raglak the time to change [part 6]

Really thank u so much for the lovely comments. Some of u were asking me why I am not updating regularly. I couldn’t because I am handling 3 ffs. So I need some time to think and write the story. U know what I am a pakka lazy girl. Sorry if I had hurt anyone. But I won’t leave it incomplete. I will complete but I need some time. Hope u guys will understand. So here is the next part…

Ragini and Arjun talked more and they both shared their sweet, sad, happy, different emotional moments to each other. Ragini told him about her love on Laksh and all that incidents happens in her life. Her eyes were filled with tears and guilt. She thought that he would feel that she is bad. But to her surprise,
Arjun placed his hand on her hand: Ragu for family u r just a daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, etc; but for me u r my best friend. A best friend will always loyal to his/her friend. I am sure u r true to me. Ragini u may be however or whatever to others. But for Arjun, Ragini is a genuine pure and loyal girl.
Saying this he smiled at her. Ragini was so happy and smiled brightly with tears in her eyes and he rubbed her tears.
Arjun: Ok Ragini now tell me what is the matter? What help do u want from me?
Ragini: Arjun. I want to unite Swasan. I know both of them were having feelings for each other. But they were not accepting it. I want to make them accept their feelings and make their life heaven which I had made hell. I cannot do it alone so I need ur help. Will u help me? Please don’t say me no because u r my only hope now. Please.

Arjun: Ragu. What is this? U r asking me help? How can I say no to u? And u know what Ragu, u should not ask me any help; u should order me to do. Ok?
Ragu smiled: Thank u so much Arjun.
Arjun glared at her: In friendship…
Ragini interrupted: There is no sorry and thank u. Saying this she kept her hand on her ears with puppy face for forgiveness. Arjun smiled at her.
Arjun: Ok Ragu. What is the first step?
Ragini: Actually Ajju. I didn’t plan anything.
Arjun: What u r going to do a thing without planning? We should have proper planning and proper team for our ‘operation Swasan’.

Ragini smiled and asked: So u have named our mission. Good. Now what can we do? Say any plan.
Arjun: U r asking me plan? Very good leader. Ok let me think. Arjun thought for a while and asked Ragini
Arjun: Ragini? How many of them were in our operation Swasan.
Ragini with innocent face: Just we two.
Arjun was shocked: R u mad? How only we two can do this?
Ragini: Why can’t we?
Arjun: Ragini. We both were from Swara’s side then who will be there from Sanskar’s side? We need another one to note down the activities of Sanskar naa?
Ragini: OMG. I didn’t think of it. How stupid I am?
Arjun: Ragini, really u r stupid girl like before. U hasn’t changed a little too. Ok now think any person for Sanskar.
Ragini thought for a while and said: I don’t know what to do now.
Arjun suddenly: Why can’t we ask help from Laksh?
Ragini thought for a while and said something which was muted. Then they both left from there.

At Maheshwari Mansion, night 8’o clock,
Laksh was just walking on the hallway thinking something.
Laksh’s mind: What the hell is happening to me? Why I am so much angry on them? Why should I? Why I am getting angry like a husband watching his wife hugging someone?
Laksh’s heart: Wait a second! Ragini is my wife till now. Then how could she hug him? How dare was he to say that she was ‘his Ragu’? How can he say that she was his? She was only mine.
Laksh’s mind: Wait a second! Why I am possessive over her as though she is mine?
Laksh’s heart: Why not? She is mine till now. We r not divorced. Till now I am having all rights on her.
Laksh’s mind: Why should I think about her? Who is she to me? Nobody.
Laksh’s heart: No, she was my wife sorry she is my wife till now.
Laksh’s mind: So what? Why I am getting angry whenever she says ‘Ajju’? I know it was her bff’s pet name. But why I am getting such frustration?

Laksh’s heart: But she didn’t even called me as ‘lucky’ till now. She will always call him as ‘Lakshya ji’ or ‘Laksh’. She can call her bff with pet name but not her husband. How mean?
Laksh’s mind: Just stop thinking like a typical possessive husband. Just think why she had met him after many days. I should have listened to them completely. But because of my angry and frustration I just left that place. Now how can I find it?
At last his mind won his heart and now confused of Ragini’s behavior. Just then he saw Uttara’s room. He thought to spend some time with her to give rest to his mind and heart. So he entered her room. He was shocked to see to the floor full of papers, books and pen. She was sitting in the middle of the room on floor with her hair tied in messy bun and a pencil on her hair to hold it. Her one hand was having her book and other hand was just scratching her hair giving a look that she can’t understand anything. Laksh started to laugh looking at her and she turned towards him and glared at him.

Uttara: Bhaiyya. Why r u laughing like a mad monkey?
Laksh glared at her and said: How dare r u to say me monkey? I thought to help u but it seems u can manage with it. It’s ok. Saying this he was about to leave,
Uttara: Bhai, I need ur help. I can’t understand anything. Please help me. Day after tomorrow is my practical. Please help me my sweet, lovely, handsome, cute bhai. She said it with a cute expression on her face.

Laksh smiled at her and said: Ok ok. I know about me. So u don’t want to say it to me. I will help u tomorrow.
Uttara: No bhai. Actually tomorrow we r going to Baadi for a pooja, so I need to complete it today itself or else my life will be ended by my professor. Saying this she kept an innocent face.
Laksh smiled at her and started to teach her. Within an hour she completed it and thanked Laksh who in turn smiled at her. Then they both chit chatted just then
Sujatha shouted from the kitchen: Uttara. Come down.
Uttara murmured: Offo! What is the problem with my mom? God if u had given a mike on her throat so that she can shout easily without any tired?
Laksh heard it and said: Oye donkey, u r teasing my chachi? Wait I will complain to her. Saying this he was about to go out,

Uttara held his hand and said: Please bhai no. If she knows it then full day she will give me a lecture. Please don’t do this bhai. Saying this she showed her puppy face.
Laksh acted like thinking and said: OK go. Uttara smiled and thanked him and went from there. Then Laksh was about to go just then Uttara’s mobile rang. Laksh took and saw the caller’s name and was shocked.
Who was the caller? Why Laksh was shocked? Who will join in operation Swasan? Will Ragini win in her mission? I think so u may guess the caller.
I will update ‘Raglak she is my wife’ ff with 2-3 shots at a time for making u guys wait and as a good punishment for me. Ok keep smiling and stay healthy bye.

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