Part 4

RagLak are sharing an intense eyelock .Lakshya plays with her hair .He sits and made her sit in his lap .He kissed her eyes nose chin cheeks .He took her in arms and dropped her in the bed .Ragini was completely lost on him his love .He started removing her jewels.He took covered them with blanket and started crossing all the limits .RagLak were in each other’s arms forgetting the world everything .
************************************ Next morning .Lakshya saw ragini on his chest .He smiled at her .He kissed her forehead .

Ragini woke and smiled at him .Lakshya says I’m happy that my wife is smiling and has accepted me .Then dawned to Ragini.She thought what she has done what she has done …She cheated…her Lakshya…her love…her soul…Ragini was devasted .Lakshya was in a happy mood and moved towards her lips and again tried to initial the next level .Ragini pushed him and took a towel and wrapped around her and went inside the bathroom.Ragini was crying badly she has done a great mistake not a mistake a sin .Not only sin more than that .How could she cheat her Lakshya?…How ….She was broken and worried .Too pained too..Lakshya thought she ran because of shiness .Ragini decided that hear after she will not face him after .


From that day ragini avoided Lakshya.He to became in a contract so he didn’t notice that .Nearly two weeks passed .Ragini was broken .She felt herself as a cheater and lier.She hated herself for doing so .Lakshya project to got completed.Lakshya was too happy that he can be with his baacha….his Ragini .For Ragini he is just swara lover .He just loves as he forget the past .Nothing more than that .Ragini completely avoided him .She never looked at him .Even if Lakshya came near her .She ran from saying some or other reason .After completing her works ragini came to her room.Lakshya came and back hugged her and asked is my wifey is angry for leaving her and getting busy in the project .He said no problem hear after I will be with you and moved towards her lips.

Ragini pushed him and shouted no Lakshya.He was shocked by her behaviour .He asked her what is your problem Ragini .Why are you like this ? .Ragini when I come near you react like this except that day.Why haan didn’t you like me or any other Ragini ? .I’m your husband and have rights to touch be with you .Why you are like this?.Lakshya shouted as he couldn’t bear anymore .Ragini shouted because you love swara shocking Lakshya to the bone.

************************************ *************
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  1. Raglakholic

    |Registered Member

    Omg it’s marvellous update
    Shocking for laksh
    Poor raglak
    Now how will he react????
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

  2. Samanta

    It’s marvellous update
    Feeling bad for raglak
    Now what will laksh do???
    Loved raglak passionate moments
    Do continue asap

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