Ragini knew that nothing would be a bed of flowers after Lakshya would know the truth, but she had no other option. But now she don’t know what Lakshya would do. He had already stepped out of their room paying zero heeds to her calls and pleas. She was afraid, what will he do now? She had revealed a big thing to him, something that changed the entire meaning of their relationship. She followed him trying to stop him and at the same time assuring that none of the already asleep family watches the scene. “Lakshya…Please…please stop…Just…listen…” Ragini mumbled breathlessly as she rushed out of the house following Lakshya. Little did he listen to her. He got in to his car and drove away leaving her sobbing in the courtyard.

“Uttara…where must have he gone? His phone is switched off…Last night he went out totally shaken…I don’t know where he is…I don’t know…” cried Ragini hiding her face in the comfort zone of her palms. Uttara was also worried. She knew that her brother will have to fight a battle with himself to solve the issues that have come up due to Ragini revealing the truth. In a way she did right; but the consequences were little fearful. She wished that her brother won’t take any wrong decision and consoled the broken Ragini beside her.

Tension was building up in the entire family as they came to know that Lakshya hasn’t returned home yet. Uttara hid the happenings between Ragini and Lakshya from all and just said that Lakshya went for some work last night and returned. She didn’t want anyone to hurt Ragini more by holding her responsible for the happenings. Pareenita and Annapurana consoled a broken Ragini as she continuesly sobbed for her Lakshya. She was feeling guilty for whatever she did and wanted to open up to all. But to be honest she was afraid with all the happenings. Where is he? What did he do? She knew nothing. Her tensions multiplied as Adarash bhaiyya suggested to inform police about Lakshya

“Lakshya…” called out Pareenita as she spotted him at the door. Everyone looked at the door with surprise and saw Lakshya standing casually. Ragini’s heart leapt in joy as she spotted him. Without any thought she rushed to him and hugged him as tight as she could. “Where did you go????” she asked him amongst her sobs. Lakshya just held Ragini and spotted that all eyes were just on him. He removed her from him slowly and carelessly wallked in whilst she followed him confused. “I went out for meeting an old friend…actually it was nothing planned…So couldn’t inform you guys…my phone went out of charge too…I’m tired…let me take some rest…” he said to all closing all chances for questions. The entire family was confused. But neither could they ask Lakshya who had rushed in already nor Roli who was on fire all the while…

Around midnight in RagLak’s room. Ragini looked confusingly at Lakshya who was surprisingly silent and was drying his wet hair after a shower. Sinc e he had come, he was all silent giving lot of pressure to her 21 year old heart. Fed up with the silence she rushed to him and grabbed his arm to make him look at her. “Just say you hate me!!!!!say it…but please don’t stay quiet…Your silence is killing me…” She said as tears fell from her eyes to his hand which she was holding. “Why should i tell that?” asked Lakshya looking in to her eyes. “I don’t have to tell that to you…He Said and lied down in the bed making Ragini confused .

One week has passed Lakshya was not even looking at Ragini.it Ragini comes and asks he just walks away from her .Ragini goes to Uttara and asks help from but she too says this and that goes .Lakshya felt bad for doing this with Ragini but he has to do that for his love ….his Ragini who has done so much for him with out any reason for doing that .She has sacrificed her life fully for his happiness .He has to do the best for her now .It is his turn .He with Uttara help as she knows everything about Ragini has planned a big thing .Both bro and sis were waiting for that day

Thanks for your valuable comments .I’m going to start my ff on raglak very soon .I’m busy so unable to reply to your comments individually hope you don’t mind that .


  1. Raglakholic

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    Awesome update
    Uffff laksh wasn’t angry on ragini
    Poor ragini she is feeling guilty
    But what laksh nd uttara are planning to do
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon
    Nd yeah I’m waiting for your new ff too

  2. SPP

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Fabulous
    Laksh is not angry on Ragini
    Poor Ragini
    Waiting for the next one……………

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