy… By the way, If I get a sugar rush or fall down from the boat ,You have to save me. I might… I’m really clumsy. I do get slightly seasick as well.
Laksh(scoffing) : You are seasick and yet, You’re going to go on the ride?
Dr Sinha : That’s right… I can handle it.
Laksh(drawling) : Sure.
Dr Sinha (sounding completely offended) : You don’t believe me?
Lakshfroze. He heard a girl’s voice in his head.
Girl : That’s not true.
Him (amused) : Oh really?
Girl : Yes.. You are so wrong about this. It’s not happening… (seeing his amused gaze) You don’t believe me?
Lakshcame out of his momentary daze. He blinked and saw Dr Sinha staring at him, not as his companion and friend, but as his therapist. Her eyes were sharp and focused which made him tense, but he relaxed when he acknowledged the softness in her gaze. He felt his chest tighten, and the notepad he carried everywhere he went – it felt heavy in his pocket.
Seeing her questioning look, he smiled slightly with a shrug.
Laksh: I felt the feeling again. That weird flashy feeling? Something you said reminded me… of that period.
He saw no use in lying to her. Why would he lie? There was no point, not anymore. She was there to help, so he was going to let her help. What’s the harm in that?
Apart from the obvious attraction, but he didn’t count that. It was all science; all chemistry.
He was a man. She was a woman. He had testosterone.. She had oestrogen. That was all it was. Just science.
Dr Sinha (smiling) : Do you remember?
He frowned, his thoughts muddled.
Laksh: No.
He wasn’t even going to wrack his brain. He’d rather spend all the time he could with her.
Lakshstopped at that thought.
She hummed under her breath in understanding. He wondered how she went through school and the competition in this field of psychology. She seemed too nice to survive. He wanted to know about her school life, so he asked her.
As they strolled along the beach, She told him about her late nights and near-depression moments. He knew the feeling; university almost destroyed him.
But she loved her job, so she said it was all worth it. Of course she would say that. He smirked at her in silence. They were waiting in line. He didn’t understand how this contributed to his session, but he wasn’t complaining. He was enjoying himself. More so than he has in the past few weeks.
Suddenly, she spoke completely horrified.
Dr Sinha : Have you told Kavita yet?
Laksh(blankly) : No. Why would I?
Dr Sinha : Why not?
Laksh(in a rush) : Because she doesn’t need to know what I’m doing every second of my life.
She smacked him on his arm lightly and made him laugh automatically.
Laksh: What? I did text her saying I’ll be late.
Dr Sinha (frowning slightly) : That sounds…. suspicious.
Laksh(grinning) : Completely.
Dr Sinha rolled her eyes, but he caught the smile on her face as she turned away.
Dr Sinha : I just think… I just think it would be nice… If I ever had a boyfriend or fiance, I just think it would be nice if I knew where he was. At least some of the time.
Lakshwas observing her closely.
Laksh: It’s different. (At her confused look) It’s different for you. You worry about him.
Was it wrong that he felt like killing this hypothetical boyfriend.
Laksh: You want to know where he is so that you know he’s okay.
Dr Sinha put on a puzzled expression.
Dr Sinha : Isn’t that the case with you?
Laksh(shaking his head) : Kavita is…. Kavita is more controlling. She has to know where I am. If she ever knew that I was with you…
He trailed off. He didn’t even want to imagine that scenario. She would immediately lash out and accuse him. It wasn’t her fault;
It was just the way she was. Kavita has always been insecure, and he did his best to assure her.
But sometimes he needed time to himself. She wanted to squeeze into every aspect of his life. He couldn’t even use the washroom without her knowing, for crap’s sake. She was like a hawk.
Kavita was his best friend. But Lakshdidn’t feel like telling her everything. Was that bad of him?
Dr Sinha (in a reassuring tone, amused) : Don’t worry. I’m safe.
Laksh(dry tone) : You sure?
Because he didn’t feel safe anymore. He wasn’t safe…. at all.
Her eyebrows shot up, as if she were ready to defend herself.
Dr Sinha ( grinning brilliantly, amusement lighting up her eyes) : Chill! I am safe. I mean, I couldn’t even do anything to you even if I wanted to.
