Raglak Two Shot: Koi Mujhko Yun Mila Hai, Jaise Banjaare Ko Ghar (Last Shot)


Hey guys…….Bela is back with the last part of this Two Shot?

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Anybody noticed that the title of some parts has ‘Banjaare Ke Ghar’? It is a typo. It was always ‘Banjaare Ko Ghar’.

Let’s start………………


And now…….2 eggs. Beaten with the butter and sugar mixture. And one spoon vanilla essence.

Ugghh………..this is so confusing! Even though it is the most basic cake. I wonder how Ragini makes all those fantastic cakes. I thought that it would be a ‘cakewalk’. And now, here I am, with flour on my face, smelling of eggs and the entire kitchen dirty with my rendezvous.

I whipped the mixture furiously as I had seen in that video. Unfortunately, my bowl was tilted at such an angle that the mixture flew out and landed on the face of Ragini, who was standing at the door and looking at me unbelievingly.

I bit my tongue. Oh Fish! Now she gets to know of my surprise. And gets to taste it too. Even though it isn’t ready yet. But I had to admit, she looked quite well with that gooey mixture dripping down her face……………

“May I know WHAT are you doing?” She asked me in a deadly calm voice. Goosebumps crawled on my skin. She would eat me alive! Damn! Why me? What is my fault?

“Umm…………cake. You know. I am attempting a cake. It is your birthday tomorrow, so…………….” I replied fumbling at each syllable.

Her eyes softened. She came forward and took the spoon in her hand. She checked the mixture for a few seconds, with her head bowed down. “You need to whip it up more.” She told me softly with a crack in her voice.

She was crying. I know. Oh God! Did she start crying after seeing the mess? I started apologising to her profusely, telling her that I would ask a servant to clean it, not seeing the smile on her face.

“Sshh………….I am not crying! I just got a bit…..emotional. For three years now, after my grandparents died, I haven’t had anyone to celebrate my birthday with. I generally forget. Thank you so much for what you are doing.” She said to me softly.

I understood. The poor woman was feeling good. She hadn’t celebrated her birthday with anyone for the past three years. I cursed Shekhar Gadodia for the millionth time since I became friends with Ragini. Well, I had celebrated my past three birthdays with all the who’s who of the city, giving lavish parties. Still, no one personal. So I guess, we were on the same boat.

I side hugged her tightly and then realised that her face had been dirty. And now, my shirt was too. I made a disgusted expression as the smell of raw eggs filled my nostrils. Ragini chuckled seeing my expression.

“That is what you get for attacking innocent women with such weapons!” She said gaily and stalked off. To the bathroom. Oh Shit! Where would I wash myself then? I ran behind her, in an attempt to reach first but was beaten to it by my wife.

I plopped down on the bed sulkily. Then, I remembered that this house had three bedrooms with attached bathrooms. So I happily went to the guestroom and cleaned myself up.

My shirt was soiled and even my face had some of the mixture. Overall, I was feeling very dirty and smelly. I removed my shirt and put all my clothes into the washing basket. I took a shower and came out and then realised belatedly that I didn’t have another pair of clothes to put on. Haaye………..!

I fished for my clothes and realised that my jeans had become soiled too, due to the contact with the shirt. I took a towel and wrapping myself up with it, I went back to my room.

Ragini was probably still in the shower, that woman legit baths like Mandakini! I entered the room and went to the walk-in closet which housed our clothes. I entered quickly and locked the door and went forward, not paying much attention to my surroundings. My bad luck. Or good, shall I say? I dashed into a very wet and a very naked Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari who shrieked loudly on seeing me. I dropped my towel in shock and so, displayed my ‘goods’ in front of her!

Oh dear! This ain’t good. But on the brighter side of it, I got to see a very hot and naked woman who also happened to be my wife. She is enigmatic. Absolutely perfect. With that soft skin….the water drops shining on the skin, the beautiful…………you want a full description? Bl**** shameless perverted people!

Meanwhile, I noticed a heavily blushing Ragini staring at a certain body part of mine which responded very brilliantly to that heated gaze and the sight before me. Her eyes widened and I smirked. “Like what you see?” I asked. She nodded slowly and then snapped out of lustful daze and shook her head furiously.

