A Raglak ts : Contract of Love (part 3)

Hey guys sorry for late update actually was a bit buzy sorry once again so let’s begin

Let’s get started

Raglak grahoravesh is done and they are send to their room

Laksh enters the room and sees ragini sitting on the bed nervously
He goes to her and says
Laksh:ragini I ummm u know that we married for
our family so it’s just a contract
Ragini :thanks Laksh bcoz of you my family is happy today

Laksh:hmm let’s sleep
Ragini goes and changes and cones and sees Laksh sleeping on the bed
Ragini:why r u sleeping on bed
Laksh:it’s my room my bed I’ll sleep here only no
Ragini:then where will I sleep
He said pointing to the couch

Ragini:wth Laksh no ways I’m not gonna sleep
on couch neither I’m going to tell let’s sleep on the bed with pillow wall like TV show so you better take your pillow and go to couch
Laksh:now only u told that bcoz of me your family is happy
Ragini :so what your family is also happy bcoz
of me
They kept on arguing and finally reach a
Ragini:OK so let’s sleep on bed turn by turn
Laksh:done today is sleep
Ragini:fine I’m too tired to argue again
They both sleep

Next morning
Laksh gets up and sees ragini sitting upfront about of the mirror and and combing her hair
She was wearing a beautiful blue Saree with
minimal makeup and afcouse sindoor and mangalsutra
Laksh was mesmerized seeing her her
Ragini saw him and said
Ragini:if you’ve got up so plz get ready fats I’ve
to leave to office after the rasams
Laksh:I’m Alps not free all day long huh
He goes to bath and comes out after sometime bare chest and sees that ragini has already gone
He looks into the cupboard for some clothes when suddenly ragini comes there
Ragini:Laksh come fats maa is
She stops when Laksh comes out of the
cupboard door bare chest
Ragini:wth is wrong with u u know that I’m also

living in this room but still u came like this
Laksh:o god u have problem in everything bye
you didn’t felt shy after seeing me like this normally girls blush after seeing their husbands like this
Ragini:what’s there to blush now I’ve seen many
like you like this not a big deal and there are heroes who act bare chest so do girls blush seeing them

Laksh(possessively):so u have seen boys with
bare chest before also
Ragini:none of your business
They go down after sometime and complete the rasams
Then raglak go to their respective office

Ragini is sitting on her chair thinking
Ragini(mono):god this marriage stuff it sucks
me was I too harsh with Laksh today but he acts also the same way ragini concentrate
She does her work

Screen shifts to Laksh
Laksh(mono):was my marriage decision right I mean like the way we fight if family come to know then but I shouldn’t have behaved that harshly with her na
He decided to do his work

At night
Raglak come from office and went to their room after dinner
Ragini metered and saw Laksh doing some work on his laptop
She freshens up and slept

Like this 3 months passed
In these months ragini took Greta care of Laksh family and box versa they did talk to eo but about business stuff or they argued on silly things

Precap:raglak raglak and raglak !!!!some past revelations !!!some dark secrets!!!

for knowing what happens next stay tuned and put in your valuables comments

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