Raglak TS VIVAH BANDHAN (Part-3) part a

Hai friends…I’m back with another update nd I’m so glad with all your response and I hope u all enjoyed the previous shot nd now here is the next one


Raglak engagement is done but they both don’t get any chance to communicate with each other nd laksh family goes from there and it’s night time ragini changed into her night suit a plain white kameez with a green patiala shalwar below she get under her quilt and remember, how in a matter of few minutes, she became engaged from being single though the official engagement is announced to be done after two weeks, ragini was feeling something different about herself she shook her head to push away these thoughts and got ready to welcome her sleep as she closed her eyes with a smile on her lips when that blazing enchanting brown eyes flashed infront of her by which her smile broadened nd she is visualising how laksh simply told about how much she means to him

the vibration of her mobile, placed beside her on the bed, make her groan on making her opening her eyes she made an irritating face and turn in her bed to get hold of her mobile a message from an unknown number greet her and as she opened it, her breath got caught in her lungs it was a message from laksh.

” wish you a good night from Laksh” 

her heart was almost jumping with excitement seeing this message she kept on looking at the message for few minutes her eyes were shining with adoration her lips were giving a wide smile her hands were clutching her mobile tightly and that was the first time she took his name “laksh” so softly that a new sensation run inside her body and that was the very first day, she went to sleep to dream about her laksh who replaced the face of a stranger, she used to imagine and dream about her life partner everyday when is about to go to sleep and surely, he was way much better than her imagination.

Few days later,it was a cold windy day when ragini was standing in her room and keeping her hands on her hips, was looking down on the bed which was containing her various suits she was confused because it is the first time that she was going out with her to be fiance and she wanted to look extremely good laksh’s mother called yesterday night to her mother saying that laksh and ragini should go out and select their engagement rings and dresses when shomi told about this to ragini she literally shivers with less enjoyment and with more nervousness but seeing her reaction shomi thinks to make swara and uttara too accompany them to reduce ragini’s nervousness and ragini was fully excited about going out with laksh in few days just through his Good night messages, he created a very sweet place in ragini’s heart but his yesterday message, totally left her speechless.

“Hey to be Mrs.Maheshwari,
ready for first mini date with Mr. Maheshwari?”

as she read that her cheeks automatically got the blush which now has become a trade mark to tease her anyone mention laksh, and she is all red and shy but right now, what exciting her was that date part and she really wanna make that memorable right then swara enters in her room

Swara : toh honewale devarani ji what had you selected to wear???
Ragini ( with worry ) : di…im unable to decide anything please you suggest me na
Swara ( seeing the dresses ) : hmmm…toh yeh baat hai wait I will select

By saying this swara selects an white salwar suit with light golden thread work on it nd makes ragini ready with open hair

Swara : wow ragini you are really looking like an fairy now laksh can’t remove his eyes from you
Ragini ( with shy ) : thank you di

But their conversation is broken by the car horn they both start to reaching near the main door, they open the door and step out laksh was spell bound seeing this beauty infront of him plain, simple, without any fake mask…she was just so mesmerizing uttara purposefully get out from the from the front seat and before ragini could argue,she sat at the back while pulling swara with herself and closed the door laksh smiled and look down on the steering, saying a million thanks to uttara while ragini was playing with her fingers not knowing what to do by seeing her uttara says

Uttara : “my soon to be bhabhi ji, please sit down quickly or instead of getting your engagement rings, at this speed rate, we will be buying the wedding rings”

Swara chuckled at uttara’s statement and joined in nd says to ragini

Swara : “come on ragini, you have to sit infront for the rest of your life…but its better if you start practicing it from now”

By listening to this ragini by not giving them anymore chance to comment, she quickly opened the door and sit beside laksh infront with a huff uttara  was about to add a teasing remark when laksh looked into center mirror and stopped her though he was enjoying the banter, but ragini’s flushed face told him how embarrassed she felt and he didn’t want to make her more uneasy uttara stayed quite but decided to use this affection of her brother to tease him later on laksh takes them into a mall that was situated infront of the sea he let the ladies get out from the car infront of the main entrance and went off to park the car soon he joined them inside as the girls were just doing window shopping laksh eyes were fixed on ragini who is laughing at something uttara is saying to swara and her laksh noticed the way how elegantly she pushed her hairs back and tuck them behind her ears her shyness is one thing that gave his heart a little jump but her elegance got him smitten  they went on to the jewellery shop to get the desired rings they selects the rings and also they checked the sizes and were at the counter to pay the bills when uttara and swara quietly sneek out and hide them-self in a far away shop when laksh and ragini realized they came out, and search for them in a few nearby shops but were unable to find them laksh called uttara who was enjoying looking at the duo while standing behind a glass door answers the call

Uttara : yes bhai
Laksh : where are you guys ???