“GET OUT NOW, YOU PERVERTED A**!” She screeched at me as she covered up her chest, disturbing my brilliant view. Don’t think I didn’t notice the flicker of her eyes towards my lower region! “Get out. Couldn’t you have knocked before entering?” She hissed.

“Couldn’t you have LOCKED after entering?” I shot back, enjoying the view of her silky smooth legs.

She huffed in indignation and poked me on my chest, pushing me out of the room. I staggered backwards and she slammed the door on my face. After glancing at my ‘goods’ for a last time, I noticed with satisfaction.

I changed into some clothes which had been kept on the bed after having been ironed. I went back to the kitchen to complete the cake. As I whipped the mixture, my thoughts went back to what happened between us a few minutes back.

There is no point in denying that I am attracted to her. I am a hot-blooded man, not some celibate saint. Her big brown eyes, rosy red lips, cute nose, smooth skin- all make me go insane. Her physical attributes, combined with her sharp mind, goodness of her heart and playfulness has made me fall for her. Hard. Every single day, every single hour, every single minute, I fall for her even harder. It isn’t love but I am sure that considering the rate at which I am falling for her, I would soon be trapped.


“Huh! Besharam aadmi. Aise ghoor raha thha…………” I said to my reflection as I combed my hair. A voice in the back of my mind reminded me that I had been busy too, in staring at him. I shut it up.

What could have I done? He was standing there, looking like a glorious Greek God, skin dark and wet with water droplets clinging to him. His perfect eight pack abs were proudly showing and…………….leave it, it is hard to describe. And anyways, it isn’t as if you guys will see him that way, so…………………….

It was almost midnight. My twenty seventh birthday was in a few minutes. Life has changed a lot for me in these past many months. I have found a man who I like a lot. Yes, I like Lakshya. More than a friend. Romantically. I find myself thinking of him and smiling stupidly. I imagine how he would be looking and if he would be thinking of me too. I imagine our conversations. It is such a powerful and euphoric feeling. I smiled thinking of what had happened a few minutes back. It was embarrassing. But with Lakshya, even the worst things look like a bed of roses.

I came out and saw my husband leaning against the doorframe, looking very handsome in a black blazer. He walked to me as my heartbeat started doing Nagada Sang Dhol. My stomach flipped as his scent came to my nose. He hugged me tightly. “Happy Birthday Wifey!” He whispered in my ear.

Tears came to my eyes. I was truly touched. Truth be spoken, I had forgotten that it was my birthday. And to be reminded by the man who I cared for, in such a sweet way, made him own me. I hugged him back and muttered a thanks. He drew back and handed me a parcel. “Wear it!” He said to me and walked outside to let me change.

I opened it and found a white dress. It had a sweetheart neckline and was sleeveless with no shoulder. The dress clung to the body till the bodice and then flared out till mid thigh. Along with the dress were diamond encrusted high heeled pumps and a bracelet which had a R&L diamond pendant attached to it. I wore the dress quickly, arranged my hair in a puff in the front and let the rest hang to my back, untied. I put on the accessories and applied my mascara and a matte finish red lipstick. I went outside and found Lakshya waiting. His eyes darkened as he saw me. “Beautiful!” He whispered. I blushed while he clasped my hand and took me to the hall.

At the door to the garden, he stopped. He pulled out a satin handkerchief from his pocket. “Cover your eyes with this. It is a surprise.” He said. I was amused so I agreed and was blindfolded and escorted out.

The cool breeze hit my face. It felt amazing. Lakshya was holding me by my shoulders and taking me forward. I could feel his heartbeat on my back. He was excited. And honestly, I was too. We stopped and he slowly took off the blindfold, imploring me to keep my eyes closed till being commanded. A few seconds later, he whispered, “Open your eyes Ragini.”

I opened my eyes and covered my mouth in shock. The whole garden was decorated with white and red roses with red and white candles at every corner. A beautiful makeshift arrangement was done where a circular table was placed in the centre and surrounded by red and white drapes. The table had a bouquet of many red roses kept at the centre and alongside the table was a tray with covered plates and ice buckets with champagne bottles. It was so beautiful that for a moment, I was rendered numb. All this was for me. He did it. For me. My heart did somersaults at that.

