“Ragini…do you have any idea of what you were about to blurt out? Ragini…listen…listen…See…Now Bhaiyya is not that old person…he loves you…loves you so much…You also wished for this na? tell me…” Ragini nods with tears brimming in her eyes. “So now…why are you doing this???Ragini…your life is at stake…See reminding Bhaiyya the past would do no good…instead forget that dark past and move on…Nothing will be damaged by this…” continued Uttara holding Raginj’s palms trying to convince her. But to her shock Ragini withdrew her hands from hers.”You may be right Ragini…But if i do that; that will be cheating my husband…I have promised him during the seven pheras that i would never lie to him; never deceive him…I can’t do that…And think what he’ll feel when he’ll come to know the truth…He’ll think that i cheated him for my selfish needs…i can be none fot him better than being a cheater…So i willl telk it Uttara…i will tell it to him…” said Ragini. “But Ragini…” Uttara began. “Enough Uttara…upon me, you’re not going to tell about this to anyone…anyone…Did you get me?” asked her. “Ragini…i don’t know…but let god put everything straight…” said Uttara and she walked away. “Yes!!!I’m leaving everything to God and Lakshaya…Let him do anything…But i will say the truth to Lakshaya tonight, whatever happens…” said Ragini to herself and made her way to the kitchen.

Much later at night. Ragini entered their bedroom being mentally prepared for telling Lakshya the truth tonight. She knew it may make things like earlier for her, but she felt being honest was necessary in a relationship. But as she entered the room she was surprised the room finely decorated with flowers, balloons, candles and all those beautiful things. She looked in and found none and so took couple of steps forward. Suddenly she heard a thud sound and turned back. There Lakshaya was standing with a mischievous smile playing on his lips. He had closed the door and was standing guarding it. “Lakshya…what is this???” asked her. “Surprisseee” said him. Ragini’s heart started beating fast. She could sense what might be running in his mind. But whatever she’s gonna tell him the truth today. Suddenly she felt being pulled in to his strong arms and pressed in to the wall of their room. She gasped and he smiled. Playing with one of the strands that fell on her face he stared to her beautiful face.”A small surprise…a small attempt to make that girl who stole my heart happy…I don’t remember the level of passion we had in the past, but tonight we will make a night to remember for our lifetime…tonight you have to surrender to me…You have to be mine…Come to me Ragini…” he said as he covered her lips with his. Ragini’s dilemma was on peak now. One side she is truing to say the truth to him and other side he is attempting to get close to her. She wanted to put an end for all this…All this pain, this suffocation…So with great difficulty she tried push him away from her .But he wrapped his hands around her tightly and pulled her closer bit her lips to respond him.Ragini to got lost on him and started responding him .After a while Lakshaya left her .Ragini came back to her thoughts and Lakshya I want too….but he kept his finger in her lips .Ragini please I have planned many things today .I have got many surprises for you .No disturbance I want to make you feel special and happy .Ragini was touched .She thought he pleaded that to for my happiness I want to say the truth but I’m unable to say it now she thought .Lakshya took her to the bed and made her sit .He took a gift box and asked her to open it .Ragini opened it .She found a beautiful platinum chain with a pendant which the letters RL .Ragini looked at him she was touched by his love for her .She felt to lucky to be in this world .She felt that this life is enough she has got what she want her love her Lakshya .Lakshya took a card and gave it to her .It was written in the card for my life …my Valentine ….my ragini .She looked at him .He asked her to open the card .She opened it .

Dear ragini
. The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes.”Ragini I don’t know how to express my love .I can only say I love you ….only you …..Will love you till eternity .We are not ragini lakshya we are RAGLAK .We will live our life as raglak not as ragini lakshya .

By your only yours
Lakshya maheswari


Ragini was to happy .She got her love which she longed for …her love . ..her lakshya…She forgot all the things .Her heart was longing for this .She forgot about the forgetten past everything .Ragini’s heart was only saying Lakshya..I love you Lakshya…She ran hugged him tightly .Ragini cried and hugged him. Lakshya pulled her from the hug and removed her tears .I hate this tears .This should not come out from your eyes .He kissed her eyes .Ragini said I love you Lakshya .She hugged him.This the frist time she said to him.She confessed him .Lakshya hugged her tightly .Lakshya moved towards her lips .He pressed her lips with his .This time ragini responded him passonaitely .Ragini forget everything in her bitter past .Now all that she needs is to be with him .Lakshya kissed all over face and moved towards her lips .Ragini turned red due to his love .She moved away from there .Lakshya holded her end of the saree .He came near pulled her close to him .He caressed her face her hands and her hip.Ragini can’t Handle his proximity .She clasped her hands around neck.RagLan shared a beautiful .Their eyes were filled with love for each other

Thanks guys for your valuable .Hope I didn’t bore you and the card part hope you all like it .If it is stretchy and boring please do say
Bye ***


  1. SPP

    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Fabulous
    Loved it
    Raglak were Amazing
    Sorry for not commenting in last one
    U were not at all boring
    The card given by Laksh was really Outstanding
    Waiting for the next one………………

  2. Akshata

    |Registered Member

    its amazing. utttara love ragini so much, she knows that ragu suffered so much. but ragini is also right. no words to describe raglak moments, so blissful.

  3. Ammu

    Awesome episode and loved it a lot. It’s not boring dear, it’s really interesting. Raglak scenes are beautiful and want more

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