He asks her looking around ( arey baba he is police officer na he should always be stay alert na )

Uttara : “bhai, stop looking around first…we are here…but we want you to spend some time with bhabhi alone…its your only chance as you will only get to see her after a week on your engagement day…so don’t waste your time here and take her out for a drink or something” 

By listening to uttara’s words laksh gets smile so he looked around to not let ragini see his expressions nd by seeing that ragini is hearing their conversation laksh says

Laksh : ok …. but come soon
Uttara : don’t worry bhai…we know exactly what this come soon means…we will take our time

she ended with a chuckle as swara laughed in the back and cut the call laksh rubs his temple to straighten his facial expression and when he was sure that its ok, he turned to ragini who is eagerly waiting to hear what is he gonna say

Laksh ( hesitantly ) : they are looking for some dresses…they will be back in sometime…in the meantime, will you like to go for a coffee or something to eat???

Ragini’s heart did a little jump on thinking that she will be all alone with laksh she wanted to go out from the mall to have a glass of tea on the road side stalls that she used to visit with her friends and also she wanted to introduce laksh to her memories so she haven’t replied to laksh nd stood their thinking nd her hesitation give a little hint to laksh

Laksh ( disappointedly ) : you don’t wanna go????
Ragini ( immediately ) : nahi nahi…its not like that…actually…me and my friends used to visit this tea vendor near the beach…he serves amazing tea…will you mind if we can go…

By saying this she hesitated in the middle and look up to check his facial expression by seeing his expressions were unreadable she quickly added

Ragini : its ok if you don’t want to go there …we can go to a coffee shop

By seeing her hesitance laksh smiles nd  next moment, he hold her hand and dragged her out of the mall ragini was shocked first but feeling his fingers clutching between hers, his palm against hers, she was just looking down at there joined hands Laksh stops on the footpath for a second and look left and right to see any coming car, and assured, he lead ragini to the other side of the road he stopped and turn to look at her

Laksh ( while looking around ) : to which vendor you liked to go?

By listening to laksh’s voice ragini comes back to her senses nd confuses about what he asked her as she got lost in him nd haven’t heard his question

Ragini ( with confusion ) : huh????….
Laksh : which vendor ragini????

Nd now listening to his question properly ragini looked ahead and she pointed towards the one laksh took her at her pointed way and lead her there there hands were still connected but it felt so right while before, ragini was shocked, now she was all smiling in the back laksh stopped near the vendor  nd laksh ordered 2 tea for them it was the first time, he was about to taste any road side thing but he wanted to experience it with ragini especially that’s the first time, she asked him for something they left eachother hand to grab the hot glasses but there heart felt so bad while laksh took out his handkerchief to hold it,ragini hold it with the end of her duppata the sea side was giving all a different taste as they started their shopping at afternoon now it was almost sunset and smell to the tea laksh took a sip and really enjoyed that

Laksh ( while sipping ) : its amazing

By listening to laksh’s comment ragini’s lips curves in to a small smile the wind was now blowing strongly as it was about to sunset many couples were standing on the shore to witness that beautiful sight of sunset but laksh and ragini were busy witnessing that in each other eyes laksh returned the empty glass to vendor and paid him when a strong blow of air messed ragini’s hair and now half of them were coming on the front, allowing laksh to witness a glimpse of her back a little ragini was struggling with her hair and dupatta trying to keep them in place laksh decided to help her and pulled her duppata ragini looked at him with stunned eyes as his eyes too looked deep in her’s and the next moment, he wrapped the duppata around her shoulders also covering her head in between his eyes telling her to trust him and right that moment, she felt herself to be the most luckiest girl in the world his sincerity and promise to her words, showed her how beautiful her life is going to be and her heart wasn’t able to say thanx to God a million times to send this amazing man in her life They were busy looking at eachother and thats how uttara and swara found them and couldn’t stop themselves to take a picture of this scene laksh and ragini in the front, almost a black image of them and the sun setting in the background

So how is their little outing???have u enjoyed it nd next shot will be the last one thank you so much for all your warm response so what you guys feel about this please do share your views about this

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    1. Raglakholic

      Round figure gurinchi alochinchali aithey
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  4. plzz make it ff and give100 parts at least awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing brilliant speechless next part soon don’t be late and yaa thanks to all raglak writers for writing mind blowing concept and they are just brilliant hope we get more raglak ff ts ss O’s and plzzz raglak ff give daily ff or be regular and yaa plzzz write more bcoz now days raglak ff is very less in comparison to Swasan so all raglak ff writer plzzzz it’s a request

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  14. i was drowning in romance. i felt jealous of ragini tat i wanted to be in ragini place.. loved it., u r amazng yaar…

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    Wonderful update. Aww I loved RagLak’s mini date. The sunset really gave a romantic vibe to it ?. Can’t wait to read the next part ?

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  20. This is awesome loved it loved lakshs msgs they were so cute

    Wish I was there with raglak I love the beach ?? but i promise I won’t disturb them ?☺️

    Can’t wait till the next part

    Till then
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  25. Interesting and awesome episode. Raglak scenes are beautiful

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