I felt an arm sneak around waist. His low voice breathed down my ear, “Liked it?”

I turned around and gave him an unbeliving look. “I positively LOVE it! It is so amazing! Those flowers, those candles, the decoration……….how come I missed it all? Even though I returned early?”

“Because your room doesn’t overlook this part of the garden. And I took great pains and ordered all the windows to be coveted with drapes.” He replied casually.

I beamed at him in joy and gave him a tight hug. “Thank you. Thank you so much for making it special.” I said with emotion.

“Wanna cry? Please don’t. I wish for you to cut the cake and even the best filters wouldn’t be able to hide your troll like face after you have produced those buckets and took pictures!” He said cockily. I swatted him lightly and smiled. He took me by my hand to the table.

He picked up the cake from the tray and placed it on the table. “This one is custom made from your favourite cake shop. Mine is still in the oven! So Wifey, start the tamasha!” He said while handing me the knife. He lighted the candles. The cake was a round Chocolate Nova cake with ‘Happy Birthday Meena Deol’ written on it. I laughed happily.

Lakshya calls me Meena Deol. It is a mix of two famous names, Meena Kumari and Sunny Deol. According to him, I cry as much as Meena Kumari did and I hit as hard as Sunny Deol does. So, Meena Deol.?

I blew the candles and cut the cake while Lakshya sang his rendition of Happy Birthday. It goes like this:

Happy Buddhay( old) to you,
Happy buddhay to you……
Happy buddhay Ragini Meena Deol.
Happy buddhay to you.

Tamasha kar, bhar kar.
Phir khaa tu Mera sar!
Ek saal buddhi ho gayi biwi,
Ab hoga high Tera BP!

He clapped furiously at his rhyme while I took the slice of the cake near his mouth. He opened his mouth but at the nick of time, I thrust the cake into my own mouth. He looked at me with a distasteful expression while I laughed maniacally. I fed him another piece and he fed me one too. Then, we took some selfies.

Lakshya served the food himself and I found my favourite dishes on the menu. We talked and ate. I recalled my childhood birthdays while he commented on them with his usual sarcasm. After the dinner and champagne, Lakshya offered his hand and I took it. He played the music and we danced together slowly under the moonlight to the beautiful song Humdard. Lakshya danced gently while I enjoyed each and every moment, relishing the moment spent with him. Sparks flew. Really, I felt sparks fly whenever we made skin contact. When the song ended, Lakshya stopped and looked at me.

“I wanted to give you something.” He said to me, with something unreadable in his darkened eyes. “Aur bhi hai kuch?” I asked him with disbelief. Seriously? He did SO much, made my day and now he has something else to give too?

Lakshya smiled and took me back to the table. He disappeared for a minute and came back, holding a brown casket. He gave it to me. “Open it.” He commanded.

I took the casket in confusion and opened it. And seeing its contents, tears came to my eyes.

My mother’s jewels. All of them. It had all those jewels that I had sold to get money for him. I touched the jewels fondly and looked at him. He had a strange look in his eyes. ‘Thank you’ I mouthed to him, with tears in my eyes and a smile on my lips. He sat down beside me and wiped my tears away. “They are back to where they belong. You.” He said.

I looked back at the casket and found an envelope. I opened it and found the papers of my grandparents’ house, returned back to me with full insurance and maintaneance payments. “What was the need for this Lakshya?” I asked him with a crack in my voice.

He clasped my hand tightly in his. “Ragini, I would never be able to repay you for what you did. You helped me when I really needed the help. What I have done today pales in comparison to what you did then. Today, these jewels and this house, hold a small value for me to pay but at that time, they were priceless and invaluable. You sold your memories for me because you were my wife. I am returning your memories to you because I am your husband.”

My heart did somersaults again. Lakshya patted my hand and pulled me into a fierce hug. I wrapped my arms around him and there, under the moonlight, on my twenty seventh birthday, in his arms, I realised that I was in love with him. Truly and fully. I was in love with my husband and I would do anything for his happiness.


