raglak the time to change [part 9]

Thank u all for the lovely comments. Sorry for the late update. So here is the next shot.

Ragini, Laksh, Uttara and Arjun were looking at Swasan who were in their dream world. Arjun got a naughty idea and so he went near Swara and put his hand on her shoulder. Swara broke the eye lock due to Arjun and Sanskar too came to reality. Then he saw Arjun’s hand on Swara’s shoulder and turned towards him and glared. Arjun smirked and ignored him.
Arjun naughtily: Swaru darling, today u r looking so beautiful. I can’t take my eyes from u. (Arjun is friend to Swara but not bff).
Swara blushed and said: Arjun u too looks cute.
Arjun’s eyes widen: Cute? Oh come on Swaru darling I am not a 5 years boy, I am now 23 years and a young man (he said looking at Sanskar who was fuming in anger). So u can say me handsome, hot and
Sanskar interrupted: Swara, papa is calling u from inside. Come on lets go.

Without waiting for her reply he took her hand dragged her from there and Swara was confused of his reaction. After they went Arjun started to laugh and Ragini who was enjoying this laughed along with him. Uttara looked at him irritated, whereas Laksh was looking no mesmerized in Ragini’s laugh. The 4 went inside and Ragini was with Arjun only as no one paid attention to her. Laksh doesn’t like that. Arjun and Ragini were standing near a pillar. Laksh was looking no glaring them from back. At that time Sharmistha who was near in house temple, called Laksh for some purpose. Laksh immediately got an idea and shouted ‘yes maa’. He ran in between Ragini and Arjun and pushed Arjun a little that he imbalanced and moved away from Ragini. Laksh grinned and turned towards them with innocent face and said ‘sorry’. He immediately turned before their reply and ran to Sharmistha. This was noticed by a pair of eyes. {Can u guys guess that?}

After sometime,
Pooja was started and all were praying the Durga maa and some rituals were taking place. Ragini was trying to find a correct time to text Uttara to come to terrace. At that time all ladies started to dance and Ragini just stood in corner as they don’t want her join and she too doesn’t want to spoil their mood. Laksh’s body was present but mind was absent. He doesn’t know why but his mind says it was upset. He just looks at Sanskar; he was watching no admiring at Swara. He was surprised that why he didn’t get angry when Sanskar admires at Swara. And he was even more shocked that why he gets angry when he sees Arjun with Ragini. At that time Uttara’s phone vibrated. (He is having her phone naa) He opens and saw a message from Ragini. In that ‘Uttu, come to terrace, I need to talk with u.’ Laksh thought how to go in place of Uttara. Then he made up his mind and went to terrace.
After Ragini messaged Uttara, she moved towards stairs and saw Uttara entering into the hall of Gaddodia’s house. Ragini was confused and followed her and found that she was correcting her tying the knot of her blouse.
Ragini sighed: Uttara. I found u here itself. Thank god.
Uttara turned and confused: What? What happened?

Ragini looked here and there and she dragged her to the bed room and Uttara was confused by her behavior. Ragini locked the door and started to speak.
Ragini: Uttara. I know u was so much confused by my behavior but please trust me. I really want to help ur brother to find his love. Actually I am a little selfish. I want to unite Swasan because I have done many things in Swara’s life. Because of me she had lost many things in her life. But I don’t want her to lose her love. I know how it pains when ur love was not with u. I am doing this with the intensions to unite them and nothing more than that. Please Uttara I need ur help. U may think why I am asking u help, but because I need someone from Sanskar’s side to help us. Yes not only me, but also my bff Arjun too will be helping me. But we both were from Swara’s and we need a support from Sanskar’s side. So I am asking u help. Please Uttara. Please don’t deny. Please. Please do this only for ur brother. Please!
With that Ragini looked at Uttara pleadingly. Uttara was so much confused and doesn’t know what to do. She just stands there thinking something deeply and Ragini was looking at Uttara with some hope.

On other side,
Laksh was on the terrace looking for Ragini. He felt a hand on his Shoulder and turned to see. It was Arjun. Arjun looked at him surprised and said.
Arjun: Lucky, did Ragu send u?
Laksh just nodded in yes. Arjun smiled and said: But that stupid Ragu said something. Really she is a crazy girl. Ok come I will tell u everything.
Saying this Arjun said to Laksh what Ragini had said to Uttara. Now Laksh gets to know about Ragini’s plan and her intensions. He now confirmed his doubts. He doesn’t know why he was not getting angry and even more than that he wants to help them. He doesn’t know why. While Arjun was waiting for Laksh’s answer, Ragini came with Uttara. Arjun and Laksh were standing such that Arjun was standing near the entrance door of terrace such that his side was visible to Ragini. Laksh was standing near a pillar so she could not and see him and he could not see her.
Now Ragini looks at Arjun and runs to him and hugs him by his side. After releasing her hug she says (till now she didn’t notice Laksh who was looking at her only)

Ragini: Ajju, do u know Uttu had accepted to be our partner. I am so happy. Now we can start our operation.
Arjun looked at her confused and said: But Ragu, why she? We already have Laksh naa? Then why an extra load.
Uttara hearing it fumes in anger she was about to shout at him but Ragini interrupts.
Ragini: What? Laksh! He doesn’t know about our plan. I
She was about to say something but Laksh interrupted. Laksh: It was till 15 minutes before. But now I know ur plan and ur operation and ur team.
Ragini turns and looks at him shocked. Laksh was looking at her face and said: I have decided to join in ur operation.
Ragini was even more shocked and said: But Laksh!

Laksh read her mind and moved forward and held her shoulders and said: I know its operation Swasan and not Swalak. I am not worried about that. Because I don’t know why I am not worried that Swara was loved by my brother and she too loves him. I don’t know what had happened to me. But I am sure I am not affected by Swasan. Even I can say that I am happy to unite them. (He was now looking at her eyes and she too does the same). I am not at all worried about their pair. I am not feeling depressed or sad that Swara was moving away from me and going to my brother. It’s not at all paining when I can face the fact that she is not mine. I am very happy that I am not hers. I am happy to do this Ragini. Please u doesn’t worry about my feelings. I have expressed my feelings to u Ragini. I assure u that I will support u in each and every decision of urs in this operation. I… No! We will unite them. Even if u r not willing to join me in ur operation. I won’t take care. Because I will be standing by ur side in every steps and I am sure of it. Now it’s ur decision Ragini.

Saying this he left her. Ragini whose breathe was struck till now came back. She was confusingly looking at the ground. She can feel that his words r true. But somewhere in her mind, she was feeling something different.
Arjun, Uttara and Laksh were waiting for Ragini’s decision.
What will be Ragini’s decision? Will the team unite Swasan? Now it’s whose time to change? Do u guys love the chemistry between Uttara and Arjun? What about our Raglak?
I am extremely sorry for the late update. Actually I am now completely busy in choosing college, that this and etc. So I am not able to chat with my sisters too. So please forgive me. I will try my best to post the next part ASAP. But I promise I won’t leave any ff. And most importantly ‘HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY’. Love u mom!

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