Raglak Ts Our Journey….. Shot 3 Part-1 by #kitkat & #manju……


Part 1


All turns there gaze towards d stairs…all were shocked.

Swasan were standing hand in hand with garland around their necks.

All MM members looked swasan with some shock nd anger in their eyes..

Ragini:- swara.(she uttered her name in happy tearsher lips curled into a smile)

Laksh looked at ragini and smiled.

Sujata ran towards sanskar shouting his name in tears.

Ragini was having blur vision…

Swasan held their hands tight and looked eo with some determination then they both looked ragini..

Ragini touches her forehead and faints unable to stand.

Laksh who was looking ragini rushed to her shouting,”ragini…”and caught her in his arms bfr she falls down on floor..

Laksh patted ragini’s cheek.

Laksh:- adarsh bhaiya…plz call d dr(laksh was super tensed)

Sujata went to sanskar

Su:- sanskar where were u chora?? And wat is all these?? U have married this bangalan??

Laksh lifted ragini and passed swasan who were standing on d stairs

Swasan and sujata looked raglak.

Ap, pari, dp, rp, adarsh, uttara followed laksh.

Sujata looking raglak from behind

Su:- This ragini has put laksh completely in her hands.(she said grinning her teeth)

Sanskar:- Don’t worry maa how much extent she goes I will pull her back going to d same extent she goes.

Swara kept silent and noticed ragini who was in laksh’s arms with tears in her eyes.

Outside Raglak room..

Laksh and other family members stood outside d room..

Swasan nd sujata too stood but away from others .

Laksh was keeping one hand on his waist and the other was over his mouth.

Dr came out and all d family members rushed to the doctor..

Laksh:- Dr….ragini is fine na??nothing happened to her right??Y did she faint?? There is nothing to worry right.

Dr:- Mr.Maheshwari plz b calm.

Laksh:-Arey dr how can I b quiet when my ragini is not fine…

Swara and sanskar looked laksh when he said my ragini

Dr:-Mr.Maheshwari..listen to me first ..

Laksh:- Jii dr bathayiye (with tension)

Dr:- U r going to be a papa soon

Laksh’s tension face glowed like a 1000 volts bulb..

All d family members rejoiced hearing d news

It was an utter shock fr swasan nd sujata

Laksh immediately hugged d dr.

L:- Dr. U don’t know how happy i am.

All widened their eyes with laksh’s act..

Dr:- Mr.Maheshwari plz leave me..

Laksh( broke d hug):- i am ..I am sorry dr..I got over excited..

Laksh turned to Ap who thanked god closing her eyes.

Laksh smiled with tears and hugged Ap.

He closed his eyes..

L:-Maa.. i… i am gonna b a dad.

All Maheshwaris were rejoicing d moment while sanskar and sujata were disturbed a lot.

Swara was standing with no expressions just like a statue.

Ap and laksh broke d hug and then Dp came

The dr said that ragini will wake after sometimes

She advice all to make sure that she is not stressing herself.

Laksh:-dr..sab teek haina??

Dr:- yes mr.Maheshwari… Everything is fine.. nothing to worry.Ur wife is super fine now..its a general advice keep her away from stress..it can affect her health…give her this medicines for time to time.And Mr.Maheshwari…u come with ur wife to my hospital tomorrow.I will give u both some tips and d schedule fr check ups.

Laksh:-Ty dr… (he said when she left)

Dp:-I am very happy for u laksh…u don’t know wat happiness u have given us today..god bless u,ragini and ur child(d father-son duo shared a hug)

Sujata was cursing ragini in her mind.

Sanskar’s eyebrows were frowned..he was furious that ragini is pregnant…which means laksh has accepted ragini as his wife…now he wants to tear ragini’s mask bfr all.. as soon as possible…

( *only laksh knows about ragini..he was very sure that nobody should know this other than him*)

Swara just looked laksh and walked towards him.

She touched his shoulder.

Laksh who was smiling whole heartedly turned and found swara.

Laksh’s smile faded slowly.

Even d other Maheshwari’s smiles shortened looking her.

Swara…that was d word came from laksh’s mouth

Swara:- Congrats laksh(she forwarded her hand)

Laksh looked her hand

Swa:-won’t u shake ur hands with ur “love”

(laksh nd all looked her shocked)

I mean..ur ex lover

Laksh knows that swara is not wrong from ragu’s confession,so he was not able to be angry on her but its not that he loves her.. ragu is his love and others were fuming looking her.

Dp:- how dare u show ur faces again..(to swasan)

Sanskar:- Bade papa(he came forward)

Laksh glared him…bcz it was him,the main culprit nd d one who changed ragu’s mind completely fr his revenge and planned with his mom..

His blood was boiling looking him.