It has been a week since her birthday. I managed to do what I had wanted. No, not make her cry, you stupid fools! To give her back what she deserved and make her happy. Something in her attitude towards me has changed. For the better. She seems to glow with happiness all the time. I had taken her to dinner on her birthday and encountered the pesky Sanskaar Singhania, wife attached like a USB cable to his arm. He obvio, didn’t remember her birthday. I smirked in satisfaction but the thought of Ragini worried me. To my surprise, she didn’t even look a bit hurt. She smiled serenly at her once crush and told him that we were here to celebrate something. While Sanskaar and Swara were left to scratch their heads over what was the celebration all about, we slinked off to our table and had our dinner.

And now, for a week, I am encountering a pressing problem. No you fools, I am not having an upset stomach or a constipation! Can’t you guys just stop working your brains so much? It is something else. It is………strange feelings.

My stomach seems to become a ballerina on seeing Ragini. It flits and flops and gracefully leaps and then lands. The process repeats till the time she looks at me. And God forbid, if she smiles…………….the ballet turns into a tap dance! And my heart participates with a fervour, I doubt it uses to pump blood! I went to a doctor but that buffoon just smiled and said that only my wife would be able to help me. Ragini? How? By beating me black and blue? Or kicking me where it actually hurts? No, wait. She is a doctor too. A heart specialist. My heart is involved and she is the one who has caused this mess. Yes, she would be able to help me. But how do I approach her?

I went to the mess to grab a bite and ponder over my dilemma. While munching my sandwich, I accidently eavesdropped on a conversation between two female employees.

“You know…….when he comes near, my heart starts beating faster and my stomach flips crazily. And I start smiling goofily!” One of them said with a faraway look on her face.

Hey! She is going through this too? Is this disease viral or something? I was about to turn and ask her about it but the second woman replied and pushed me into a pit of shock.

“OMG! You are in love with him! Congrats yaar!” She squealed. And made me freeze.

Love? What? Is this love? This flipping and flopping, increased heartbeats and constant thinking……..is this love? So I love her? I love Ragini? As in, really love her? I racked my brains to recall the necessary conditions accepted worldwide to determine if you are in love or not.

Increased heartbeat, pleasant feeling, happiness, joy, grief if your love is unhappy, possessiveness, protectiveness, and the wish to stay together forever. And I realised that I fulfilled each category. My heartbeat increased when she came and a pleasant feeling washed over me. I feel happy to see her happy and I feel like hitting a wall and breaking it if she is upset. I feel like giving a painful death to the one who makes her cry. I am damn possessive of her, that is a reason why she isn’t properly in contact with Sanskaar. I am very protective of her too. And I wish to stay with her as long as I live. In fact, I realised that living without her was practically impossible for me. I needed her all the time. Not for work, but for companionship. And just her. No one else. My life revolves around her. I am in love. Now that I think of it, I have been in love with Ragini for quite sometime now. Just, I wasn’t able to give a name to this feeling.

A sense of euphoria washed over me. I love her! I am in love with Ragini. My wife Ragini. And I can’t live without her. I love her from the bottom of my heart. Shit! Oh my god! What is happening?

I would tell her today. No, wait. I will arrange a date and a surprise and then reveal it to her. But what if she doesn’t accept? What if she doesn’t love me? The thought broke my heart into a million pieces and I felt a huge amount of pain. No. Stay positive. Even if she doesn’t reciprocate, she can’t do anything, she is already my wife! I would do anything to make her fall for me. I would try my best.

The sudden knowledge of my feelings for her are making me restless. I HAVE to do it today itself. I won’t delay. I quickly chalked out my plan. I would gift her a diamond ring, a bouquet of her favourite red roses and go down on one knee and express my love. And try not to insult her or use sarcasm. She would definitely notice my effort. She wouldn’t dismiss me. Perfect.

The entire day was spent in a daze. I was smiling goofily, thinking about her reaction to my love proposal. “Oh Lakshya, really?” Or, “I love you too sweetheart!” I giggled like a hormonal schoolboy who is going to ask his crush out. Amazing. This feeling is pure bliss.

