raglak the time to change [part 2]

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Laksh: Ok
That’s it. Ragini shouted ‘maa’ and hugged him. Laksh was taken aback by her reaction. She didn’t leave him and cried by burying her head in his chest. While crying she said ‘Why did u left me maa? Why did u?’ She could not speak continuously as her throat was stuck by the pain and her emotions. Some words came out from her throat by escaping along with her breath. She continuously asked ‘why did u left me? Please tell.’ She could not ask anything other than this.
Laksh felt bad for her condition and took his hands and covered her in his embrace. Now she hugged him tightly and he kept his hand on her head and rubbed it whereas his other hand patted on her shoulder saying ‘Shhhh. Relax.’

After a while tired of crying, Ragini looked at Laksh while hugging him and he too looked at her. She then kept her head on his chest and started to speak.
Ragini: Maa. Look at ur Ragini maa. This Ragini was not ur innocent family loving Ragini maa. This Ragini was a liar, ditcher, killer, family hating Ragini maa. Everyone in this world was looking me with disgust, irritation and hatred in their eyes. Maa, will u too look me like that? Please don’t maa; I will rather die than looking hatred on me in ur eyes maa. Ur Ragini was changed by everyone maa. First was dadi, next Sanskar, next Swara and at last Laksh. Why did they change me maa? Why did they change that innocent Ragini to devil Ragini? What was wrong thing I had done to them so they changed me? Maa if u r there means these things doesn’t have taken place. I would be living happily with my family and husband. Why did u leave me maa? Doesn’t u like me? Doesn’t u want me? Doesn’t u love me? Or if u had thought that I am a symbol of loveless marriage? Tell me maa please.
Laksh’s eyes were filled with tears and he just consoled her by patting her. Ragini cried in that same position.

Ragini: Maa. I missed u in every moment in my life. I missed u when I woke up in the morning to ask for bed coffee like other girls. I missed u when I get ready for school to shout for my lunch box and breakfast like other children. I missed u when every mom feed their children with their own hands. I missed u when I thought to play. I missed u when I wait for bed time stories. I missed when I sat simply on mother’s day. I missed u when dadi scolds me and orders me. I missed u when I felt lonely. I missed u when everyone in my college teased me. I missed when for the first time I was engaged. I missed u when my heart was broken. I missed u when I felt very happy. I missed u when everyone taunts me. I missed u when I feel like crying while hugging someone. I missed u when everyone shows their hatred. I missed u from my birth till now maa. But I didn’t get u. It was my fate that I should not get any love or care in my life. After now also they won’t love me. Why should I live in this earth maa? Shall I also come with u maa? At least in that eternal space I could get ur love maa. Please maa. Take me along with u. I don’t want to live and face everyone. Everything was changed maa. So not even a single creature would feel pity and love on me. I don’t want to live maa. I don’t want to.
Saying this she cried in Laksh’s chest whereas Laksh was shocked to see this Ragini who loves and misses her mom unconditionally. He could not take the words that ‘I don’t want to live’. He shook his head in ‘no’ and made her to look him. He put his hands on her shoulders whereas her hands were on his chest.
Laksh: No Ragini. No. What u r speaking? R u in ur senses? If death is the only solution for all problems then every person in this world will die. Everyone has problems, pains, misunderstandings, hatred, anger, etc. But one who faces it and challenges it would become success. Ragini no one is perfect. Everyone does mistakes. What u has done is not only mistake but also a sin. Everyone was affected by it. They were only in angry with u. They want u to feel sorry for what has u done. It doesn’t mean that u have to die for it. It means that u want to change. This evil Ragini should be changed into a new Ragini.

Ragini broke her hug and saw his eyes. He too does the same.
Ragini: Change? Is it possible for me?
Laksh held her shoulders firmly and said
Laksh: Why not Ragini? Everyone can change. Then why can’t u change Ragini? Did u know only changes could not be changed? Understand the fact Ragini. Just move on in ur life. U have a future too Ragini. Just think about it. It’s the right time to change Ragini. And one more thing, ur change should not create any problems in others life this time.
Ragini was lost in deep thoughts. Laksh was just looking at her. At that time only he noticed her beauty. Even though her face was mixed with emotions it looked so beautiful under the dim moonlight. Her red colored plain saree with golden borders and matching blouse makes her to look gorgeous. His heart beat was skipped. He then looked at her eyes which were now seem to be determinant and her lips trying to open but remained closed and her cheeks turned pale due to crying. Laksh just thought of Ragini smiling in that same dress. He could imagine her eyes with so much love on him and her lips longing for a passionate kiss and her cheeks with slight make up and red due to shyness. Unknowingly he smiled at his thoughts. Just then
Ragini: Haan maa. U r right. I have to change. But this time I am going to change to live independently. I am going to solve mess which I have created. Thank u so much maa. If u r not here then definitely I would have thought something wrong and would have created more mess. Thank u so much maa. I love u so much.

Saying this she hugged him tightly. Laksh couldn’t believe that even now she was calling him as maa. Just then Ragini broke her hug and said I have to tell u and share u more things. Laksh shook his head in yes. They both sat in a couch in balcony and she sat close to him and kept her head on his shoulders and told many secrets from her life which were unknown to everyone even for her dadi. Laksh felt bored with some secrets like how she used to play the teacup party with her dolls. He was interested and surprised to hear many secrets of Ragini like how she would do her social homework from Swara and secretly using her dadi’s mascara to scare her secret friends and stealing some sweets and sugars from kitchen without her dadi’s knowledge. Only one thing could not be digested by Laksh. It was Ragini had a ‘boy friend’ when she was in 8th standard called ‘Arjun’ whom she calls as ‘Ajju’. He was just her best friend and one and only secret friend too. She doesn’t want her dadi to know about him because if she comes to know about him then she would definitely create some problems in her studies. But one day her dadi found it and punished her by burning her feet with very hot rod. She showed it to Laksh and till now she had those marks. Laksh felt bad for her and at the same time he thought if she was brought up like other girls then definitely she would have become a charming and cute girl. Laksh smiled at his thoughts.

What was happening to Laksh? Will Ragini really change? Keep guessing and stay healthy. Thank u. Please post ur comments.

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