raglak truth and love (Episode 1)

This is my ff on raglak and I will make scene of swasan but they are less hope you guys like my ff
I will start my ff from where ragini do sucide
Lucky and kavya goes to room and lucky close the door
Lucky: kavya now give me that thing I have done what you said I insulted ragini and married you as your promise now you will keep your promise
Kavya: do you think I am fool my baby I will never give you that thing
Lucky: but why are you doing this with me I love her
Kavya: ok please don’t irritate me ok na

Lucky: please kavya don’t do this with me and fall on knees
Kavya: you know by seeing you in this position my am so happy
And she make a vedio of it and send to some one and also write enjay seeing this and smiles
Here in hall all get to know about ragini sucide so they rush towards badi and here sanskar goes to lucky room by hearing knock lucky stand up and wipe tears and go and open door
Sanskar: lakash come with me I will show what you have done
And hold his hand take him and kavya also go behind them
Mf comes to badi and go in shekar house and see all family member standing in hall they see mf
Ap: swara how is ragini now
Swara was about to say something but dadi intrupts

Dadi: a bad news for you she is alive till now
Ap: why are you saying this dadi ji
Shekar: after doing this much with my lado you are saying what we are saying
Dp: shekar ji you are taking us wrong we are only here to know about ragini health
Shekar: don’t dare to take my lado name from your mouth and go from here
And here sanlak come to badi as they are about to enter shekar house kavya hols sanskar hand and jerks his hand
Kavya: where are you taking my husband
Sanskar: to show him bcz of him ragini has did sucide
Lakash get worried
Lucky: what are you saying
And goes in kavya also go behind him and he is about to ask about ragini but kavya hold his hand and he stops
Shekar see him and goes towards him angrly but sumi stop him
Shekar: misti tell him go from here
Kavya: si who is interested to come here we are not here bcz we want to come sanskar take us here
Suddenly docter come and tell them that ragini has gain consciousness and they all rush in and lucky was going but kavya hold him

Lucky: please let me go
Kavya: no way
Lucky: let me see her from distance I want to know she is ok or not please I beg you please and fall on her knees
Kavya smiles: ok you can go
And lucky go and see ragini and cry seeing her position
Lucky thnking what you have done ragini I have done all this to save u and you are doing this plese forget me and move on your life I have given only pain to you but I cant tell u the truth If I tell the truth you will get life biggest pain and I cant see you like this soory
Shekar and swara sit beside ragini
Swara: ragini why you did this don’t you remember about me and hugs her and cry
Ap: hoes you beta
Shekar: I tell all of you to go I don’t eant my lado see you all and remember your son betrayal
Ragini: papa

Shekar: no ragini you don’t talk and you all go from here ok
And they goes out and lucky see this and come and stand beside lucky
They all come in hall
Kavya: so her drama is over lucky told me she has done this drama of sucide
Lucky see her angrly but he is help less and in room ragini hear this and tear come in her eyes
Dp: laksh control your wife and shekar ji we are soory for this
Shekar: I don’t want your soory you all go from here
Kavya: why are you shouting first see your lado bcz of her my whole night go waste such a charcterless girl
Swara shout and goes and slap kavya and lucky also fumes in anger on kavya
Kavya: how dare you to slap me
Swara: I can if you tell anything about my sister you will get to know who is swara
Kavya: you have to pay for this slap

Swara: we will see who will pay and you mr. lakash maheswari just take your wife from here other wise I will kill her
Lucky hold kavya hand and take her from their and all mf family also go
And shekar and swara goes to ragini
Lucky and kavya come to mm and lucky take her in the room and push her and she falls on bed
Lucky angrly: how dare you to call her charcter less first see your character
Kavya: how dare you so you have talking much
Lucky: yeah if you again dare to talk anything about her I just kill u
His eyes get red due to anger
Kavya: don’t forget that thing is with me only
Lucky remember something and hit his hand on wall

Kavya: now see what I will do with u you have to bear punishment of it and you have to agree on what I say other wise you know what can I do
And kavya goes out and lucky also goes out behind her
Why is troubling lucky that he cant tell anyone
And if you like it please comment I will write next episode on bases of comments


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