To my massive irritation, a client dropped by and decided to hold a meeting which went for four long hours. By the time we were finished, it was already 8 pm. I rushed to my car, went to a jewellery store. I had already seen some samples when I had bought that bracelet. However, it took me an hour and then, fifteen more minutes at the florist’s. I reached home at 10. And found the house empty. Dark and empty.

A cold feeling washed over me. Where is Ragini? Isn’t she back home yet? But she had only one surgery today. She had told me so herself, teasing me that her work was so flexible. So where is she? I took out my phone and found it in aeroplane mode. When I switched it on, a message popped. It was from Ragini.

Dad went to our ancestral home at Hooghly. Had a minor heart attack. I will be with him for a few days. Keep safe.???

What? That old fool Shekhar Gadodia! He had to choose today of all days to have a heart attack? WTF? He is such a pain in the a**. And now my Ragini has gone off to Hooghly which is a four hour drive from here. And I am left alone. No worry, she would be awake now. I would call her and talk to her to ease my pain.

I called her up ten times. Each time, the phone was not reachable. I tried Shekhar’s phone but it was switched off. I even tried Swara and Mrs. Gadodia’s numbers in a fit of desperation. The former’s number was out of coverage area while the latter wasn’t responding. I was growing desperate with each passing moment. Why weren’t they picking up their phones? Was Ragini all right? How would I talk to her? Is she fine?

I started hyperventilating. I prayed to God to keep her safe. I tried everyone’s phone numbers but no success. I was growing mad and desperate. Then, it struck me. I would go there myself. See Ragini, talk to her, confess my love and bring her back. Yes. That’s it.

It was raining heavily and a thunderstorm was striking but I was a man on a mission. Mission to reach my ladylove. I drove down the streets, with the wiper wiping the heavy rain water and the thunder striking. Finally, at 2:30 am, I reached my destination. Gadodia Sadan. The ancestral property of the Gadodia family. My heart started leaping, knowing that the love of my life was inside that mansion.

I pocketed the ring and picked up the bouquet. I came out of the car and went up to the door. Despite ringing the bell and knocking repeatedly, no one answered. My heart started sinking again. WHERE IS RAGINI? I was losing it now. Completely. And in my craziness, I furiously kicked a glass window which shattered and made way for me to enter the house.

I sneaked inside. I could hear footsteps coming in my direction. Someone must have heard the noise. I stood still, waiting for the person to come and tell me about her.

“Kaun hai? Kaun hai wahan?” Her sweet voice filled my ears. A smile came to my face and my heart started beating faster. She entered the room cautiously and then, saw me, dripping from head to toe with a rose bouquet in my hand, smiling like I had just climbed the Mt. Everest.

“Lakshya!” She shrieked in shock. I smiled widely at her and moved forward. “You, here? At this hour?” She asked me.

I placed my finger on her lips to silence her. I stared at those beautiful brown eyes, eyes that I loved. Eyes of the woman who I loved. Crazily. The ballet started again. “You weren’t picking up my calls. I was worried. So I came.” I said to her, stroking her cheek affectionately. I had initially been very angry and upset at her for leaving like that but now that she was in front of me, I had no more anger left. It was just love.

She stepped back. “You came here to Hooghly, all the way from Kolkata, at the dead of the night to see if I was okay? ARE YOU CRAZY? You came here in this thunderstorm and heavy rain, driving yourself to see if I was fine? What is wrong with you?” she screamed at me. I should have been angry but my newly realised love made me relish the tone of her voice and the way her eyes lit up in anger. Suddenly, my head started spinning. I felt hazy. And the world turned black.


I had just finished my surgery and come when I was informed that Dad had a minor attack. Since Sanskaar and Swara were in London and Sharmishtha aunty was in Bangkok with her friends, I was the one who was informed. I asked the staff to pass on the message to his wife and the daughter as soon as possible. Then, I set out to Hooghly.

Dad wasn’t serious but the fact that he suffered an attack, despite living a healthy lifestyle, was a matter of concern. I checked him and decided to stay at the place till he got better. I had messaged Lakshya that I wouldn’t be home since his phone was switched off. I thought the matter ended there. Apparently not. Because he had come all alone by himself in this weather to see if I was fine or not! Is he mad? Stark, raving mad? To come all the way to see if I was okay? I couldn’t understand this. Why?

