raglak the time to change [part 5]

I am really sorry for a late update .Thank u so much for the comments and many have guessed the caller. I knew it. Here Arjun’s role is played by Zuber k khan (Manpreet of Kasam serial). He will be perfect for Arjun’s role. Ok now here is the next part…

Ragini: WHAT?? Then she found that person and said: I love u too.
Caller: So, u has found me?
Ragini: Why not? How can I forget my Ajju?
Caller: Oye! Don’t call me as Ajju. How many times should I say that it was like ur dog’s name?
Ragini: Come on Ajju, u r my bff naa? So I can call u as my wish. OK?
Arjun: OK. What a surprise? U has mailed me. Whether ur Hitler dadi knows it?
Ragini: Oye Arjun! She is my dadi. So mind ur tongue. She doesn’t know that I have mailed u. Why r u asking? Shouldn’t I send u any mail or messages?
Arjun: Ragu it’s not like that. Actually when we r in 8th standard she gave u such a big punishment for talking with me naa. So only I just asked. U know what Ragu I missed u so much. That too ur halwa naa, I missed it soooooooooo much.
Ragini: So for my halwa only u has been in friendship with me naa?
Arjun teasingly: Of course Ragu. Only for the world’s best halwa I have been in friendship with u.
Ragini faking anger: How mean? Ok now good bye.
Arjun: Ragu! Ragu! Ragu! Sorry, sorry. I just teased u ya. Don’t take it serious and angry with me.
Ragini smiled but didn’t show it off: Ok, ok.
Arjun: So Ragu u have messaged me that u need my help. What help did u want?
Just then reality strikes her and Ragini: Haan Arjun. But I could not explain everything in phone. Shall we meet in the café evening 5 if u r free?
Arjun: U r so lucky Ragu. Actually I am in my holidays as I have made a very big deal to my company by hard working. So I am free for two months. We can meet.
Ragini: Oh. Ok. I will send u my pic to u and u send me ur pic to me. Ok?
Arjun: Why?
Ragini: Hey fool. When we have met last time it was in 8th standard but now we r grown up naa. So for an easy identification (just then Arjun interrupted)
Arjun: Hey Ragu. I can find u easily.
Ragini confusingly: How?
Arjun in mind: Ragini. U r brought up by ur dadi. So u must be in traditional wears. I am sure u will be coming in ur dadi’s saree. Thinking this he giggled. Ragini too guessed him what he would have thought.
Ragini: Anyways. All the best. If u finds me then I will give u ur favorite halwa ok?
Arjun: Ok Ragini be ready with halwa. Bye!
Ragini smirked: Bye.
Ragini saw his pic in his wall paper of his id. But her wall paper was a cartoon. So she smirked having a plan in her mind to tease Arjun.
At evening 4’o clock,
Ragini went to Swara’s room and found her sleeping. She thought to herself: Sorry Swara. I am always making ur life complicated. But this time I promise u that I will make ur life a heaven. For that I will take any risk in my life. Then she opened her cupboard and took her clothes. Then she got ready and went to café ignoring her dadi’s taunt on her dressing.
At main road,
Laksh was driving slowly in his car and thinking about night and morning incidents. He could guess what Ragini is upto. But he couldn’t confirm it. Just then his eyes fall on a beautiful girl. She was in white shirt and black jean pant with her hair left free making her gorgeous. His eyes got widened looking her face. It was very familiar to him.
Laksh whispered: Ragini!
He saw her entering into a café. So he too parked the car and entered the café to talk with her. When he was about to go to her table, he found she was continuously seeing a boy of her age opposite to her table with a smile. But that boy was profusely seeing his watch and the main door not even turning to the side of Ragini. Laksh felt angry looking at this so he thought ‘Why the hell Ragini is smiling like this looking at him? I must find what is going on here’. So he went and sat in a table so that he could notice both of them. After half an hour, that boy lost his patience and took his phone and called the person for whom he was waiting just then Ragini’s phone rang and she smiled. Laksh just watched this with angry eyes.
Ragini: Hello Arjun!
Arjun: Where r u Ragini? I am waiting for u here for half an hour. But u didn’t have come.
Ragini smiled victoriously: So u didn’t find me, I have won the bet.
Arjun was surprised: Ragu? R u here?
Ragini smiled: Haan stupid Ajju just look at ur opposite table.
Arjun turned and was stunned to see Ragini whereas Ragini was waving him Hai and moved towards his table. He stood up and watched Ragini without even blinking from top to bottom. Laksh could not hear them but his heart was burning to see that boy looking at Ragini without even blinking his eyes.
Ragini hugged Arjun in friendly manner: I missed u so much Ajju.
Arjun came out of shock and hugged her back: I too missed u Ragu. But Ragu I am Arjun not Ajju ok?
Ragini smiled: U r always for me Ajju.
Arjun smiled: U r always my Ragu.
He patted on her cheeks and they both laughed. Laksh could hear these conversations as it was quite louder. He doesn’t know why his anger grew more after this conversation. So he just left that without their notice.
Arjun: Ragini, I can’t believe my eyes. U has changed completely. I didn’t expect this Ragini. U has given me a minor heart attack.
Ragini smiled: I know that u wouldn’t have expected this. So surprise and tease u I have wore this. But I would mostly in anarkali and sarees. By the way how am I looking?
Arjun smirked: U r so beautiful.
Ragini with a smirk: Only beautiful?
Arjun: cute, hot…
Ragini interrupted: Ok enough of ur flirting. I am already married.
Arjun: What? U r married? Why r u giving so many shock to my heart? Today definitely should meet a cardiologist.
Saying this he kept a pout on his face. Ragini laughed looking at him and he too laughed at her. They both spend a beautiful time with each other.
What had happened to Laksh? Will Arjun help Ragini after knowing her truth? Keep smiling and stay healthy.

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