Laksh(chuckling) : What makes you say that?
He felt himself hold his breath when her eyes locked with his. Damn, what her eyes could do to him. He turned away to look at the horizon.
Dr Sinha (innocently) : I couldn’t hurt you. I’m too nice.
He turned towards her amused, but as he caught sight of her, she turned and her hair was in his hands. Her soft, silky hair was in his hands. He stared at them entranced. An odd expression settled on his face. He… couldn’t stop staring.
Laksh(whispering) : Brown or black…. Black or brown… Which is it? It’s so mesmerizing.
She seemed like she was holding her breath, but when she answered, she sounded perfectly normal.
Dr Sinha : Both!
He released the strands, an odd silence between them. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable. It was, well, unexplainable. He felt like he was missing something. He looked at her from the corner of his eye. She seemed to be deep in thought, her eyes faraway. He cleared under throat discreetly. He didn’t like her being silent. He felt like she was slowly detaching herself away from him.
Laksh(lamely) : Well, It’s really nice.
He almost smacked himself. Amazing. He should’ve thought of what to say before blurting anything out.
She blinked out of her reverie, glancing at him with a slight smile. She nodded her thanks and remained quiet.
Lakshbegan berating himself. He felt his heart sinking. Did he do something? Dr Sinha was never quiet like this. Something was tugging at him inside, but he couldn’t place his finger on it. He resisted the urge to whirl her around to face him and demand what was wrong. He really didn’t like seeing her like this.
Finally, He just said her name. Her eyes shuttered before a smile lightened her face.
Dr Sinha : Sorry about that. I keep forgetting to stay professional with you. I feel like I can be myself.
He stared at her. He didn’t know what to say about that.
Finally, He said.
Laksh: That’s alright! I don’t care. And anyways, We are not in the clinic, So you can be who you are. (At her protesting look) Dr Sinha! Listen! I’m who I am. I don’t change. So you shouldn’t either.
They eyed each other silently, willing for the other to break first. Finally, Dr Sinha turned away. Lakshalmost didn’t hear her… But he did.
Dr Sinha (whispering) : You were always sturbborn.
He smirked in triumph – until her words hit him.
Laksh(blurting out) : What do you mean?
She seemed to stiffen and if he weren’t watching her closely, he wouldn’t have noticed. She had a way of hiding her feelings. Her body betrayed her, but she reacted fast enough that if someone who wasn’t paying attention would’ve missed it completely.
Dr Sinha (coolly) : I just think I know you well enough to say that you’re stubborn.
She said it like it were a joke. Like she was kidding. But no. The words were strange. She used it as if they were long time friends. She also said it under the breath, as if without much thought. He knew she meant more. There was more. His brain began to go overdrive, filing through his memories. Shit, this was something else.
Dr Sinha (abruptly) : Come on… We have to go to the water. Come on now. Let’s go on the boat.
He quirked an eyebrow at her back. She sounded too relieved. He smirked to himself, following after her. Oh yeah, there was definitely more.
The sky was golden orange. It cast a warm glow over the water making it look golden as well. They were standing in line to get into a boat. As they waited for their turn, He saw couples moving here and there. It was like a movie scene.
Of course he’d start to notice couples holding hands around this time. It was picture perfect. And it was agony.
Dr Sinha : You look troubled! Let’s talk…
Laksh: Wow! You’re blunt!
Dr Sinha (getting into the boat) : You’re paying me for it.
Laksh(getting in as well) : True that.
They settled in the rowboat and the boatman began taking them away.
Dr Sinha (after two minutes) : I get seasick.. And I’m afraid of the ocean.
Laksh(incredulously) : Why are we here then?
Dr Sinha (talking like it’s obvious) : Because I… I want to experience the true feel of being at the beach.
He looked at her and saw her slightly tense face and her eyes swrewed shut. Then, he began to shake the boat a little, just to shake her up. Her eyes opened and she glared at him.
Dr Sinha : I’m going to kill you.
Laksh(wryly) : That’s professional.
He looked up at silence, and felt his heart soften. He really did want to hold her hand. She was forcing herself to breathe evenly, and when she opened her eyes, she automatically looked out at the ocean.