And now he has fainted and has a fever too. I took him to my room and changed his clothes, trying not to think of what hid underneath them. I was happy to have him near me but his impulsive action scared me. As I injected him, I heard him repeating my name over and over in his sleep. I smiled at him and stroked his head affectionately.

The next morning at midday, he woke up in a better condition. “Ragini? Are you okay?”. I snorted. ” I should be asking you that!” I replied. He smiled and I smiled back. And then, I gave him a tight slap across his face!

“You fool! What were you thinking when you drove all the way here in such a bad weather? Just because I didn’t pick up your call? This place is out of network area. Couldn’t you have applied sense? And now you are sick and I am feeling so worried and…………” I trailed, seeing him smiling at me. I shook my head in frustration and stalked off.

I entered Dad’s room and found him sitting up on the bed. He looked at me. “Your husband has arrived? When?” I knew the servants had been gossiping, after all, his entry had been quite spectacular. “This morning. 2:30 am.” I replied. He looked at me with a strange expression on his face. “So you two are…………chummy now? Good! But I must warn you that he isn’t all what he looks like. He is your husband but I would suggest that you be on your guard with him.” He said to me. I got confused. What did he mean by that.

Dad rubbed his temples. “Ragini, I am sorry for what I have done. I have always been selfish. I…………used you. I made you marry Lakshya for my benefit.” And then, he relayed to me the entire events which transpired before my marriage. Lakshya and Swara’s courtship, the agreement, Lakshya threatening Dad to get us married and every single detail.

The ground beneath me slipped. I felt numb with shock. Lakshya……….my Lucky did that. No, Dad was lying. Why would Lucky do that? I looked at Dad desperately, wishing that it was all just a big fat lie. But it wasn’t. I have studied psychology and I know when a person is lying. And Dad wasn’t lying. My mind went back to every moment I spent with Lakshya. I tried to acquit him in my mind but was unsuccessful. Now, Lakshya’s irritation with Swara made sense. His closeness during Sanskaar’s birthday made sense. He was trying to prevent us from talking as he was scared that Sanskaar would tell me everything! He was guilty. Guilty of all the charges put against him.

I felt disgusted by these men. One was my father who sold off his daughter for some money. And the other was my husband, the man I loved more than myself, who bought me as one buys furniture. They both betrayed me in the worst way possible and had zero shame for what they did. Lakshya acts like my best friend while Dad tells me casually that I should be aware and that he sold me out. This action has hit my self esteem and has mocked my dignity as a woman, as a human.

I crushed the glass that had been in my hand in pain and anger. Dad gasped but I raised my hand to stop him from speaking. This man clearly didn’t deserve to be called a father. Not my father, at least. I stormed out of his room and went to the garden and there, I found him standing. Lakshya Maheshwari. He turned around and smiled seeing me and then noticed my bleeding hand. In a flash of a second, he was in front of me, holding my hand and screaming about the blood. So much concern? Obviously fake. I felt so cheap and disgusted. I snatched my hand away and ran off and locked myself in my room. He followed me. He banged the door furiously, asking me to open the door. I asked him to leave me alone for some time. Soon, the ruckus quietened down and I cried as much as I could and slowly went to sleep after exhausting myself.

I woke up some hours later. The memories of the afternoon came swirling to my mind and a fresh wave of tears made way. I cried again, feeling betrayed and alone. Why Lakshya? Why did you do this? Here, I thought that we could have such a good relationship but you spoiled it all. You BOUGHT me. Why? And why couldn’t you come clean about it? Why acting all chummy and caring when you didn’t even respect me enough. I washed my face and cleaned my dried wound.

I opened my door and found him sitting hunched over near the door. He was probably dozing, having fallen asleep waiting. Seeing him, a fresh pang of pain and agony pricked me and I felt angry and upset. Just as I was about to go, he woke up with a start and saw me.

“Ragini? You have opened the door. Thank God! I was so worried. You were crying so much and that blood…….is it okay now? Shekhar Gadodia must have said something, that jerk! I tried to ask him but that sneaky man left the house to go to the hospital to get admitted as you advised. I couldn’t talk to him. Is everything fine babe?” He asked me, dangerously close.

