raglak the time to change [part 7]

Thank u all and at the same time sorry for the late update. So here is the next part.
Laksh whispered: Ragini!
He then attended the call keeping all his questions of his mind away. Before he could say hello,
Ragini interrupted: Hello Uttara. Please don’t cut the call. I know u are angry with me for destroying ur brother’s life. But Uttara I have called u because I need ur help. It’s about ur brother’s life. I know how much u love ur brothers. I want to talk to u personally and not in the phone. Hope u will understand. Tomorrow we will meet at Baadi. Please Uttara it’s most important. So please come and I will message u where we can meet secretly. Ok? Bye!

Without waiting for any reply she ended the call. Here Laksh was confused with Ragini’s behavior. He then said to himself that he will find Ragini’s plan and will stop her if she does something wrong to his family. Just then Uttara tapped his shoulders and he turned towards her. She then noticed her mobile in his hands.
Uttara: Bhaiyya? Why r u having my mobile? Give it back to me.
Laksh looked at her mobile and reminded that Ragini would message her. So he said
Laksh: Uttu! I need ur mobile for some time. I will give it back afterwards. Without waiting for any reply he ran to his room as he knows that if he stands there for another one minute then she will shoot him with questions. Uttara looked at his brother’s weird behavior in surprise.
At Ragini’s room, Ragini’s POV,

When Arjun suggested me to ask help from Laksh, I was frozen because I don’t know how he feels after I hugged him cried like a small child. I just did it to feel myself relaxed and to speak to my mom. But I don’t know how he considers that. I clearly remember when I said that Swasan had fallen love he frowned and yelled at me. Then how can he help to unite them? After all Swara was his first love. So it will be paining to see our love romancing with others. I felt that pain and I know how much it affects both physically and mentally. I don’t want Laksh to suffer with that pain. It will hurt me when I see him in pain. After all I love him so much. Any ways I somehow convinced Arjun and left that café. When I reached home I remembered about Uttara. So I called her and gave some hints about my plan. I don’t know how she feels because I didn’t let her speak. But I have some little confidence that she will help me because she will do anything for her brother’s happiness. Ok now I have to plan about secret meeting and ask to Arjun. But now I am feeling tired and sleepy. So let my operation starts tomorrow with a proper team and perfect planning.
With that thought she slept peacefully. But it was all saw by a pair of eyes.
At Laksh’s room,
Laksh’s POV,

I don’t know what had happened to this Ragini. Yesterday night she was crying like a child by hugging me. But today she hugged her bff smilingly. I think so she does these thing things to get my attention towards her. It was the only thing she had done from the start. But why the hell does she called Uttara and talked to her some stuffs. I really can’t understand this Ragini. I think so she must be thinking about some evil plans to destroy the family as she couldn’t get me. So to confirm myself I went to Baadi and peeped inside her room. I saw her looking continuously at the moon with different reactions on her face like thinking, smiling, angry, feeling bad and etc. I keep on looking at her and finally she took a long breath and slept on her peacefully. Really she looked beautiful when she was sleeping. No! No! No! No! What I am thinking? I can clearly say that she was not doing anything against the family and thinking evilly. I can read her innocent face. This time it shows only innocence like when I first saw her. I liked that innocence. Oh come on Laksh. Just stop over thinking and sleep so that u can meet Ragini secretly. Yes secretly. (He smiled at his thoughts). Wait why I am smiling. No not again a war between my mind and heart. I need a beautiful sleep to meet the beautiful face tomorrow. (He slaps his forehead and jumped to his bed and welcomed his beautiful sleep.)

Next day morning, at Baadi,
Shekhar was busy in decorations and Sharmistha was busy in helping dadi to get ready in Bengali style. At that time Swara too came down in orange saree in Bengali style and was dumb stuck to see her dadi like that.
Swara (naughtily): Wow dadi. Today dada will be always around u like a doggy.
Dadi blushed and shouted: Shut up. (Sharmistha was controlling her laugh and dadi turned to Sharmistha) Ok now let’s take that what? What’s that? Haan felcy. Let’s take felcy.
Swara started to laugh uncontrollably and teased her dadi by making a funny tone and said: Dadi it’s selfie not felcy. (Just like in serial but without Ragini). Dadi flushed a little and started to chase her and Swara hid behind her maa and they trio then shared a group hug. The trio felt a gaze towards them and saw Ragini who was standing at a distance with tears in her tears and looked them longingly. Dadi gave her a disgusted look and went from there this irked Ragini but composed herself and left from there. Sharmistha and Swara felt bad for her.
While outside Maheshwari family had came and everyone were received by Dadi and Dada behind them Sharmistha and Shekhar were standing and smiling. Swara had taken everyone’s blessings and it’s Ragini’s turn but before she could bend down they left inside. This hurts Ragini but composed herself. She found that Uttara, Laksh and Sanskar were missing and most importantly her bff Arjun was missing. So she went towards main door to look for them.

Just then Laksh enters and got collided with her and she was about to fall but caught her in a second. He was surprised to see her angelic face. He was observing her keenly. Her eyes were closed due to fear and her lips were parted and her face had a slight make up and maangtika on her forehead but no sindoor and mangalsutra. This somewhere hurt his heart. He feels her incomplete without them. Just then Ragini opened her eyes and got locked with Laksh’s. Then she broke the eye lock.
Ragini realizing her position, she tried to inform Laksh who was busy in staring her which made Ragini slightly blush but then: Laksh!
Laksh stilling staring her and living in his own dream land: Hai!
Ragini smiled a bit: Hi! Laksh leave me.
Laksh without even thinking: Never!

Ragini was shocked and jerked him which made him to come to the reality and made her to stand properly. They both looked everywhere but not each other’s eyes. Both blushed a little without knowing. Just then they looked each other from top to bottom. Ragini was in her pink and orange saree with some beautiful designs and a pallu on her head and dressed in Bengali style. Laksh was in black sherwani with golden strips at collar and near the wrist which made him to look more handsome. They felt each other’s gaze and felt awkward and at the same time blushed. Finally Ragini broke the silence.
Ragini: Laksh please get in!
Laksh: Haan. U too come inside.
Ragini: Yes I will. But I am waiting for an important person.
Laksh looked at her confused: Who’s that?

A voice: It’s me!
Raglak turned to see the owner of the voice. Seeing that person Laksh’s eye brows frowned and Ragini gave a wide smile which irked Laksh.
I know u have guessed that person. But what happened to Laksh all of a sudden. Is this time for change for Laksh? Keep guessing and stay healthy. Bye.

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