Dr Sinha (softly) : I love sunsets.
They weren’t moving anymore, so they had an amazing view of the ocean, the sand and the sun. The golden glow was more pronounced, and it reflected off her majestically. She was gorgeous. She really was.
He felt a peaceful sensation settle over his chest. He could breathe easier, and… he could just be like this forever. It was nice. He closed his eyes to relish in the moment.
Laksh: Me too…. (he opened his eyes) You know, I haven’t been here in a while. The beach… The beach makes me feel miserable. Like there’s no hope. (grinning slightly) But with you, With you, It’s bearable.
She cracked a smile, but remained quiet. Lakshfrowned. His therapist always.. ALWAYS had something to say.
Laksh: Doc! You okay?
She choked on air, and nodded rapidly.
Dr Sinha : Yes!
Laksh(quietly) : Liar! Your ears flare up when you lie.
His mind went to another place.
“I was not lying.”
“You were. You know what, my love! Your ears flare up when you lie. ”
Dr Sinha (embarrased) : I know… (smiling) It’s horrible.
And his mind went back again.
” I know… It’s horrible.”
His smile began to fall. The words escaped him without much thought.
Laksh: I thought you said lying was bad.
The world seemed to freeze. There was something powerful in this moment; he felt it. His whole body was hyper alert. And he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She…. Dr Sinha was there and she was staring at him. Dr Sinha was staring at him with eyes he couldn’t even begin to describe. He saw fear and apprehension. He saw the sadness. He also saw the dying hope.
Oh God, he wanted to make her smile.
Dr Sinha (in a thick voice) : She’s still in here.
The boat started moving and they were jolted out of the moment. Lakshwas crushed. Because he never wanted time to go back as badly as he did in that moment. Whatever transpired between them – he knew that she wasn’t going to talk about it. She would hide behind the therapist card. She would evade the question stealthily.
He knew she knew what happened. But he didn’t know how to bring it up without her closing him off just as fast.
They pulled up onto shore but neither of them moved.
Laksh: what was that?
Dr Sinha (a sad smile on her lips) : Why don’t you tell me?
He watched her walk away, a playful smile on her face. She knew. What the hell. She wasn’t going to tell him.
Shaking his head, he stood up and followed her. He didn’t feel frustrated, to his surprise. He felt… content, almost.
Lakshentered the room and spoke without preamble.
Laksh: My fiancee, Kavita thinks I am cheating on her.
Dr Sinha (amused) : What the hell did you tell her?
Laksh(smirking) : First, I let her go on for a while.. Kavita loves to shout. I was thinking of ways to escape. But then, I grew impatient and I told her to shut up. (Sheepish smile) Unnecessary stress. I told her I wasn’t.
Dr Sinha : Gee! I wonder why she feels this way.
Laksh: Sarcasm doesn’t become you. But… I wonder why she feels that way too.
They shared a look and smiled.
Dr Sinha (as always) : How are you?
He shrugged in response, trying to think of words to explain the thoughts plaguing his mind. He played with the notebook in his pocket. To his surprise, it was halfway completed with his scribbling. He never read any of what he wrote down, but he knew what was there. Of course he did. The feelings were sharper.
Dr Sinha (cutting through his thoughts) : It’s almost 10 sessions now. Are you ever going to tell her?
Laksh(straight-forward) : No!
Dr Sinha : No? Why ever not?
Laksh: I don’t know how to tell her. She’s temperamental and impatient. And while I’m usually not an imaptient guy, I find that I am not patient enough to deal with her accusing stares and one million questions.
Dr Sinha ( amused) : Well, why doesn’t she come here then? I’ll be your mediator.
There was something in her eyes, besides amusement. A sadness so deep it shook his heart. But there was also determination. Something that said she had made a decision?
Laksh: You sure? She might yell at you.
Dr Sinha (quietly, softly) : I think I can handle it.
Lakshwas nervous.
As he drove the car, he stared at Kavita sitting beside him and he was nervous. She was humming. Lakshfelt himself tighten his hands on the wheel. She didn’t know where they were going, telling her it was a surprise. He hoped that she wasn’t expecting him to bring her somewhere fancy. They were going to a clinic, He always chuckled out loud at that. Yeah, she was definitely in for a surprise.
