Raglak TS: Unusual Love Story (Shot 1)

Morning sun with some people walking on the streets is shown. Slowly, a house is focused. Now, the house’s interior is shown. From the look it’s guessed that it was a middle class family’s house. A man in his mid fifties was reading a news paper sitting on the corridor. A lady in her early fifties comes and gives him a coffee with a beautiful smile on her face. That man returned the smile back and said,
Man: Sharmistha, where is Ishani and Ragini? Did they wake up?
Sharmistha: Ishani was getting ready for office. And you know about your sleeping beauty Shekhar. She is still in her dream world with her prince charm.
They both started to laugh thinking about their sleeping beauty, Ragini.
Slowly a room is focused. It was painted with ocean blue color giving a pleasant atmosphere. A small balcony inside the room is shown which has a variety of rose plants whose fragrance can give a calm and peaceful mind. The birds in the balcony are shown chirping happily giving everyone a new energy for the whole day. Slowly a bed is focused. There a beautiful girl in her early twenties i.e. Ragini was sleeping peacefully. It…
Wait! Wait a second! Not peacefully! Her cheeks have tear strains. Her face is pale. Her hands were on her left side of her chest like trying to hold her heart.
She was lying on the bed lifelessly!!!!
A knock was appeared on the door with a yelling sound “Ragini!! Wake up! Come and have breakfast. Wake up sleeping beauty!”
But the lifeless Ragini couldn’t wake or hear the knock. After sometime, the knock turns into banging of door. Shekhar, Sharmistha and Ishani were yelling from outside. They couldn’t hear any reply from Ragini. Poor souls don’t know what happened to Ragini like us. Finally they break open the door and barged inside the room. They lifted lifeless Ragini in their shaking arms and tried to wake her. But they were unsuccessful. At last they rushed to the nearby hospital. She was immediately admitted in the emergency ward and doctors and nurses were running here and there to bring back the sleeping princess alive. Her family was trying to console each other but ended up in crying each other’s arms. The beautiful family couldn’t digest this sudden condition of Ragini.
‘What happened to Ragini?’ is what running in everyone’s mind.
On the same morning, at a different place which is almost very much distance from our Ragini’s place, a big mansion is shown. It was completely decorated with flowers, balloons and beautiful silk cloths. It looks like a grand mahal. Many people were walking here and there wearing traditional and heavy worked clothes and jewels. Some men were dressed in complete black with a gun and walkie talkie in their hands. ‘Black cats’. Some huge men with a well worked body were looking each and every guest. ‘Body guards’. Some people dressed up in formals and having mikes and cameras on their hand were shooting many questions outside the gate who were stopped by the security. ‘Reporters’. Like that the whole mansion is filled with crowd as well as with music, laughing, whispering, chatting, giggling, ordering, and shouting. All were busy with their works. But a soul in his mid twenties, inside a well furnished master bedroom was not involving in these activities and just sitting on a couch with head supporting on the headrest and an arm closing the eyes and whole body is just in relaxing position. He then slowly went towards the mirror and his image on it. He was dressed in golden sherwani with red stones. His face was shown and revealed to be Laksh! He just stared at his face for a while. He tried to smile but he himself could say that it’s a forceful smile. Finally let out a sigh and started to speak to the image on the mirror.
Laksh: Why? Why you are not happy and smiling like others? Your parents, friends, relatives, fans and everyone including your whiskey (puppy!!) were happy but not you! Why? Why you are having this weird feel? Why you are giving a reaction like ‘I am not happy!’? For god’s sake you are going to marry your best friend, Swara. Today is your engagement in which you are going to commit yourself to her. But why you are not happy? Oh god! Don’t know what you are going to do.
Saying this he ran his fingers through his hair. Unknowingly a tear falls from his eye!
Now scene shifts to the hospital where Ragini is admitted in an emergency ward. Soon doctor comes out after knowing Ragini’s condition and looked at her family.
