raglak the time to change [part 3]

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Ragini sat straight and took a long breath and said
Ragini: Maa. There is one more secret. But it’s not mine. It is Swara’s. Did u know that Sanskar was now in love with Swara? But the secret is Swara has also developed feelings for him.
Laksh was completely shocked and became angry.
Ragini: Haan maa. I could feel it. After all I am her sister. I could clearly see her love for him. But she was just confused about her feelings.
Now Laksh’s anger grew very much and started to shout at her.
Laksh: I know Ragini, u r here to brainwash me again. U just wanted me to show u concern and care. So only u took ur mom’s name and started to show ur drama. Why r u like this Ragini? U r using even ur feeling on ur mom to get me. How cheap u r? Why r u not changing Ragini? It’s my fault to think that it’s the time for change. No Ragini u can’t change because this was ur real face. U have already killed that innocent Ragini. That Ragini was buried deep inside u and no one could not get her back. Just go away Ragini. If u r here for another one minute then I don’t know what I will do. Get away from here before I could do something. Get out.

Laksh looked at Ragini but she was looking at the moon smilingly with lone tears on her eyes. She took a long breath and wiped off those tears and smiled. Laksh could not understand her.
Ragini: Anyways thank u so much Laksh. Because of u only I could talk to my mother. Thank u so much. Did u know? My mom gave me courage and strength and asked me to change. Yes definitely I am going to change only for my mom.
She looked at the moon and smiled. She then started to go. Laksh was so much confused. He just looks her going. Suddenly she turned and kissed him on his cheeks and smiled.
Ragini: Thank u so much Laksh.
She then went away and reached her home. She goes inside her room and took her mom’s picture and hugged it and slept. She was sleeping peacefully whereas Laksh’s sleep was all stolen by his thoughts and confusions. He then touched his t-shirt which was wet due to Ragini’s tears. He felt those tears were true but he could not believe her completely. Like this unknowingly he slept in the balcony itself.

Next day, a beautiful day,
Ragini woke up early in the morning and she was now in her anarkali dress with wet hair and now no sindoor and mangalsutra. She was standing before the house temple and started to sing Radhey Krishna ki jothi. She then went to tulsi and started to do pooja, just then Maheshwari family entered Baadi and saw Ragini. They looked her with mixed emotions while her eyes were closed. When she opened her eyes her sight first falls on Laksh who was standing behind everyone. She smiled and looks at everyone. She took the arthi to DP but he refused to take and was about to go just then.
Ragini: Papa, we should not neglect the arthi and Prasad of god even it was given by a deadly enemy.
DP realized it and took the arthi and Prasad without looking her face and went inside. Everybody does the same and went inside. At last it was Laksh’s turn; he took the arthi and Prasad and looked at her face. She was smiling with some confidence and determination on her eyes. He was lost in her eyes and he was surprised whether this Ragini was the one who cried whole night hugging him. Ragini noticed his confused face and said.
Ragini: Thank u so much Laksh. Because of u I met my mom yesterday. Thank u for everything.
She said it with a grateful smile and went inside. Here Laksh didn’t know what is going on. He too went inside and found everyone present in the hall except Ragini. His eyes were searching her. Just then a lawyer came inside with Swasan’s and Raglak’s divorce papers. Swara felt bad that she was going to divorce Sanskar whereas Sanskar felt sad that Swara, his love was going out of his life. Everyone asked them to sign. After a war between heart and mind, Swasan’s mind won and both signed the papers. Now it was of Raglak’s. Laksh was about to sign but he remembered the last night and was confused whether to sign or not. Finally he took a long breath and signed the papers. Shekhar asked Sharmistha to call Ragini. Just then Ragini came there.
Shekhar: Sharmistha, if she wants to stay in this house then she should sign the divorce papers.

He said it without turning to the side of Ragini. Ragini just smiled and took the divorce papers. She was about to sign just then she remembers her moments with Laksh before marriage and her love for Laksh. Her eyes became teary and she looked towards the direction where Laksh was standing with teary eyes. Everyone thought that Ragini was trying her level best to not to sign the papers except Laksh. He knows where she was looking. She was looking Janaki’s photo on the wall beside which Laksh was standing. She remembered last night about her maa’s words to change. (Actually when she started to talk to Laksh as her maa, she heard his words in the voice of her maa. So only she called him every time as maa. But after when she looked at the moon, she heard only Laksh’s voice.) She smiled and nodded in yes and about to sign just then.
Ragini: Lawyer uncle. If I sign these papers means I have no relationship with the respective person, right?
Lawyer: Yes beta. Everyone looks at her confused and thought what she was upto.
Ragini: Uncle, if I don’t sign means what will happen?
Lawyer: Ur case will be taken to the court and the judge decides about ur divorce.
Ragini: How long it will take to complete that case?
Lawyer: It depends on the type of case. According to ur case it may also take many months as u r married only a few months back.
Ragini: Oh. It’s just waste of time right.
Lawyer: yes beta.

Ragini: So I will sign these papers but for that I have only one demand. If they accept the demand means I will sign the papers without any protest. But if they refuse means I won’t sign and the case will be taken to the court.
Shekhar loses his cool and shouted at Ragini. Her dadi also joined him whereas Sujatha taunts her and rest of them were still confused about her act especially Laksh whose mind was filled with many unanswered questions. But Ragini doesn’t mind anything and stood there still.
Ragini: Please stop. After hearing my demand do whatever u want. But I won’t sign the papers until my demand was not accepted and done.
She said it at her top of voice. Everyone became silent and listen to her demand and shocked.
What will be Ragini’s demand? Will everyone accept it? Is Laksh was happy with his divorce? What will happen to Swasan and Raglak’s relationship? Keep guessing. Stay healthy. Keep smiling. Thank u.

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