Sanskar:- I am Sanskar Maheshwari.. I can live in this house being a one in this family. This is my right. And my wife swara too can live in this house with d rights the other two bahus of this house have..

laksh gave a confused look when sanky said swara is his wife. he thought if really swara had ditched him?? Swara had married sanskar then didnt she loved laksh in d past??

Sankar handed a paper to dp..

Sn:- I have talked to my lawyer and its rule that u can’t sent me and my wife out…

Dp agreed with no choice.

DP:- But u both be in ur limits…

San:-congrats lucky..

Laksh turned his face

L:-And Happy married life to u..

L:- I don’t want to hear anything from *dokebazs*(he looked sanky and then at swara).. maa papa bhai sab jayiye..aur sojayiye..its late now.. you can meet ragini in d mng.

he left to d room while others too noded and moved to their rooms

Swasan were just looking..

sanky looked raglak room door.

Su:- Je chora laks had changed a lot.. uss nagini ne ise badal diya (she made faces)she had put him completely into her hands. Aur sanskar.. did u marry this bangalan.. I can’t accept her as my bahu (she was adamant in that). U loved laks nd y did u marry my son chori?

Sn:- Maa..swara loves me(he looks her and she looks him) if laksh can move on with ragini y cant we??

Sujata opened her mouth but sanky interrupted and took swara with him.

Laksh was shown…he was sitting behind ragini who was lying unconscious still

Laksh’s back was merged to d cot and he was caressing ragu’s head.. He was lost

L:- u know wat bachha(he spoke politely)seeing swara with sanskar I didn’t feel anything…I wasn’t angry nor I was upset with her. U know y?? (he smiled and asked unconscious ragini) bcz I don’t love her or I can say I never loved her. When u came into my life that’s when u taught me what is love… I got to know that *nobody can love Lakshya than Ragini does* nand today(he placed his other hand in ragu’s tummy and got teary)u gave a meaning to my life again…… u both are d best things that hpnd in my life….. I promise u and our kiddo ragini that I will be the best husband and best dad…..

Saying so he pecked ragu’s sweet lips clossing his eyes??……

With his peck ragini opened her eyes and looked his closed eyes, then she realised that laksh was pecking her lips..

first she was shocked??? but then she got deeper into d kiss.. laksh opened his eyes realising it..it turned into a sweet lip lock which lasted fr mins.

Swasan room.

Sn:-Jao swara…u sleep on d cot..I will sleep on d couch.

Swara noded passing a smile.

Raglak room..

L:-Ty so much bachha(he pecked her forehead cupping her face)

Ragini gave him a confused look…

R:-for wat

Laksh smiled looking her cuteness.

R:- laksh bathayiye na..plz

L:- Ok tell me. Arent u feeling somewhat difference in urself???

Ragini with confusion noded no.

L:- umm..how to tell u that?? (He acted like thinking??)

R:- laksh whatever it may be… plz spit it out……

L:- ummm okeii.. tell me which is d best gift a wife can give a husband??

Ragini was like???

Laksh chuckled looking at his wife??

Ragini:- lakshh…. (she made a pout like a kid)

Laksh looking ragu’s childish pout…..

L:- achha bachaa..u r even a bachha..wat will hapn if my sec bachha comes…

Ragini was again like??..she was again confused

Laksh:- arey mera ragu…we are expecting our lil bachha…

Ragini was first in shock but slowly came to reality.

Ragini’s eyes turned teary…she immediately hugged laksh tightly…

Laksh:- this Is y i thanked u..(ragini looked up Into his eyes) hmm..idk wat will b my state if lil bachha comes..my big bachha is equal to 10 lil bachhas… laksh u r gone man..

Ragini broke d hug and hitted his shoulder continuosly..

L:- Y r u hitting me. Maine pyarse bola.

R:-yeh bhi pyar karne ka tareeka hai

Laksh:- love u too(he rubbed his shoulder..)

Ragini:- Laksh..u know..I am very happy today bcz my swara has come back.. and ur brother too has come back(laksh fummed)..plz laksh..u have forgiven me..then y won’t u forgive ur brother??

Laksh:- Ragini yeh alag bat hai..and it’s final that I can’t ever forgive him.. its bcz of him I made a decision for our sec engagement… its him,who kidnapped u and blackmailed me and swara.. he is behind everything ragini.. I know he misunderstood… but didn’t he think once that I am his brother??…leave me ragini.. what bad u did to him??? Y did he used u?

Ragini was just looking laksh…she didn’t have the answers for the qns her husband raised now.

Laksh:- And..did u see him?? He has married swara..

(thats when ragini rmbrd swasan with garlands around their neck..

And sanky asking

Sn:- Badi maa..won’t u invite us??)