Doctor: Hello Mr. Gaddodia! I am Dr. Sakthi Mehra. So Mr. Gaddodia, your daughter is fine now. Only now! (His words confuse everyone and they looked at him with confused and scared eyes.) Please be strong and accept the one I am going to say. (But his words only scared them even more.) Miss Gaddodia has a very weak heart. It’s really a miracle that she had been alive till now with that weak heart. (A thunder falls on them hearing this.) I think it’s because of your and love and care. But now those love and care too were not enough to make her alive. She needs a heart. She needs to undergo a major surgery of heart transplant. Only by that she can survive anymore. (Ragini’s family were broken and tried hard to stop their tears and think the next step but they couldn’t. Soon Shekhar recovered from it.)
Shekhar: Doctor! If so she needs a surgery, I am ready to pay the bill and all the formalities. But please save our daughter. Please. She is an angel, diva, and a princess to our family. Please bring her back doctor. (He literally begged him.)
Sakthi: Of course Mr. Gaddodia we can save her. By god’s blessings a heart was already available and to your luck it’s completely matching for Miss. Gaddodia. The surgery will definitely be 100% success. (All looked at him with hope.) But! (A panic wave passed through their spine.)
Ishani: But what doctor?
Sakthi: But Miss. Gaddodia is really very weak both physically and mentally. In this condition if we operate her then it will end in really miserable condition. (Everyone looked at him blankly.) I can understand what you are all thinking. But Mr. Gaddodia when you admitted her, she was having tear strains on her cheeks and her eyes were swelled. It seems like she was crying for many hours. And that is the reason I am saying that she is weak both physically and mentally. (Nothing other than tears was coming from everyone’s body…not even breath.) Now it’s your turn to make her strong. Speak with her. Say soothing and encouraging words to her. Make her feel that she should live. Motivate her. Give your support to her. And importantly her loved ones should near her. (He keeps a hand on Shekhar’s shoulder.) You guys should be strong to get back your princess. Don’t worry I will also try my best to help you. I have already called psychologist and said about Miss. Gaddodia’s condition. They were on their way to their mission. We also need your help to make her come back to this world. Will you support us?
Everyone nodded and gives a determined look to the doctor. They slowly turned their heads and looked at the poor soul lying with a pale face and connected with many machines.
Now scene shifts to Laksh’s room, he was sitting on the bed staring at that balcony aimlessly. His eyes falls on a bird which was chirping happily suddenly the screen turns white.
A boy was seen riding a Royal Enfield Classic 500 wearing a helmet and jacket. He driving so stylishly that the girls literally drool and fall on the road. But he didn’t even give a look to them. Suddenly he stops infront of a girl. She was wearing yellow kurti top and blue leggings. Her hair was waving in the air. The boy slowly removed his helmet and it was none other than Laksh. He sends death glare to that girl in turn she too glares at him. She was revealed to be Swara!
CUT!! Take ok!
Laksh and Swara looked at each other and gave hifi.
Screen becomes white and shifts to Laksh’s room and he was in the same sherwani but sitting in a position with entangled fingers resting under his chin and seems like he was in deep thought.
Screen again becomes white showing Laksh and Swara standing in a press meet and they were interviewed by many reporters. They were giving their honest answers. Suddenly,
Reporter: Mr. Laksh Maheshwari and Miss. Swara Bose, your character as Namish and Helly was adored by everyone. Your fans really wanted you both to be a real pair. What you guys are going to answer for their wish?
Laksh: I had already said that we are bestest friends and something more than friendship is…we couldn’t think like that. We… (But Swara interrupted by holding his hand.)
Swara: Laksh! Actually I wanted to talk to you about this only. But I think this is the right time. Will you marry me Laksh?
Everyone was capturing the moment and many were shouting at Laksh to say yes! But Laksh was frozen. He couldn’t think what to say. He couldn’t clearly think to answer her.
Laksh in a whisper and confused state said: Yes!
Screen turns white again and shifts to Laksh’s room. Laksh jerked thinking this flashback and whispered with a confused look ‘Am I being forced?’
The screen freezes with Ragini’s pale face and Laksh’s confused face.
What happened to Ragini? Why is Laksh being forced? Did Ragini and Laksh know each other before? Did they already have a love story??? Let’s wait and see!! But keep guessing…
Hey guys! Hii! I am dedicating this ts to my lovely darshu sissy…Happy birthday dear! Stay blessed! Keep smiling!! Have a great future!! Love u so much!!!!

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