Raglak TS – Tenu chhadd ke kitthe jawan Tu mera parchhaavaan (PART-2)

Hey guys its me back with shot two.. part a

Days started passing..
One month was over..
Laksh used to do over time most of the days..
And he used come back very..
Even then Ragini and laksh used to sit together and have dinner however late he used to be..
They had also decided not take their relationship to the next level until and unless laksh gets his successive..

One fine day..
It was night 11:45 pm..
Ragini’s pov..

God .. when is laksh gonna come. He went early today that too without having breakfast now look at the time. How long will he take..
This laksh na he is not taking care of himself nowadays.. full time work work work.. She sighs..

Time was going … .
Finally the clock showed the time 1:30..’
Still laksh hadn’t reached home.. And slowly sleep overtook Ragini..

Aftr sometime laksh reached home and found the love of his life sitting and sleeping ..
” awww.. She looks soo cute.. ” He thought…

He slowly came next to and picked her up in bridal style without disturbing her sleep..

While he was placing her on the bed he heard the sound of her stomach growling…
He understood that she hadn’t taken her dinner and was waiting for him..

He felt bad..
He slowly bent down and whispered in her ears ” im so sorry bacha…. I had dinner with my colleagues… I thought you would have eaten and slept..”

And he slowly pecked her forehead.. And tucked her inside the blanket..

The next day morning went as usual.. Laksh left without having breakfast and Ragini was sad again.. And he forgot to tell her not to wait for him during the nights as he will be having food from his office canteen..

Ragini everyday waits for him and sleeps with an empty stomach..

Day by day laksh was growing more and more workaholic.. And Ragini started feeling lonely.. her health was deteriorating …
She actually wanted someone by her side… Yes the whole family was with her.. but they wouldn’t make up the void created by laksh..
She did not want him to leave his job and come to her . She just wanted him to talk to her atleast spend five minutes with her.. nowadays she did not even see him properly..
She badly wanted his support….

One fine day swasan have a good news that they are gonna become parents soon..
Ragini was the happiest.. her sister was gonna become a mother. And she was becoming a maasi.. slowly slowly. Ragini started becoming her lively self . She used spend most of her time with Swara taking care of her and her mood swings.. She slowly came out of her depression.. But still she misses the presence of laksh..

One fine day..
Ragini was sitting in her room looking at her marriage album..
It had been ten months to their marriage . Two more months and it would be their first wedding anniversay.
Ragini actually never spent time with laksh after their marriage..

They were under the same roof yet very far apart..

And after seeing the album Ragini was really missing laksh a lot. She thought to talk to laksh today . She was determined to atleast spend five mins with him today.

She immediately called laksh..
But his phone was in silent mode as he was busy.. So he did not see the cal…
Ragini was sad… She was emotionally very broken down now a days.
She held her tears always . She never showed her suffering to anyone… She always kept it inside her. But now she was finding it difficult to hold back her tears. She badly wanted him .. She was actually craving for his love… .

That day laksh came back from office earlier than usual. But unfortunately he was again sitting and working on his laptop..

Ragini went and sat next to him on the couch in their bedroom..

” laksh.. Can I ask you something.. ”

” haa tell me Ragini .. ”
” can we just go for a walk or atleast can we just go sit in the balcony for sometime. . ” she asked hoping to hear a positive answer from him . ..

” no Ragini I am having a lot of works.. if you want take swara with you.. ”
Ragini was actually irritated. Its not that she was asking him to give his whole life to her.. she just asked for five mins.

” laksh .. Swara is not my husband but you are.. common laksh.. do you even understand how long it has been since we have even talked properly… I meant I just feel we drifting apart … ” .
” omg Ragini can you just stop your emeotional talk..cant you see that Im very busy right now.. I cant waste my time for your stupid emotional stuffs… . ” yells laksh .. He was already stressed out now a days as he was working a lot.. So he did not even realise what was coming out of his mouth… How could he hurt his ragu like that.

Ragini was very broken…
Did he just tell that spending time with was a waste of time. Did he just claim her love as stupid and emotional. The love for which she was even ready to die and kill… The love which made her blind… didnt he know how much she loved him.. then y did he just insult her love..

Her eyes were red and full of tears. .
” laksh are you telling that my love for you is stupid and emotional.. ”

Laksh was actually not even listening to whatever she was telling..

” Ragini I think its better you sleep now.. I r not alright now.. goodnight”
He said paying his full attention to his laptop..

He did not notice that Ragini’s eyes were flowing …
It is not that she was that week or kiddish that she is crying for such a small thing.. It has been freaking ten months that she had even spoke to him properly.. by now she was sure that she would die of loneliness..
It was the depression that caused her to think that laksh doesnt value her love.
She felt unwanted all of a sudden. She started to feel as if she was burden for laksh..
She couldn’t say anything more..

” god night .. ” was all that came out of her mouth in a choked voice..

She immediately rushed to the washroom and cried her heart out ..

She came back and laid on her bed facing her back to laksh.. He was still sitting with his laptop..

After few hours laksh finished his works and was abt to lie down she. He noticed Ragini’s tear stricken face..suddenly a feeling of guilt Engulfed him.. thinking of the way he behaved with her .. what mistake had she done.. He was too engrossed in work that he ignored his wife for whom he is equal to god.. He insulted her love..
His vission was blurred with a layer of tears..
He slowly bent and placed his lips on her.. Ragini who was not very fast asleep immediately woke up feeling a pair of lips on hers..
She jerked opened her eyes .. could feel it.
He caught hold of her bare waist caressing it and brought her to a sitting position.. He was sucking her lower lip nibbing it .. Ragini wasn’t responding.. as she was too shocked. It was actually their first kiss. They had never got time to even kiss each other ..
She was numb and frozen.. The feeling of his lips on hers was making her go crazy.. Laksh slowly bit her lips indicating her to respond ..
Slowly she too started responding and the kiss was turning more and more passionate.

Finally they broke the kiss due to lack of breath..

They both looked into each others eyes.. She was heavily breathing ..

” im sorry Ragini ” he whispered..

” huh.. ” she was still under the effect of this sudden kiss..

” im sorry for telling at you… I promise I will come home early tomorrow and spend time with you.. ”
Ragini was actually feeling happy after a long time…
” I can understand laksh.. ill wait for you tomorrow.. ”
He smile and laid down beside her and pulled her into his embrace .. slowly sleep engulfed both…

So guys .. part b and then this ya ends… pls do comment and let me know if you like it or not..
LOVE you all..

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