As he drove into the parking space, Kavita gazed around in confusion.
Kavita : Why are we here Sanskaar? Is this a clinic?
He sighed.
Laksh: Remember when we had that conversation about me cheating on someone?
Kavita straightened, and nodded. She didn’t look mad, though. Lakshfelt emboldened and he continued.
Laksh: I still can’t believe you thought that. I don’t know if I should be pissed or just surprised. But moving on…
She interrupted him.
Kavita : Well, You have been missing frequently. You go somewhere and you don’t tell me. You cancel all sorts of plans. You don’t seem eager about the wedding… How on Earth do you expect me to feel? (looking worriedly at the clinic) Are you sick, Sanskaar? Is that why you’re missing?
He laughed, shaking his head. She took his hand, but he gently brushed it off.
Laksh: I’m not sick. But I am in therapy. Sanskaar is paying for this. I have been to ten sessions already.
Kavita : What? Why? Didn’t you think I could help?
Lakshshook his head, frustrated.
Laksh: You don’t understand, Kavita! Therapy is helping me… They’re about the incident. My memories. Not knowing anything is killing me, and you turn your head away whenever I ask you about it! (trying to calm himself) Look! Sanskaar noticed.. He wanted to help. I thought his request was reasonable so I complied and came here.
Kavita looked angry.
Kavita : What happened to you was horrible. But it was an accident. I just don’t see any point in bringing it back. It’s gone.. Why do you care?
They had come in front of Dr Sinha’s room. As Kavita continued her disapproval of him coming to therapy, The door opened and a pretty face popped out.
Dr Sinha (her face suppresed with laughter) : Hello!
Of course, she would find this funny. She found everything funny. A smile began to form on his face.
Laksh: Hey!
She came out of the room and smiled at them. He turned to look at Kavita – only to see her gone completely white. She was staring at Dr Sinha with wide eyes. He didn’t give her a chance to speak and gently guided her inside the room. Dr Sinha closed the door behind her and walked to her usual seat. She took one look at the girl beside her and smiled.
Dr Sinha : Did he just bombard you with this information?
Laksh(shrugging) : Well, IT was the only way she would not have yelled at me.
He grinned at Kavita to show that he was joking, but she was tense and pale. He frowned.
Laksh: What is it, Kavita?
She didn’t answer. Instead, her eyes grew wet with unshed tears and she clenched her hands. Uh-Oh! This gesture warned Sanskaar. Kavita was going to blow up.
Kavita (roughly) : Why? Why are you here? Why couldn’t you have left us alone?
Dr Sinha : Kavita… Please just sit….
Kavita : NO! You were supposed to stay blo*dy away. We (looking at Sanskaar) We are going to get married. I love him. Don’t you get it? I LOVE HIM! Why.. why come back into my life? He’s been doing fine without you. He can do so for the rest of his life.
There was tense silence. Sanskaar’s mind was whirling. He looked at Dr Sinha, and he saw her take a step back. She inhaled and smiled a forced smile. God, that didn’t look right on her.
Dr Sinha : Kavita.. Please.. just
Kavita (throwing up her hands) : Fine!
She sat down, but her acceptance made Sanskaar’s blood run cold.
Kavita : What do you want?
Dr Sinha ( quietly, sadly) : I missed you.
Sanskaar’s eyes grew round and he rubbed his temples.
Laksh: Both of you know each other?
Kavita : Yes!
Dr Sinha (apologetically) : I didn’t think it was my place to tell you.
He felt confused. He didn’t know what to feel.
Laksh: Why not?
Kavita (warning etched in her tone) : Don’t!
He looked at her and she was gazing at Dr Sinha with plead in her eyes.
Kavita : Please don’t!
Dr Sinha cleared her throat, smiling a small smile.
Dr Sinha : I won’t tell him. You love him.
Laksh(furious now) : What the hell? I WANT TO KNOW (seeing their faces, his expression changed and he shook Kavita’s shoulders) : I took these sessions from Sanskaar because I knew I needed help. You wouldn’t help me, so I took it. I’ve been dying inside, Kavita, There’s something missing, and I needed to know what it was.
