Next morning. Ragini stood before the mirror drying her hair. Her mind was undoubtedly upset thinking about the turning out of the events. Memories were torturing her.***************************************************************** “I hate you Ragini…I hate you for coming in to my life…You have taken the position that was supposed to be Swara’s…And i hate for you that…” his words ringed in her ears.*****************************************************

“Raginiji…I think you’re busy thinking when your poor hubby is in need of some attention from you…just see me yaar…” she was snapped out from the thoughts as she heard his voice. He was standing near to her in a towel after coming out of the washroom. A shiver ran down her spine and her cheeks reddened seeing him so. Lakshya of course knowing he had an effect on her moved closer back hugging her and keeping his chin on her bare shoulder. Ragini closed her eyes feelimg the moment. His proximity felt so good. “What’re you doing Lakshya…” asked Ragini in a very low voice as he started placing feathery kisses on her neck and shoulder. “Romance!!!” said Lakshya. He kissed on her right shoulder and he pulled the shoring and slides her blouse and kisses her bare shoulders .He did the same in the left side too .Ragini felt a shiver in her spine .She couldn’t Handle his romantic side her heart loved it but her brain was thinking about his words .He returned to her right shoulder and keeping his chin over her shoulders started talking what he wanted to tell her since long. “You know what Ragini…You’re so adorable…so very much…i don’t know how much your presence makes me happy…It makes me feel so good…You know what Ragini, that day when i woke up in the hospital bed; i had no idea of anything…My memories weren’t helping me…Not even the idea of my identity…But i came back to my life through you Ragini…The way you took care of me, helped me, loved me; no other girl can do this much…I always think; why god gave me you? Why he made me so lucky to have a gem like you…i don’t know!!!!Now i want to get my memory soon…”

This shocked Ragini who was having tears in her eyes hearing his sincere words. She looked up at him.He smiled and continued ” You know why? Because i need to remember each of that precious moment i have spent with you…how much i loved you…” Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears now. How can she tell him that they had no lovely moments in his forgotten past; that he hated her like hell…How could she tell? Tears were freshly flowing down her cheeks and Lakshya noticed it. He swiftly hugged her making her inside his embrace. “Shh…don’t get emotional…please…” he murmured sweetly in her ears. “Lakshaya…i need to tell you something…please…” pleaded Ragini. She can’t take this now. “Of course baby…what is there to ask in this…come on tell me…” Ragini freed herself from his hug and turned towards he pulled her into a tight warm hug .He said I love you to the core my baccha …I love u …I don’t to be away from you for even a milli second .Ragini thought in her mind I to love you to the core lakshaya .Her thoughts were stopped when Lakshaya asked her to tell what she wants to say .She was about to tell something when they heard an “ahem ahem…” It was Lakshya’s sister Uttara maheswari who was Ragini’s best friend as well. RagLak were embarassed now. Lakshaya quickly hid behind Ragini holding her pallu to cover himself. Uttara laughed aloud. “Lol Bhaiyya…you’re so funny…” she commented. “I’ll come in a minute…” said Lakshaya as he took his clothes and rushed in. Once Lakshya was in Uttara looked angrily at Ragini who was looking down in guilt. “Come…” she ordered as she pulled Ragini out of the room

************************************ Thanks for your valuable comments .Hope all are liking this story .Please me the plus and minus of these story .Hope I satisfy all of you with my updates


  1. Raglakholic

    |Registered Member

    It’s marvellous update
    Totally loved it to the core
    I liked this plot very very much
    Eagerly waiting to see
    What is their past
    Will uttara supports ragini or not???
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Please please do continue soon

  2. abi

    I’m thinking after the revelation of ragini’s truth laksh lost his memory
    So he doesn’t remember about his love for swara
    Just guessing

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