Laksh:- I don’t think he loves her..it could b his new game…and yeh swara.. (he frowned in confusion)..did he trap her like he trapped u?? I need to find..wat all hpnd cz of him is enough not anymore..I need to talk with swara (he rushed out)…

Ragini shouted his name to stop him…but he was going…ragu too followed him to stop him…

In d steps towards swasan room

Ragini held laksh’s arm to stop him..but no use..

He turned back with a frown when he didn’t hear ragu’s voice anymore…

Laksh:- Ragini… (he shouted)

He found her holding her head…he rushed to her..ragu’s head was spinning.

Laksh rushed to her and caught her bfr she falls on ground.

He lifted her in his arms and marched to their room. ragu was half unconscious..

Laksh made her lay on bed n sprinkled some water on her face

L( patting her chicks):- ragu open ur eyes baccha..

Ragini opened her eyes slowly n Laksh hugged her while sobbing
Ragini too hugged him back and smiled weakly.

L:- I m sorry I didnt listened u. I wont do it again plz I m sorry.

R:- Its ok Laksh.. I m ok. We will talk to swara in morning ok.???

Laksh Parted n nodded in yes.

Ragini yawned feeling sleepy.

L:- I will change n then we can sleep ok???

Ragini nodded in yes n when Laksh returned they both dozed off in each other’s embrace..

Next morning..

All were having breakfast n Laksh n AP were busy in pampering Ragini..

Just then Shemish n dada dadi appeared..

Ragini rushed to them n hugged them who hugged her in response with a smile.

They congradulated Raglak.

( AP has informed them before itself about swasans return n Raginis pregnancy.)

Swara too came rushing from upstairs n hugged Mishti..

As she was going to hug Dada-Dadi n Shekhar they stopped her showing a palm

Sujata made faces.

Just then all were startled by Sanskars voice.

Sn:- Good that you u too are here Dada-Dadi n Maa-Baba. It will b fun to tear mask of innocence from ur daughters face.

All got confused hearing this except raglak who froze in shock..

Laksh supported Ragini by putting a hand around her..

Sn :- You all blamed swara for what all happened during marriage U thought she eloped. But truth is that this all was a game plan of Me n with me was involved ur youngest bahu Ragini opps sorry its Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari. Your heir carrier at moment

All the others present there were shocked except Swara n Laksh

Ragini was not able to see up feeling shameful n tears started rolling down her eyes..

Laksh held her hand firmly.

She saw him with guilt in her eyes n he assured her with his..

DP:- Sanskar are u in ur sense??? It was swara who elope n not Ragini..

Sn:- Bade papa Swara did elope but was actually pushed into the river by her lovely sister hena Ragini???

He said sarcastically while looking in Raginis direction

Ragini was was about to answer but Laksh spoke in between.

L:- What you want to prove sanskar???

Sn:- I want to prove that your wife whom u are in love head over heels is murderer of her elder sister..

Swara was in come in for 6 months. I was with her in Banglore.. This is the reality of ur wife Lucky.

L:- Its laksh for u Mr. Dhokebaaz Sanskar Maheshwari. It was u who was the sole reason of all this happenings n this change in Ragini..

Sanskar was shocked as how Laksh knows about his plan n that was clearly visible on his face..

L( laugh sarcastically):- What happened my Sanskar??? Shocked??? Yes I got to know whole reality from Ragini on day one of our marriage that is on our first night.. Ragini confessed whole truth to n even all crimes of u both.. n after that only I have decide to accept ragini n move on with her..

All were shocked hearing this n *Mishti moved to Ragini who was standing as a statue all the while n made her face her holding her chin, only to find her teary..

M:- Ragu beta What is this sanskar saying???? I know my Ragu cant do this with her sister??? Tell me the truth

Swara too was teary now.. but masked herself..

R( closed her eyes tightly):- Its true maa*

Lakshs eyes too turned teary after watching his life crying..

Mishti slapped her tightly making all shocked.

Shekhar n Dadi came to Raginis rescue along with Laksh n made her stand straight..

Dadi:- Have u gone mad??? Atleast control urself thinking about her baby

DP intruppted.

DP:- Stop this all. Reality wont change by voilance. Whatever happened is happened but its now truth that Raglak n swasan are married, Ragini had already confessed the truth to Laksh n Raglak had moved on in their life.. She didnt hide it like u Sanskar..

Su:- Bhaisa how can u blame only my son if ur DIL is also equally responsible about it..????

AP:- Sujata b quite.

Su:- But.

RP:- R u stopping now or I will slap u infront of all.???

Sujata made faces.

Ragini came in front of Dp n folded her hands still gazing down towards floor..

R:- Papaji I know its my fault n I did crime by Pushing off swara from the pool n marring Laksh by trapping him. But I was guilty n confessed all the truth to him on first day of our marriage as I was not enough to carry the guilt n even decided to tell u all but.

