raglak the time to change [part 8]

Hey guys! Thank u for the lovely comments. One more thing today I can’t give Raglak’s romance. I will try to give it in next part. So here is the next part…
Ragini: Arjun!
Arjun smiled at her and Ragini went to Arjun and hugged him (friendly hug). He too hugged back which irked Laksh. He doesn’t know why but he doesn’t like it. So he was glaring at Arjun. Arjun noticed this and smirked.
Arjun: Ragu, who’s that? (Pointing towards Laksh)
Ragini looked at Laksh and she was confused how to introduce him. Laksh noticed this and came towards them and said
Laksh: I am Laksh Maheshwari. Managing director of Maheshwari groups of companies and husband of ur bff Ragini. (Turning towards Ragini) Am I right Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari?
Ragini was surprised as well as shocked to see this type of behavior of Laksh. Arjun with a small smile now came forward and said.
Arjun: Hello Mr. Laksh Maheshwari. I am Arjun Mehra. AM groups of companies Managing director and ur wife’s bff Ajju. (Turning towards Ragini) Am I right Ragu?
Ragini glared at him because he was imitating like Laksh to tease him. While Laksh looked surprised and something stricken in his mind.
Laksh: Arjun Mehra? Which means u r our new partner? I am sorry because I haven’t met u before so only I couldn’t recognize u.
Arjun shook his head in no: No Mr. Maheshwari. Actually I am not interested in business. So only I don’t attend any parties and meetings unless it was very important. I am doing this only for my father whose wish was I should take over his business. After all it was his last wish. (His vice became low and became silent. Ragini looked at him and hold his hand tightly. Arjun looked at her and gave a smile. He took a deep breath and looked towards Laksh who was also having Ragini’s reaction) Anyways nice to meet u Mr. Maheshwari. (He forwards his hand for hand shake)
Laksh shook his hands: No, Lucky. Call me as Lucky. My friends will call me like that. I guess we r all friends. Am I right Ajju?
Arjun smiled at him: Oh come on lucky. U too don’t join ur wife. She will always call me like her pet dog. Am I looking like that?
Saying this he kept a pout on his face. Laksh started to laugh loudly and Ragini too joined him. They both sub consciously gave a hi-fi. Later Arjun too joined and the trio had a group hug. Just then Sanskar and Uttara came there. While Uttara was walking with both hands on her hip like it was paining. Ragini looked at her and guessed that her hip was paining.
Ragini: Uttara. What happened to u?
(Arjun was standing facing Ragini and Laksh such that his back was towards Uttara and Sanskar. Looking at Ragini talking to someone he turned and saw Uttara and his eyes widens in shock and same for Uttara)
Uttara looking at Arjun: U the duffer, stupid, idiot, donkey, monkey, brainless doggy, nasty crocodile, untidy piggy. Because of u only my hip was broken. I won’t leave u.
Arjun looking at Uttara: U the beautiful ghost, pretty devil, cute evil, gorgeous witch, small elephant, princess donkey. I am just helping u. But u only asked me to do it. So I did that and don’t blame me unnecessarily. Ok fatty aunty?
Uttara’s anger reached its peak. She was about to burst out, Ragini came in middle and shouted.
Ragini: What the hell is happening here? Why u both fighting each other like small kids? And most importantly how did u both know each other?
Arjun and Uttara looked no glared at each other.
Uttara: Ask that lizard bhabhi.
Ragini turned towards Arjun and Arjun: Ask that fatty Ragu.
Uttara glared at Arjun: How dare u to call me fatty?
Arjun glared at Uttara and imitated like Uttara: How dare u to call me lizard?
Uttara was about to say something but Sanskar stopped her and asked her to say. Uttara started to say.
Flash back,
Sanskar, Uttara and Laksh came in a car and Sanskar went to park the car. Laksh entered Baadi while talking in a phone. Uttara followed Laksh. She was walking while looking down and correcting her lehenga. Just then she was collided with someone. She felt that she was not in the ground but in two strong arms. She opened her one eye to assure herself that she was ok. She was surprised to see a boy carrying her with his arms in her waist. His eyes were locked with her. He was admiring the beautiful cute girl standing before him and she was mesmerized in the lovely deep eyes. Uttara realized her position and whispered.
Uttara: Leave me.
He coming to reality: What?
Uttara in a normal tone: Leave me.
He now teasingly: What?
Uttara little irritated: Leave me.
He smirking with teasing tone (obviously it is Arjun): What?
Uttara now more irritated and shouted: U duffer can’t u hear. R u deaf? LEAVE ME.
Arjun: Ok.
Saying this he left her and she had fallen down which results in hurt at her hip.
Uttara yelled: Ouch! U the (She was about to start but Arjun interrupted)
Arjun: Ok miss India! I am sorry. Wait I will help.
Saying this he took her one hand and lifted her. Uttara was standing in the balance of Arjun.
Uttara with some protest and irritation shouted: LEAVE ME!
Now Arjun irritated so left her down and went inside not paying any attention to Uttara who was yelling in pain.
Flash back ends.
Everyone was looking at each other. Sanlak could not control their laugh. They laughed loudly and Arjun too joined them. Ragini doesn’t know what to do but she knows how much she was trying to control her laugh. Uttara was sending death glare to Ajjusanlak. At that time Swara came and stood innocently. Sanskar looked at her and mesmerized to see her and Swara too admiring him. Ragini noted this and signaled Arjun to look at them. Both were looking Swasan and Uttlak found them looking at Swasan and looked at them.
Who will join operation Swasan? Can they unite Swasan? Whose time to change this time? Keep guessing and stay happy. Bye! Sorry for the late update.

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