A Raglak ts : Contract of Love (part 2)

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Let’s begin
Ragini is in her room
Janki:beta this boy is just like u want so plz decide rightly
Ragini:mom I’ll see after meeting him
Janki:hmm let’s go down there are waiting
Janki takes her down to see the groom
Ragini is wearing a beautiful pink long anarkali

With minimal makeup
Ragini comes to hall with a tray of tea
They boys back is shown
Ragini goes
She shouts seeing him while he reacts the same way
Shekar:u know him beta
Ragini:yes dad and you all were telling he’s is my type then it’s wrong Mr avinash sehgal get out
She said pointing towards the door
Mrs sehgal:arre shekar ji what is this your daughter is so I’ll mannered
Shekar:sharda ji if my daughter is reacting this
way then there must be a reason laado what happen
Ragini:dad he is a bl**dy cheap guy he’s one of my clients he offered me a one night stand to complete the project and when I rejected he cancelled the deal it’s the same deal which I told you the I lost

Avinash:no maa papa she’s lying
Mr shegal:I know about your doing so shut up and let’s leave
Shekar:wah Mr shegal you knew and still
wanted my daughter to marry you son get out
Sehgal family left

Janki:god knows what will happen of ragini I’m
so worried ragini why r u rejection all the proposals I agree this one was bad but why others
Dadi:laado see if you like someone tell us or
else I’ll bring a proposal in 1 week and you have to marry we have seen your attitude now enough everyone is asking why your marriage is not done u care about our reputation so plz
Dada:yes ragini
All leave

Ragini I got sto her room
Ragini shuts the door and sits down with thud
Ragini:how can I do this in my sorrow I forgot my family’s happiness but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life whom I marry

Screen shifts to Laksh
Laksh enters the house to see the girl
His family greet him
He sits there smiling uninterested
The girl comes and he’s shocked to see her
Laksh:kavya u
Kavya looks up and finds laksh

She said teary eyed
Laksh:kavya u loves vinay right then why r u marrying someone or eve seeing guys
Everyone was shocked
Ap:Laksh what’s happening
Laksh:mom she is kavya my PA before few days she told me she loves a guy named vinay and he also loves her
Kavya:Laksh atop plz
Arjun(kavya dad):kavya is it true
Seeing g no response
Sita(kavya mom):speak up kavya

Kavya nods
Arjun:then why u didn’t tell
Laksh:I’ll say how was scared u would reject him
Arjuna:beta your happiness comes first Dp ji to ji I’m sorry for this but I can’t go against my daughter happiness and kavya call vinay and his family tomorrow
All smiled
Dp:no worries arjun ji we understand

Kapoor family left from there

In kapoor mansion
Laksh for sit his room
Ap:god knows what will happen of Laksh I’m worried for his future I want to see Mt DIL soon but he never listens
Sujata:jiji Laksh is intelligent he will understand
Ap:when sujata after us who will take care of him he never accepts any proposal
Laksh hears thus and gets sad
He got sto his room and thinks something
And calls someone

The conversation is muted

He drives to his office and goes to the conference room
There a person is sewn sitting
She turns
Laksh:so did u accept the proposals
Ragini:what was this your urgent call and why should I tell u u called me here to ask this
Yes guys Laksh called ragini
Laksh:no actually umm plz ans my question

Ragini:OK I’ve said a no
Laksh:perfect I mean look ragini I know we both met today only but from the way you were talk on the phone I understood that u aren’t interested in marriage so am I and my family is really very tensed for me and I’m sure your family also is
Ragini remember janki and dadi words
She nods
He takes a deep breath

Laksh:will u marry me
Ragini shocked
Laksh:bcoz I don’t want to ruin any other girls life who will expect her husband to love her but it’s not the maze in our case I don’t know why you don’t want to marry but let’s do it like contract umm we both will marry for our family happiness we’ll tell them that we like eo and what to marry
Ragini was in shock

Laksh:ragini tell me are u OK with it
She remembers the time form everyone started talking about her marriage their dreams their tears worries
Ragini(monologue):ragini don’t be selfish do it
Ragini:OK I’m ready for the contract
They shake hands

Both go home and tell their families about their decision except the contract part
At first they were hesitant but later their agreed
And raglak got married in a function with family and close friends cause they didn’t want much of havoc
(Sorry guys I didn’t want to drag artiste part directly going in the contract of love. )

Precap:why was ragini crying ??why were raglak not accepting any proposal ???why ragini told that for her selfishness she can’t ruin bet family happiness ???

will their contract of love reach its destination ???for knowing answer to these questions stay tuned and plz put in your valuable comment criticism always welcome cause ether help me to excel

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