“Babe? Nah, doesn’t sound good! How about………..slave? Because I am your slave, am I not? I definitely am, after you bought me from my father.” I spat at him venomously, grievously pained over his abominable action.

Lakshya stiffened. I watched in disgust and agony as his face clouded over. “What do you mean Ragini? I don’t get it……” He said with a mad glint in his eyes.

“Of course you don’t Sir. After all, such transactions are common to you in your business. So you must have conveniently forgotten! I will remind you. Some months ago, you made a deal with Mr. Shekhar Gadodia which said that you would invest in his business and in return, he would marry his daughter to you. The attempt with Swara failed miserably as she was smart enough to run away. So then, the LEGITIMATE daughter came in the picture. And you bought me instead of Swara. Easy. Now you remember?” I asked him in an acidic tone. Lakshya was standing still like a statue, looking at me intently. “Stay away from me, you bas****! I thought you were a friend. I should have realised that with your misogynistic attitude and the opinion you had of me, it was obvious that you and I could never be friends. Just stay away from me. Go away and return to Kolkata. My lawyers will get in touch with you. I am not going to live in this sham of a marriage with you………….” I was unable to complete because Lakshya was now holding me tightly by my arms and was pressed to me. I looked at him. His jaw was hardened. His eyes had darkened and they still had this crazy glint in them and were bloodshot. For a moment, I felt fear. He didn’t look human.

“What did you say? Lawyers? What for? What do you need lawyers for? And what did you say? Who told you this ridiculous story?” He asked me. I stared at him. Something wasn’t right with him. He looked ready to explode. But then, his betrayal made its way to my mind and I pushed him away.

“Man up Lakshya Maheshwari! Your discomfort shows clearly that you know what I speak is the truth. Isn’t it? It was all a lie……….these months that we spent together as friends, that fun, those conversations……..everything was a big damn lie! I HATE YOU! You played with my feelings. Just like Dad does all the time. He doesn’t care a bit before trampling me and you are the same! An unfeeling, selfish jerk who thinks that he can buy people! But I am not going to bow down. The agreement can go to hell! I will file for divorce and go far away so that I never see your damned faces again!” As soon as I said these words, I was pushed to the wall and he pressed himself on me. His face was a mere inch away from mine and I could feel his breath on my cheek. He pressed his nose with mine and cupped my cheeks.

“I did it. I admit, I did do that. And I tried to hide it. Because I knew you would get upset. I knew you would break. I tried to hide it to protect you. I hid it because I was afraid of losing you. Ragini, please don’t talk of leaving me! I beg you to not say so. I won’t be able to live without you. Please Ragini…….”

I stared at him. His eyes were fully red now. He looked desperate. He was breathing heavily. The close proximity with him was muddling my senses. But one thing kept on repeating in my mind. He couldn’t live without me. Why? Did he…………………

“I love you Ragini! I love you a lot. I don’t know since when. But I do. I have always been alone and my circumstances have taught me that money means everything. I had no one with whom I could experience love. I have had a few crushes but even they laughed me off because I was a poor orphan. When I became successful, I realised that every woman sucked up to me in order to get their hands on my money. It didn’t matter if they were rich or poor, all of them were alike. This realisation made me even more averse to women. I admit that I tried my luck with Swara for better contacts. I married you because I had invested in your father’s company. I could have withdrawn my money and go away. But you know why I married you? I saw your photo with him. You are beautiful Ragini. The most amazing person I have ever met. At that time, beauty was a very narrow concept for me. I married you and we stayed aloof but then, you helped me Ragini. You proved my misconceptions wrong. You showed me what it is like to have a friend and to cherish them. You taught me how a family is. I have never had a family but now I have one. You. You are the only one I have in this world to call my own. You have taught me that beauty is skin deep. I am selfish. Very selfish. I didn’t want to share you and I didn’t want to lose you. So I hid the truth because it would hurt you. And seeing you hurt would pain me. I love you more than I have ever loved anything or anyone. Please forgive me Ragini. Don’t do this to me. I would do anything you say to repent. Just don’t leave. Please.” He cried to me.