Kavita : But…
Laksh: These therapy sessions are helping me. She (pointing at Dr Sinha, a slight smile on his lips) is helping me remember! I am not in agony anymore. I am happy… I am happy!
Kavita (pain in her voice) : Am I not making you happy?
Laksh(accusing tone) : YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ME! You know and you think I don’t need to know. Dammit… I need to know. I NEED TO KNOW! You know what happened to me. Sanskaar knows what happened to me. Maybe even Dr Sinha knows what happened to me. Just tell me what happened. If I don’t know, then I’ll never get over it.
Kavita sighed and spoke. Her words surprised him!
Kavita : You loved her… You were so in love with her.
She said it with a broken tone but there was also venom in her voice.
Laksh: Who?
Kavita (pausing) : No one! She was there once. But now, she’s gone.
Laksh(frowning) : She didn’t love me?
Dr Sinha (softly) : She did.
Heart pounding, he looked at her.
Dr Sinha : I knew her too.
What the hell? His mind was spinning. Dr Sinha knew her. She’s been listening to him rack his brain while she sat there patiently when she knew the whole time. Lakshexpected himself to be completely pissed off at her.
But in the end, he sort of felt relieved. He didn’t know why.
Kavita was quiet for a while. Then she spoke.
Kavita : She did love you.
She paused, looking at Dr Sinha with unreadable eyes. Something dangerous transpired between them that caused Dr Sinha to look away with a sigh of acceptance.
Kavita (viciously) : She was the reason for your going through so much pain. She was the reason you got hurt. So, I can never forgive her.
Laksh(angry with Kavita) : How can you blame her unknowingly? She wouldn’t have done it intentionally. I want to meet this girl.
Maybe – maybe if he met this girl. Maybe he’d remember. Maybe he’d finally know the whole truth.
Kavita stood up, betrayal in her eyes.
Kavita : Sanskaar! Why?
Laksh: Because I feel like I’m floating in mid-air. I don’t belong here Kavita! I feel like a huge chunk of me is missing. And like it or not, You caused that too. Does that not mean anything to you? You watched me during those nights when I felt completely tortured. And you knew. I know you know, but I didn’t want to press you – but now…
HE turned to the doctor.
Laksh: You know her right? Can you help me contact her?
Dr Sinha who had been silent until now, froze a little then gave a wistful smile.
Dr Sinha : Maybe… Maybe not!
Lakshgroaned inwardly. Why were they so reluctant. He watched as Kavita just picked up her hand bag, looked searchingly at Dr Sinha, and left the room.
Dr Sinha : Aren’t you going to go after her?
Laksh(broken) : What’s the point? She’s been lying to me all this while, Dr Sinha! I was in love with someone. She didn’t tell me that. She knows all about my accident. She won’t tell me that. How am I supposed to marry her after this?
He laughed a false laugh. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at his therapist with a tired look.
Laksh: I need to find this girl!
He left the room.
Dr Sinha (softly, tearfully) : Don’t Sanskaar! Not right now.
Lakshwasn’t stupid. Sanskaar knew there was something betweed him and Dr Sinha. He was the one who had arranged for all these therapy sessions. He knew everything. And now, Lakshwas going to know. He need to know.
So he cornered his friend at his house, making sure there were no means of escape.
They sat in the kitchen, seated across from each other.
Sanskaar (grinning) : Are you just going to glare at me all day?
Laksh(glaring even more) : You know.
Sanskaar (raising an eyebrow) : Know what?
Laksh: About me.. You know about the girl. You know about the accident. You know EVERYTHING. I don’t. So tell me.. Tell me what you know.
Sanskaar lost his arrogant expression and he looked at him with an unreadable look. Lakshwas sick of getting that from him, especially his best friend. Sanskaar knew him more than he knew himself, literally. Weren’t they supposed to tell each other everything? He was so sick of not knowing.
Sanskaar : How are the sessions going on?
Laksh: Stop it! Stop changing the subject! I know Dr Sinha has something to do with this.
Sanskaar (surprised) : Why do you say that?
