A Raglak ts : Contract of Love (part 1)

Hey guys I’m back with raglak ts well I’m planning to post a ts on the topic swaragini the forgotten sisters which I started as a ff but couldn’t complete so plz tell me should I post it as a ts in the comments

Let’s begin
A house is shown from outside
There is a name plate it’s written mehra’s
Then the hall is shown where a 2 ladies and 2 men were seen praying along with girl in her mid twenties
The girls back was shown she was doing aarti and wearing a blue color anarkali

After the aarti she turns
Her face is shown she is revealed to be ragini mehra
(Ragini mehra:the only daughter of janki mehra and shekar mehra loved by all princess and heir of mehra empire she is the CEO of mehra industries and will soon become the MD after her father retires a free spirited modern girl with traditional values a beauty who can make anyone fall for her age:24 yrs)
Janki:ragu beta today don’t go to office grooms family is coming to see you
Ragini:oh god not again mom I told I don’t want to marry all the boys they want me to sit at home or someone wants me bcoz of money or beauty I want to make my career which is not possible after marriage
Dadi:laado this time you will like the boy he is modern and will let you work after marriage also
Dada:yes laado already meet him
Shekar:like everytime it will be your choice only plz
Seeing everyone face she agreed

Screen shifts to another mansion which is also like mehra mansion
Outside it’s written Kapoor’s
Then in the hall we can see a family is sitting in the dining room for breakfast
Sujata:chore today you gave to come with us to see the bride remember
She said to a man who is seen to be coming down from the stairs
He is revealed to be Laksh kapoor
(Laksh kapoor:a hard working man MD of karma Industry it was of his bro Sanskar but after his death he took over it with his own capabilities loves his family alot a modern boy who respects woman and their career handsome hunk
Age:27yrs )
Laksh:not again chachi why
Ap:what why Laksh don’t you want to get married
Laksh:maa it’s not like that but not now
Dp:then when in old age
Laksh:papa I want to marry girl who is not interested in my money who is pure hearted who is free minded who respects my privacy and you know vet well that I hate girls who drool on me bcoz of my fame
Rp:beta this girl will be perfect for you attest meet her
Laksh:OK done if you all want but choice will be mine
Saying this he eats his bf and leaves for his office

At mehra mansion
Ragini comes down wearing g a baby pink shirt tucked inside her pants she was wearing black pants till ankle length and was looking g a perfect business woman in her high pony
Janki:beta where you r going groom family is coming
Ragini:mom they are coming in eve should I waste the entire day and yes uve a vet important deal so I can’t stop I’ll come early bye
She rushes out and goes in her car
She stops the car outside kapoor industries
And gets in
The receptionist guide her to the conference room where the meeting would beheld with the MD of karma industries(Laksh)

She goes and sits on one of the chairs and what’s for him
Then after 5 mins he comes there
Laksh:good morning miss mehra
Ragini:good morning Mr kapoor
Laksh:punctual I’m impressed
Ragini:well I don’t be punctual to impress someone
Laksh smiled to her and her smiled back
Laksh:so let’s proceed with the meeting
They finish the meeting after 2 hrs
After the meeting they shaked hands
Ragini:so deal is on Mr
Laksh:well u can call me Laksh
Ragini:OK Laksh u can also call me ragini
They exited the conference room
After sometime they were discussing important points of the deal gene ragini got a call
Ragini:mom plz I’m busy tell the boy to come tomorrow there is lots of work
Ragini:OK let’s see what can bedone

After the call
Laksh:any prob
Ragini-no actually my family they want me to get married BTW why should I lol u hug
Laksh:true I also have same prob

After the meeting ragini left for her home girl laksh went directly to brides home

Precap:who would come to see raglak ??what will their decision be ???how will they do a contract ???will their contract of love each it’s destination??

Let’s see if u want to know what happens next plz comment and tell me and criticism is also welcome I want to know if u find something not up to mark them plz tell me I’ll try to fix it

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