raglak truth and love (Episode 3)


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Next morning in maheswari mansion lucky wake up and goes down stares and see some media people in their house and kavya comes to him
Kavya: so guys this is my lovely husband lakash maheswari
Lucky: kavya what is this
Kavya: I think not to forgive you so get ready for punsihment ok
Lucky: but kavya
Kavya: now smile other wise you know what can I do
Reporter comes to them
Reporter1: how are you felling after getting married to the rockstar kavya
Lucky just smile
Kavya: come I will introduce you to my family members
And she goes and introduce all of them
Reporters2: mam some traditional pohots please

And kavya is about to touch ap leg ap go from their and after that everyone go from their
Reporter are shocked
Reporter3: we can see the realtion of kavya and her mother in law is not so good and ask kavya why
Kavya: its not like that I will come
And kavya smile as she want this only and lucky is seeing what is going and helplessy standing
Kavya goes in ap room where ap and sujata are standing kavya comes in and closes the door and started her acting and throwing things here and their and then remove her make up nd goes out shouting
Kavya: help
All goes upside and see the situation of kavya kavya comes and hug lucky
Reporter 4: see this the rocstar have to face this much pain in her house by her mother in laws
Lucky: kavya what is this
Kavya: relax baby its just begning of punishment see what I should do and you keep quit other wise you know your one mistake can take anyone life na
Lucky has tear in his eyes seeing his family like this but he cant do anything
Swaragini see this on tv and ragini send swara to mm to help them but swara first resist but ragini make her understand and she goes

Here police come to arrest both ladies and make them wear hatkadi and taking them
Sanskar: lakash why are you standing like statue ask her to stop her nonsense
Ap is seeing lucky with teary eyed and dp get heart broken
As they are taking them swara comes their and make them understand and they leave them on swara guarantee and then they leaves here in mm all are heart broken seeing lucky behavior ap goes to slap lucky but stop
Ap: not I cant touch u now you are not my son you are not my pravarish I have shame on you see your dad how he is standing with bow head down
Sujata: you are telling about ragini now see what are you doing with us I don’t belive this you do this much with us
Lucky is hurting from inside but he cant fall a drop of tear from his eyes as he cant show his pain
Kavya: you all stop your drama now ok
Sanskar: mind your language kavya
Ap: no sanskar when our coing is defective we cant say anything to other now I cant leave here come lets go from here be happy him with this house and all thing
Sanskar: yeas mom
Rp: ha bahisa we can not leave here

Lucky shocked hearing this and kavya also but she cant do anything now
They all go from their leaving lucky shocked lucky runs inside to room and cry
Lucky: what I do I cant kill myself and I cant bear this much pain and this much hatred from all of them but lucky you have to bear this much pain god is giving me punishment of my deeds but I am happy that they go from here they have not to bear torture now I am so happy I know sanskar will become their strength I have belive on him now I have to make my love slef dependent s othat she can move on in her life and get someone who love her more than me and cry bitterly
Here kavya comes to room and call someone
Kavya: baby they all has leave the house
Unknow: its ok now he realize of living away from our loving ones
And both laughs

Here mf on road sasnakr call someone and cut the call
Sanskar: mawe get the house in swara badi so we will live their only
Dp: I am soory sanskar I alays done wrong with you but you always respect me
Sanskar: no need to tell soory bade papa
And dp hug sanskar and they leave towards badi with swara


Credit to: nisha

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