Laksh intrupted her while wrapping an arm around her shoulder..

L:- It was me who stopped her as we have decided to find swara first. But we failed. Ragini was always sad for lying u all but it was me who stopped her from confessing. But papa Ragini had changed the moment she confessed me everything n it was Sanskar bhai who brainwashed her for doing all this. He thought its u who killed kavita n so he decide to take revenge from us by snatching Swara from me like Kavita was snatched from him

Swara was fuming hearing ragini in place of her for d love from him.

DP:- Whatever happened is not good but now reality cant change so this topic should end here n anything related to this wont b discussed again..

Sw:- n what about me bade papa??? What was my fault in all this??? But its only me who suffered I lost my love then but I want it back now.

All were shocked hereing this Ragini cluthed her Mangalsutra with one hand while other gripped Lakshs hand more tightly Laksh to held her firmly n assured her with his eyes that he is only hers.

Dadi clutched her hand harshly making swara face her n rewarded her with a tight slap..

AP n suji gave swara disgusting looks n shemish were beyond shocked, Dadaji nodded is head disbelievingly…

Dadi:- R u out of ur mind. He is ur Brother in law now from both sides. Brother of ur husband n husband of ur sister who is carring his child Have some shame u shameless girl..

But swara remained unaffected n still..

Mishti came towards swara n made her turn towards her softly.

M:- Shona I know what happened with u is wrong but now what u wanted is unappreciable. Laksh is ur BIL now.

Sw:- Then what about the doings of Ragini maa??? She kept a bad eye on my love married mhim forcefully n now trapped him in her web of obsession by labeling it as love..

L( shouted from his core making Ragini flinch):- Not a word againt my wife swara or I will forget my limits.. n its my own decision to give Ragini rights as my wife. Becoz she is my wife n she never lied atleast to me.. she was always loyal to me n I repeat that the decision of not disclosing truth to all was whole n sole of mine.. It was actually Ragini who insisted me to disclose it first

DP:- So the topic is over n swara u will get all ur right here as DIL which Ragini gets n its my promise. Annapurna I m getting late n Laksh, Ragini have an appointment now. Take her to doctor. Its ok if u r late for a day Raginis health should b our first priority now. Stress is harmful for her n baby..

Laksh noded n DP turned to Dada-Dadi n Shemish n left gretting them with Namaskar.

AP was also about to leave but Ragini freed herself from Laksh n went to her n blocked her way.

R:- Maa r u angry on me??? I m sorry. I m guilty for what I did n was going to confess the truth but Laksh stopped me. Plz dont b mad at me.

AP(Softly cupped her face n said while glaring swara):- I was angry when I heard all Initially but Just a single dirty thought of someone convinced me that u r my perfect choice as my daughter in law or say daughter n I wont regret it ever. ( now turning to Ragini n kissed her forehead.) Hmm???…..

Ragini smiled within tears n nodded in yes. Laksh side hugged her n AP.

L:- Sorry maa.

AP( slapped him on cheek playfully):- Dhat pagal.

Ragini was about to go to mishti but she turned her face angrily..

Dadaji who quite all this while spokeup now..

Dadaji:- whatever u did Ladoo was not appreciable but somewhere we were too responsible for not being able to understand u Ladoo. N whatever happens is by destiny decided by khatushamji n we should accept it whole heartly. N its good u atleast accepted ur deeds before Jamaisa( Laksh) so now forget it all Swara is safe n thats the good between bad. Take care of urself n the baby hmmm???

Ragini nodded in yes n hugged Dada dadi n shekhar n they too left..

AP:- Laksh go or u will b late for Raginis appointment.

Laksh held Ragini by softly but firmly n headed out..

Sanskar who was quite all the while glared swara while nodding his head in disbelief n went to his room followed by Sujata

M:- Swara I want to talk to u come with me.

S:- u go ma I will come.

She said this while looking in direction from where Raglak left

Mishti sigh n left to guest room..

Screen shift to swara whose eyes were teary but red n full of anger.

Swaras POV.

“U snatched my love from me Ragini n even tried to kill me. Still all are with u..Even my love my Laksh stood by u n u dared to go close to him.. now the game u started will b finished by me u just wait n watch.. U have very less time to enjoy my sweet little sis.. u will regret messing with me. U have to pay for my every slap..

Screen freezed in 3 parts with Swaras smirk n Raginis teary n lost face with Lakshs determined face.,

PRECAP:- The final showdown. Ragini to b kidnapped..

So guys tell us with ur comments how is it????

Sorry for being late but we both are too busy this days.

Will try to update next part soon, which will b the last one

N guys dont forget to tell us through ur comments which was ur favorate scene of our TS up till now..

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Here we #kitkat n #manju are signing off.

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