raglak truth and love (Episode 4)


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Swara comes to badi with maheswari family and dadi and all se this and dadi hold swara hand and take her inside and mf goes to their home
Dadi: what they are doing here
Swara tell them the whole incident and that time shekar also come and hear that
Shekar: we don’t want have any relation with them its better we don’t talk about them its ok
And shekar goes in tear come in swara eyes
Ragini: don’t worry swara we will make baba understand
Sumi: ha swara

And they trio hug each other as days passes now swasan can see each other and mf open a small company and all are working hard and ragini is also coming out from the betrayal of lucky and shekar is also seeing her daughter pain make swara go to mf to sanskar and make relation with them and here lucky after his family left kavya torture him and daliy he drink and come to get relif from his pain he has tried to take the thing from kavya from which he blackmail him but don’t find that
As a day lucky open his eyes and see ragini photo and thinks lucky what are you doing you have to make her stand on her feet and make her strong you have to make her life heaven and he stand up

Lucky: from now only I have only one goal in my life I have to make her happy what the situation is from now onwards I am her shadow
And take the keys and goes towards badi
And here in badi swara living with mf and ragini with shekar and sumi
Ragini: ma I am going to mandir
Sumi: ok beta but come fast

And ragini goes and take taxi and lucky see her going and follow her and see that taxi stop in front of mandir and ragini goes in lucky also goes in and he see ragini standing in front of ideal closing her eyes lucky eyes her lovingly from distance and ragini do pooja and turn and goes lucky also goes behind her as she is going her leg get twist and she is about to fall but someone hold her and ragini see the man and get shocked he is none other than lucky both are having an deep eyelock and bg music janam janam plays after sometime they compose themselves
Lucky: don’t you have eyes cant you walk properly what if you fall
Ragini look lucky confusingly and lucky understood what he said
Lucky: don’t think much I am saved you bcz of humanity

Ragini: so you have humanity left in you great well thnks for saving
And goes ragini words are like someone stabbed on his heart and tear come in his eyes
Ragini takes taxi and lucky calls someone

Credit to: nisha

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