Raglak TS – Tenu chhadd ke kitthe jawan Tu mera parchhaavaan (PART-3)

Ready for part 2 b.. .The last shot..

The next day ragu was really excited.. Laksh said he would come early from office and they would spent time together.. 

Their was a special glow on her face..

She was so happy .. her happiness could not be explained in words..

Finally it was evening and she prepared all of laksh favourite food for dinner ..  And wore his fav colour sari..  She was so happy.. She has literally forgotten the time they even had dinner together..

She was behaving like a child who had just won first price in a competition….

The whole family had gone to a party so no one was there at home..

The clock was ticking and Ragini was growing impatient … her eyes were stuck in the door waiting for the arrival of her love.

She had been waiting for almost thee hours now.. The time was eleven…

She heard a knock on the door .. her face broke into a wide smile .. She ran to the door and opened the door..
And her smile dropped.. She was expecting laksh.. But it was the rest of the family who came back from the party..
She failed a smile to them and they all went to their rooms..

Ragini too went to her room..
Ragini took her phone out and called laksh…
After a lot of rings finally he picked up..

” hello la.. ”
” Ragini.. Im busy right now.. Ill call u later..”
And the call got cut….

A lone tear fell from her eyes..
Expecting a lot will end u up in tears…
And thats what happened to Ragini. She had a lot to talk to laksh.. She dreamt a lot of spending time with him.. But now..

” I am at mistake .I know he will be busy. Then wht did u expect a lot.. .. now im not gonna put any efforts let laksh come to me whenever he wants..  till then o will wait for you laksh.. “She thought..

She went to the balcony and sat their looking at the moon.. there were no stars to be seen…

It was as lonely as her..

Days passed..
Ragini was now suffering from anxiety and depression.. once she fainted and went to the doctor who said that she was too depressed that she has to take medications..

Finally two months pass by and it was one day before  Raglak first wedding anniversary..

Laksh would anyways come by 11:30 so Ragini thought to surprise him at twelve..

Without their knowledge even the family was planning for a surprise…

The time was almost 11:oo when laksh came home… He went to wash room and got fresh.. He had actually forgotten that it was their anniversary tmrw.  

By the that time Ragini had cleaned and decorated the store room..
It was decorated with red and golden balloons and curtains..

There was a red velvet cake in the centre .. 
And on top of it it was written.  ” happy first wedding anniversary my love.. ”

After everything was done she went to their room and saw laksh sitting on the couch working on his laptop..

” laksh.. are you busy.. ”
” haa Ragini ..” He said with out moving eyes from laptop screen..

” laksh can you come with me for five mins.  ”

“Not now ragini.  Tmrw my project will be finished and after that we can spend time… ”

” ok .. I know that laksh.  But im just asking for five not more that .. I promise.. .. ”

” Ragini pls ..  I dont like pausing my work in between . ”

Ragini was really getting angry now. 
There is a surprise waiting for him and he is busy with his work..

Ragini went to him and closed the screen of the laptop…

Laksh got really angry and thud.. He slapped ragin..
She was shocked .  She did not expect this..
She just thought that he would take it lightly..
Her eyes were red and teary.. She wanted it to be the most memorable night of their life.. She thought he would be really elated aftr knowing abt her surprise .. 

But now everything went in vain..

On the other hand Laksh was shocked .. He near meant to slap her.. It was just a reflex. 
He couldn’t believe what he just did..
How could he slap his bachcha.. 

He looked at her and their eyes locked.
He noticed her eyes were really teary.. her lips were shivering and she was biting her lips to prevent herself from crying out loud..
She immediately looked down…

He went close to her and cupped her face. 
” im sorry bachcha .. I was.. It.   It was.  Just my reflex.  I didnt mean to slap you. ”
She was not responding..
She was shocked.. She couldn’t respond. 
They hear a knock on the door.. And both of them come back to their senses..

Ragini quickly wiped her tears and opened the door.. 
There stands the whole family with cake written ” happy wedding anniversary.. ”

Thats when it striked laksh that it was his their anniversary.. And he could guess why Ragini was so adamant…
He felt really bad for hurting her..

Raglak soon plaster their faces with a fake smile…

” happy wedding anniversary.. ” they all screamed in unison .. And asked Raglak to cut the cake..    They cut the cake and fed each other pretending to be happy..  Ragini was avoiding his gaze through out…
Later they fed it to everyone..
” Ragini,laksh, .  You guys will be having a party tomorrow  evening ..  laksh project will be over today and he will  be free so You guys can enjoy.. today.   Lets have the party tmrw.. . ” said dp… And later they all left..

As soon as they left .. 
Laksh was abt to touch Ragini’s shoulders..
” Ragini… ”
” I wanna be alone for some time..”  She says with a choked voice  and goes out of the room  …

She immediately runs to the store room ..  She slowly opened the door and saw the decorations she had done for him….