I forgot all about my humiliation at that moment. Nothing mattered. The only thing that mattered was his honest and heartfelt confession. He loves me! Me, Ragini the plain Jane. He called me beautiful. He said that he wouldn’t be able to live without me. I felt giddy with joy. My love was reciprocated. But could I trust him?

He was still standing so close, hugging me tightly. He was massaging my head with his fingers and repeatedly saying ‘I love you’ in my ear. I felt happy. Weak in my knees. I wanted to fly and shout. Scream and dance in happiness. I drew back and pushed him a bit. His face contorted into a mask of pain and grief. I had tears in my eyes too.

“You won’t lie to me?”
“You will always be honest and respectful?”
“You will not call me Meena Deol in public?”
“Only if you don’t call me Lucky in public. It sounds like a name of a dog!”
“You love me?”
“More than my life!”
“You won’t leave me for some hot chick with nice legs?”
“If you don’t leave me for a more gentlemanly man!”
“You will bear me for life?”
“Life and death!”
“I love you too Lakshya!”
“I love myself too………..hey wait! What? Really? So you forgive me?” He asked happily with wide eyes. I smiled through my tears and he screeched in happiness. We hugged each other and shared our first kiss.

When I came up for air a few minutes later, flushing with lack of oxygen and with happiness, Lakshya pressed his forehead with mine and cupped my cheeks. “You liked it?” He asked with his usual cockiness. I nodded lightly. “It was okayish……..” I replied. His eyes widened comically. “OkayISH? What do you mean by the ‘ish’? Huh……how would you know?” He asked me agitatedly.

“You aren’t the first person I have kissed Lakshya. There have been others. Two in college, two during specialisation and one was random at a club…………” I said and noticed him turning all red with anger. He growled. Like literally GROWLED. He pressed me to himself. “Are you in contact with anyone of them?” He asked in a very tight voice. I nodded my head. “Four of them. Leaving the bar guy.” I was really enjoying this!

“Can I borrow their numbers? I have just made a hit list of the people who I want to shoot dead in the head!” He said menacingly. I threw back my head and laughed. “They weren’t that good. You know, boring despo nerdy types. The real kisser was the man in the bar. Those large hands and s**y lips and that voice………” I shuddered to prove my point.

Lakshya looked ready to murder. He squeezed my waist tightly and dug his nails into my flesh. “Did you meet him ever again?” He asked me. I shook my head and faked a sad look. “If I had, I would have trapped him with me in a marriage!” I replied. Lakshya turned purple in rage and smashed his lips down on mine and kissed me hungrily like a wolf. I was taken aback for a moment but then I responded with equal ferocity. Our tongues clashed, our hands roamed all over each other’s bodies and our bodies were pressed to each other and moving in a rhythm. A few minutes later, when we came up for air, Lakshya asked me, “Was this better than that Bar guy’s?” I breathlessly nodded a yes and Lakshya smirked in satisfaction. I opened my eyes and looked at him wickedly. “But you won’t be able to beat the things he did later that night! He was amazing!!!!!!!!!” I said.

The next morning, when I woke up, I found myself in Lakshya’s fierce embrace. He was looking at me with love in his eyes and I smiled prettily. “Was THAT better than that bar guy’s?” He asked me. I plopped myself up on my elbow and placed my head on my hand. “Better than that. It was phenomenal.” I replied with a smile. Lakshya looked so happy that I wondered if I had told him by mistake that I had made Aloo Paranthas for breakfast! He scooted closer to me and pulled me beneath him so as to lie on top of me. “You are only mine. Just mine!” He said se**ly and proceeded to give me love bites on my collarbone and neck. As I moaned in pleasure, I thought about my future with this man.

‘Oh I am definitely his. He just owned me with that confession and promise!’ I thought to myself as I ran my fingers down his naked back and looked fondly at the huge diamond ring that was his latest gift to me.


Over! Yay! Party! I know this part was rather disappointing but forgive me, exams are arriving! Thank you so much for thy love and support. I love thee! Comment one last time, I swear I will reply to each comment. Even if it takes a week!

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      Thanks a lot Fats..????….how did you like Lakshya’s rhyme? ??
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