Lakshya was shocked to the bone as Ragini said it. He couldn’t believe his ears. What she had just told him was not something he expected; not even in his rarest dreams. “What did you say?” asked Lakshya again; this time in a feeble voice praying silently that he heard wrong. Ragini knew what must be his state but closed her eyes and said again. “Haan Lakshya…you heard right…You love Swara…” Lakshya stood like a statue hearing her repeat what she said before erasing all possibilities that it was his mere feeling. For a while he stood still, then he held Ragini and pinned her to the wall like he was possessed. “You’re lying!!!!You’re simply lying…tell me that it’s wrong…tell me…” he shouted. Ragini freed herself from his strong hold. “No Lakshya…I’m not lying…in fact it is the truth…a truth that you was supposed to know earlier…I didn’t get the guts to tell it you all these days but today; today you should know it!!!you should…” Lakshya stood silent as Ragini started narrating him the past. ***********************************

A year back. Maheshwari house was all decorated in the most posh manner. The house was filled with the voices of relatives and acquaintances. As everyone watched out, Lakshya slipped the engagement ring to Swara’s finger.Swara Gadodia was the bride arranged for Lakshya by his family and like all other decisions of his family Lakshya welcomed her with all heart. Everyone clapped and everyone was happy but only one heart had pain though she tried to be happy. Ragini , an orphan Lakshya’s sister’s bestie who loved him silently since she was 15 suppressed her pain as she watched him being someone else’s.
************************************”Swara…” cried Lakshya as he saw her dead body in a pool of blood. She has fallen down from the terrace where she came to see Lakshya when the baarat came .It was the day which was supposed to be their marriage day but just a few hours before they could tie the knot she left the world leaving him in depression forever.

Lakshya reluctantly married Ragini whilst the Maheshwariss watched with relief. They were all sad after seeing the depressed Lakshya’s post Swara’s death. And then they thought of bringing Ragini in to his life by seeing her love for Lakshya.
They believed she could fill the void that was left by Swara. Ragini was hesitant for the marriage but agreed for her Lakshya’s well being.

“I hate you Ragini…” roared an angry Lakshya to Ragini. He was not happy with the marriage. He had fallen in love with Swara though they never met or talked to each other other than on their engagement. To him the phase of love was over in his life and Ragini, she was a mere intruder. Ragini lost her smile forever realising that life can never be lovely for her and Lakshya. Pain filled her life with recurring ignorance from Lakshya but Lakshya who believed that his ignorance to Ragini was justice to Swara continued his ways.

The Maheshwaris and Ragini looked shockingly as Lakshya asked “Who am I ?” He had met an accident that morning and they had reached the hospital all panicked. The doctor explained that he had lost his memory temporarily. Ragini was shocked beyond limits as she heard this. She was caught between her bitter experiences with Lakshya and the doctor’s advice that they should not tell him his memories all of a sudden. She agreed for this compromise too, once again for her Lakshya.

Months passed as Ragini took care of Lakshya silently. She had no intention to attract him to her, but it happened. Lakshya fell in love again, but this time with Ragini. Everyone in Maheshwaris house was happy but Ragini was confused. She knew what Lakshya had in mind for her and she didn’t want to take advantage of his situation. Things were getting difficult for her as Lakshya started behaving lovingly to her. She was torn between two extremes ; one the pressure from the family and her soul that she shouldn’t tell him the truth, two; her conscience that pricked her to tell the truth. ***********************************

Back to the present. Lakshya sat on the bed almost unconsciously as Ragini completed their story with teary eyes. Definitely his past had left him shocked. It changed his whole world. “Lakshya aap…” called out Ragini as Lakshya got up from the bed and rushed out giving no heeds her shout

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
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    Feeling sad for both Raglak
    Waiting for the next one…………….

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