She just stood there imagining what would have happened if he had come and everything had gone according her plans..

They would have been so happy.. He would have hugged her expressing his happiness over this surprise.. They would have spent a lot of time telling sweet nothing to each other. 
But now nothing was their..  .

She was not sad that he slapped.. He had the rights to do so.. But when she did nothing wrong and on such a good day  her mood was spoilt.. She expected this day to be the best day of her life.. But it turned out to be the opposite..

She dat down on the floor hugging her knees and started to cry … 

Someone else also was looking at the store room, the decorations and her with tears eyes and a guilt striken face.. 
It was non other than laksh..

He cursed himself..  It was then that he realiSed how badly he had been ignoring her in the name of work..

He was so engrossed in his work and success that he actually forget about this poor soul who had dedicated her whole life to him and who stood by her side through thick and thin..
He slowly approached her and touch her shoulders.. She looked up with tears eyes and saw laksh kneeling down next to her…
He cupped her face ..
” im so sorry Ragini..  pls forgiven me. ..  I kno”
” its ok laksh.. I think you should sleep now..  You have to submit your final project tomorrow..  ” she interrupted him… yes she was angry at him .. But she never wanted him to spoil his project because of the recent happenings.. And she was not in a condition to talk abt it.. She removed his hands from her face and moved to their room.. 

She lies down on their bed facing the wall.   And closed her eyes letting the tears in her eyes to overflow..

The next morning … 
Laksh went to work early as he wanted to finish it off fast and come back to his bachcha.. 

Ragini as usual was moving in with her day helping annapoorna and taking care of Swara. 
At noon all the ladies finished their work and was sitting in  front of the tv … .
At that time they hear the breaking news
” laksh maheshwari awarded the best business man of the year ”
” indias business icon n – laksh maheshwari.  ”

The whole family was  happy and happiest of all was Ragini..  . 

She was proud of her husband..  She was happy that he finally achieved what he had been struggling to get…
Her happiness knew no bounds..
She felt proud to be known as Ragini laksh maheshwari…

That day all the men returned earlier from work …  Ragini was in her room looking at their marriage photo which was kept on the table..
She was caressing it..

As soon as Laksh reached home he was looking for Ragini ..
Others understood that and asked him to go to his room and spend time with his lovely wife..

Laksh was actually scared she was actually ignoring him from the time he slapped her.. He wanted to apologize to her for ignoring her for so long.. for not being with her when she needed him.. 

He reached the door and saw Ragini sitting with their marriage photo and caressing his face..

He went inside and called her “Ragini… ”
She looked up ..
She ran and hugged him ..   .
For a second she forgot about all the problems between them.  She just wanted to congratulate him for his victory..

” congarts Laksh … You have made me proud.. ”

A small smile appeared on his lips but it soon vanished thinking about the way he hurt her..

” im sorry Ragini.. ” he whispered with tears in his eyes…

That is when Reality struck her… 
She broke the hug slowly avoiding eye contact with him… .
” im so sorry Ragini.. I was so engrossed in my work that i forgot abt my wife … Im so sorry for breaking your heart once again..  I can imagine how you would have felt when your surprise got ruined yesterday… ”

” no Laksh.. You cant understand.. have you ever thought how it feels when you wanna spend time with your loved one but he doesnt even care abt you..  Laksh I never asked you to leave your work and come to me ..  all wanted was to feel your love … your care .. Im your wife Laksh.. cant I crave this much.. 

And yesterday night you broke my heart Laksh.. I just wanted to cherish our moment ..  I wanted our wedding anniversary to be special.. But…  ”
She couldnt speak further … She was crying.. 

Laksh couldn’t bear to see his bachcha in such a condition …

He cupped her face ” im sorry Ragini.. Im ready to face any punishment you give me.. But pls dont cry.. there should not be any tears in your eyes.. 

Ragini could never be angry at Laksh for a long time..
And first of all she wasn’t angry at him.. She knew he had a reason.. But he was just too engrossed .  He did not know to balance work life and family life.. But now seeing his condition she knew he would never repeat it again.. 

” hmm… I would stop crying.. But you will have to promise me that you will do the punishment..Without any fail.. ”

” I promise you Ragini .. ”
She faked a serious face . ” you have three days holiday from today right.. so you will have to spend the whole time with me and  You will have to bear all my tortures .. ”

And his serious face broke into a smile..

He hugged her once again and said
” I love you Ragini.. And HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.. ”

” same to you too.. ”

He kissed her fore head cupping her face..  She was cherishing the moment coz ng her eyes.. 


So guys hope you guys loved it.
And there is a hot and s*xy dialogue coming up.. But if if should post it I want your maximum number of likes and comments .. only then i would post it..

Love you pple .  ??

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