Laksh: No! You don’t get to ask me questions. Tell me the truth.
Sanskaar : Sanskaar! I’m not kidding. Tell me why!
Laksh: I want to know how you knew that going to Dr Sinha would help me. I haven’t remembered this much throughout all these years. And suddenly I’m talking to this beautiful girl and I’m getting bombarded with these feelings that leave me confused and –
He broke off, then looked at Sanskaar, deadly.
Laksh: Was I in love?
Sanskaar Rathore didn’t say anything for a long time. But then he smiled, a sort of quiet satisfaction in his eyes that confused Laksheven more.
Sanskaar : You were.
Lakshhesitated. He didn’t really ask about the incident under a serious light. There was no need to before. The past was the past. But now… Now everything was different. He frowned. He wanted to know so much. He wanted to remember.
Laksh: Was she… (he wanted to ask something else) Was she nice?
Sanskaar burst out laughing and Lakshcouldn’t help himself as well. Out of all the questions to ask…
Sanskaar : She was the sweetest person you ever met. She was incredible… and if you remembered… She was beautiful. She had a good nature.
Lakshfelt his chest tighten. Why didn’t he know this person? It wasn’t fair. His mind immediately went to Dr Sinha and he wondered if this girl was as beautiful as her.
Laksh(the words burning at his throat) : Did… Did she love me?
Sanskaar (looking at him like he was crazy) : She was your princess Sanskaar! She was yours. She loved you so much. She belonged to you… Just like you belong to her!
Laksh(whispering) : Then why did she leave me?
The pain was unexpected at those words. He tried not to touch his chest. God. If this woman loved him, why wasn’t she with him?
Sanskaar observed him, an inward battle going through his eyes. Lakshcould see it. His next words knocked the wind out of him.
Sanskaar : Your fiancee told her not to.
Kavita told her not to.
Kavita told her not to….
The words hit like a blow to the chest. He confronted her. He asked her, why the hell would she do such a thing. He was breaking and she let him break. He felt a little sick. If she loved him, why did she let that happen?
And her reply had been that she loved him. She loved him… How could anyone else fall in love with him.
Lakshcouldn’t say anything to that.
In the end, he left her apartment, running as hard as he can as far as he can. He somehow found himself in front of the clinic. He knew subconsciously that this was where he wanted to be, next to her – he just needed to hear her voice. She was the only thing going right in his life right now.
He walked inside, expecting to wait for a while, but he saw her standing there, as if waiting for him. Dr Sinha had a smile on her face, her hands clasped in front of her lightly.
He stared.
Dr Sinha : I knew you would come. Kavita called me and told me. She wanted to know if you’re okay.
Seeing his furious look, she laughed lightly and spoke.
Dr Sinha : She.. She didn’t mean to hurt you Sanskaar! She just loved you. Of course she’d want to keep you away from this other girl. Maybe I would too.
Laksh(slowly) : This other girl.. Apparently, I was irrevocably in love with her.
His mind shifter and he heard a voice in another time.
“I don’t know how.. I don’t know when.. But I am irrevocably in love with you”
It was his voice. He knew it was his.
Breathing hard, he stared at Dr Sinha, the words becoming sharper and clearer in his mind. And if he searched deep enough, he knew he would find her face. But all he could come up with was… brownish black hair.
His expression went slack and he blinked, trying to clear his thoughts. But he knew – it was his. The memory was his, and he remembered brownish-black hair.
Like hers.
Dr Sinha crossed over to where he was standing and smiled at him. He felt completely muddled, but he also felt hopeful.
Dr sinha : Come on! Let’s go to the beach.
They walked along the beach. They had no particular destination, and he didn’t mind. Knowing that she was there with him – it was enough. The sun was bright over their heads and there were people jostling around them. The beach was pretty cramped, actually, but that gave him more the reason to be close to Dr Sinha and watch out for her. He didn’t know what kind of psychos walked the streets.
He frowned a little, glancing at her neutral face, the faint smile on her lips as she curiously observed her surroundings. He… didn’t know her name. He opened his mouth to ask casually, but something else came out.
Laksh: What was this girl like?
Dr Sinha : That’s a heavy question. Why do you think I can answer that?
