raglak the time to change [part 4]

Thank u all for such a lovely comments. Many of them guessed about Ragini’s demand. Of course it was right. So here is the next part.
Ragini: My demand is to cancel Swasan’s divorce and to give their marriage a chance.

Everyone was taken aback due to her demand especially Laksh and Swasan. Then Swara opened her mouth from shock to say something.
Swara: Ragini! Have u lost ur mind. Why r u always playing with my emotions and life? Why r u doing like this Ragini? What is the benefit for u by playing in my life? What will u get by doing so? Open ur mouth and tell me. Tell.
Swara shouted at Ragini and everyone was waiting for Ragini’s reply whereas Ragini was standing still with no emotions in her face.
Ragini: Lawyer uncle. This is my demand. If they don’t accept it then I won’t sign any papers and will remains as daughter in law of Maheshwari family, wife of Laksh Maheshwari. Saying this she went inside her room.

Everyone was in the hall with much confusion and Swara was very angry on Ragini whereas Sanskar somewhere in his heart felt happy. He doesn’t know how to react and Laksh was lost in deep thought. He remembered Ragini saying that Swasan had feelings for each other. Then he remembered that she was going to solve the mess which she had created. Then Laksh jumped into conclusion she was doing this only for Swasan which means she had changed. But he doesn’t know why she had used divorce topic to convince them.

Shekhar: This girl will always do like this. Even after her face was revealed she doesn’t feel bad for it. I don’t know what sin I have done in past to get Ragini as my daughter.
Dadi: Haan Shekhar. This girl was not my upbringing. She was black mark to my family. She had made me to bend my head before everyone. Janaki was a pure soul but how does she have this Ragini as her daughter.
Laksh felt angry and irritated hearing their words against Ragini.
Sujatha: Actually she would have known about Ragini’s dirty mind at her birth itself. So only she had died as a punishment for giving birth to this girl. Laksh’s anger grew more hearing everyone’s taunt about Ragini before he could shout, Sharmistha opened her mouth.
Sharmistha: Enough! Why r u all taunting her? Laksh looked at her with confused look.
Dadi: What r u saying Sharmistha? Have u forgotten what all she had done to our family especially for Swara?
Sharmistha: No! I haven’t forgotten anything. But is this the time to taunt or bad mouth her? What is the use of taunting or scolding her? Now think about her demand. She was not asking to cancel her divorce. She was asking to cancel Swasan’s divorce. Why can’t we think about it?

Ragini who was hearing all their conversation felt happy that at least there was one person to hear her demand.
Dadi: What to think about her demand? Why r u supporting her?
Sharmistha: No. I am not supporting anyone. I am just asking why we can’t consider Swasan’s marriage. Their marriage had a trust bond which is the important thing in marriage. If trust is there, then why love can’t be there? I know I am thinking selfishly but just think of what I have said.
Swara: Maa. How can u think that I can love again?
Sharmistha: Why can’t u Swara? R u still in love with Laksh?
Swara without even thinking said: No

Laksh felt sad and somewhere felt happy hearing it. He doesn’t know why he felt happy whereas Sanskar felt very happy hearing it.
Sharmistha: Then what is the problem Swara? This is ur marriage I can’t compel u and at the same time I can’t let u do anything wrong.
Ragini hearing it felt that if her maa was also alive then she could have let her go in correct path. Her eyes become teary but composed herself.
There was complete silence in the hall because everyone started to think that it was right.
DP: Haan Swara. Sharmistha ji is right. Why can’t u give a chance for ur relationship?
AP too shook her head in yes. Everyone accepted it. Sanskar was praying the god to change Swara’s mind silently. Just then
Swara: Ok. I am ready to give chance for Sanskar but I need time to think about it. I need time to convince my mind and heart to accept the relationship. So shall I stay here for some days?
DP: Thank u Swara. U can take ur own time. Ragini felt very happy and she jumped and took her maa’s photo and said continuously ‘Thank u’. Just then she thought that ‘I should not sign the papers now itself, because she took this decision after everyone’s advice. But her mind will be full of confusions. If she felt that she can’t give chance to the relationship after my divorce, then I can’t convince her to accept her love. If I am not divorced then I can at least make her to think. Yes’. She came out of her room and saw everyone happy especially Sanskar whereas Swara was standing in confusion.

Ragini: Finally everyone tried to accept my demand.
Shekhar: What r u talking? We have accepted ur demand. So sign the papers.
Ragini: No papa. I think so everyone has amnesia. Think correctly what my demand is. Ok, I myself will say for one last time. I said that Swasan should cancel their divorce and should give their marriage a chance, which means they have to move on. Everyone realized it was true.
Ragini: So I won’t sign the papers till they move on. When Swara goes to her Sasural’s house as the wife of Sanskar Maheshwari, I will sign the papers. I think so Laksh won’t mind this. She said looking at Laksh.
Laksh: Yes. I accept this.

Everyone didn’t expect this. Then Maheshwari family left to their house. Swara was in her room thinking about everything which had happened in her life and slept unknowingly. Ragini saw her sleeping and thought ‘I will help u in finding ur love. But I can’t do this alone. I need someone’s help.’ She thought for a while and got an idea. So she went to her room and took her mobile and called her friend Divya.
Divya: Hey Ragini! How r u?
Ragini: Hai Divya! I am good. How about u?
Then they talked about many things finally Ragini came to her point.
Ragini: Divya r u having Arjun’s number?
Divya: Which Arjun?
Ragini: Arjun, my best friend in school.
Divya: Oh that Arjun. Sorry I have missed everyone’s contact in an accident.
Ragini in a sad tone: Oh ok. Bye Divya take care.
Before she could cut the call,
Divya: Ragini. Wait a second. I think so I have his email id.

Ragini became happy and she hopes that Divya should have his mail id.
Divya: Ragini. I found it. But I don’t know if it was in use. Anyways note it down.

Ragini notes it down and she send a mail to him. To her luck, Arjun was checking a mail from his client just then he noticed another mail. He read that ‘Hey Ajju! I am Ragu. Doesn’t u remember me? I am Ragini who got punishment for the friendship with u. I guess u have found me. It’s my mobile number. Please call me immediately after reading this mail. I need ur help that too at present. Please.’ Arjun remembered her and called her. Ragini’s phone rang and she found that it was an unknown number.
Ragini: Hello. Who is that?
Caller: I love u.
Ragini was shocked and shouted: WHAT??
Who was that unknown number? I think u may guess it. But why he was saying like that? Was he in love with Ragini? Keep guessing, stay healthy and keep smiling. Thank u.

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