Laksh: You knew her…. Why did you not tell me? Why did you let me go on about it without saying anything? Knowing what you know about her could have helped.
Dr Sinha : I don’t think so. You needed to realize what you wanted to know. I could be spewing out lies and if I said they were true, you’d believe me. I think you remember her a little better.
Laksh(grinning) : So, you going to tell me about her?
Dr Sinha (thoughtfully) : She’s clumsy. She is clumsy but she could be graceful. In fact, I think she’s become more graceful now.
Laksh: You still talk to her?
Dr Sinha (mysteriously) : You could say that. (thinking for a while) She misses you so much, You know. She loves you… But she tries not to dwell on the past. She’s trying to.. but she misses you.
Her voice was full of raw emotion, and when she looked at him, she smiled.
He was speechless. He wanted more information, but he didn’t know where to begin. How did she look like? What did she do? Did she have a family?
Laksh: Why did she go away when Kavita asked her to?
Dr Sinha stopped and her eyes became unreadable.
Dr Sinha (quietly) : Because she was afraid you would hate her.
She stretched her hand and touched the scar on his chin.
Dr Sinha (whispering) : She caused this. She made this scar appear.
He felt a jolt throughout his entire body at the gesture. He smelt her scent, and everything seemed so familiar it was almost killing him inside.
Dr Sinha : She’s sorry for this.
And his mind went elsewhere..
“I’m so sorry for this, Sanskaar! I’m so sorry”
He shook his head roughly, a curse word erupting from his throat. God, he wanted to just – he couldn’t handle this right now. He felt mixed emotions rampaging throughout his entire being, he just wanted to settle on one. He lifted his hands to gently push Dr Sinha away because she seemed to be the cause. They reacted too well with each other. She was almost like…
Dr Sinha lifted her hands up at the same time, just as someone bumped into her sharply from behind, causing her to jerk forward.
Without thinking, Lakshstretched his arms out, catching the beauty. He felt her breathing stop.
She was familiar in his arms. And suddenly, suddenly he knew.
He didn’t move, he didn’t even tear his gaze from where she was standing. She began to move away He only clasped her elbow, right when she was about to pass by him. She stopped moving as well. They weren’t even facing each other, but he felt like –
Well. He felt like he finally found her.
Laksh: Your favourite colour is blue.
He felt her tense, but she was still immobile. He felt his heard pounding hard against his ribcage. He didn’t know how this was happening, but it was.
His voice sounded strange to his ears.
Laksh: You can’t choose your favourite book because you love too many. You love earrings.. (rage in his tone) And.. And your brother abused you. He thought it was your fault your parents died.. But it was not.. IT WAS NOT!
They were the only two people in the world.
Laksh: Kavita told you that she loved me. You tried to make me fall in love with her. But it didn’t work. We came here to the beach and I told you I had fallen in love with you.
He felt her shaking lightly. His hand went from her elbow to her hand. He laced his fingers in with hers and smiled to himself. Perfect fit.
Laksh: I dropped you back home. But then, I felt it… I knew something was wrong with you so I came to your house, where your brother was beating you. I tried to stop him, but he struck my head….. with a vase.
He remembered that day in the house.
” Move Ragini! Go away… It’s not safe for you.”
He saw the tears in her eyes and she was sobbing openly. But God – that smile on her face.
He felt like whatever heavy shit he’s been carrying for the past few years was lifted from his shoulder. He could breathe easily, and when he smiled at her, he knew that’s how he wanted it to be for the rest of his life.
Laksh(a smile tugging on his face as well) : My Dr Sinha! What’s your name?
She grinned.
Ragini : Since you seem to have recovered, I’ll tell you.
He slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close. She smiled her smile.
Ragini : Ragini!
Lakshkissed her, and murmured.
Laksh: I thought so!
He smiled a faint smile. Memory loss for a few months? Screw that. Reason is powerless in the expression of love.
She tiptoed to give him a sweet kiss on the lips. Their hug completed his entire being.
Ragini : Welcome back, My Darling!
Love is longing for the half of ourselves we have lost.
Woah… I finally finished this story.
Please do tell me how it is 🙂 🙂

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