Raglak the time to change [part 10]

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Ragini sighed and said: OK! Now we four were in operation Swasan. We should always co operate well in this operation. We should work hard till they unite. We should act normal outside to not get into some trouble. Everyone should be present in every step. Are u ready to unite Swasan?
Ragini forwarded her hand and at first Laksh kept his hand and said: As I said I will always be with u in this operation and it’s a promise. I am ready.
Laksh smiled and Ragini just looked at him amusingly, then Arjun kept his hand and said: As ur bff, I will always support u Ragini. I am ready.
Arjun gave a genuine smile and Ragini too smiled back. This somewhere irked Laksh. He tightened his grip on Ragini’s hand and Ragini looked at him feeling his tightness on her hand. At that time Uttara kept her hand and said: I am always with my bhabhi. I am ready.
She smiled looking at Ragini. Then the four smiled looking everyone and smiled. They took back their hands.
Ragini: Uttu, please don’t call me bhabhi. Just call me as Ragini and that’s enough. Please. I hope u understand.
Uttara looked at her then at Laksh who had a hurt face but didn’t show it off. She nodded in yes looking at Ragini.
Arjun: Ragu madam. Now what is the first step of our operation?
Ragini: Actually I have no idea of it.

She smiled sheepishly and Arjun glared at her. At that time Laksh said: Lets’ make them meet outside in any places.
All looked at Laksh and Uttara said: Like park, theatre, beach.
Arjun: Good idea lucky!
Ragini: But how can we make them to come?
All thought for a while and Uttara said: Lets’ go with them.
Others all in unison: What?
Laksh: Come on Uttu, how can we go with them? It’s their date. When we go there, we will be like a disturbance to them.
Arjun: Right lucky! Why fatty can’t u use ur brain?
Uttara became angry and said: U camel! Don’t dare to speak to me like that!
Arjun raised his eyebrow and said: What will u do if I say FATTY?
Uttara became irritated and moved towards him and said: Oye Camel! I will kill u if u repeatedly calling me likes that.
Arjun to irritate her more: I will say like that only. If u dare then come on kill me, Fatty!
Like this they were having Tom and Jerry fight and Raglak were standing there helplessly thinking how to stop their fight. At that time Ragini went in between them and was about to say something but Ajjuttu, moved her away. In that process Ragini lost her balance and was about to fall but Laksh caught her by her waist. Ragini slowly opened her eyes and locked with Laksh’s. Ajjuttu were fighting at that time Ajju noticed Raglak and signed Uttu to see them. They both saw them and looked at each other with a naughty smirk.
Raglak were lost in their world at that time they heard ‘AAAAAAAaaaaaaa’. They both jerked and looked around to see who that was. It was none other than the Tom and Jerry. Ajjuttu were laughing like hell by giving hifi to each other. Raglak looked at each other and nodded in yes and they both started to chase Ajjuttu. Like this they 4 were playing forgetting the surroundings.
Finally they got tired and sat on a bench with Uttara and Laksh in a corner and Ragini next to Laksh and Arjun next to Uttara i.e. Arjun and Ragini in middle.
They were laughing loudly with a heavy breathe and stopped laughing to take some air. Ragini unknowingly placed her head on Laksh’s shoulder who unknowingly covered her in his embrace. Ragini felt very safe in his arms and closed her eyes feeling it. Slowly her head falls on his chest and she heard his heart beat. Laksh too tightens his hug. They both were doing this unknowingly. They both had a small smile on their lips and their eyes were closed. Laksh felt a hot breathe on his chest and Ragini felt a hand on her waist. They both lifted their head to see who that was. They both were shocked to see each other in that position. They immediately stood up and faced on opposite direction.
Arjun who was balancing on Ragini falls on bench and Uttara whose head was on his shoulders falls on him. They both shared an eye lock. Arjun broke the eye lock and said
Arjun: Oh fatty! Stand up. Am I a bed to u? Get up u fatty.
Uttara became angry and shouted: U camel! Because of u I had fallen down.
Saying this she stood up and Arjun too stood up. Even though he didn’t feel any pain he acted as if his back was paining.
Arjun with fake pain: Oh my back! This fatty had broken my back bone. From which shop r u buying the rice! My god, what a weight!
Uttara was about to say something but Laksh who was standing behind Arjun kicked on his back. Because of that he once again falls on bench with his face towards the bench. Uttara enjoyed it and hugged Laksh. He too hugged her back.
Laksh with a smirk: Now is ur pain had gone?
Now Arjun’s back was really paining, but still he stood up with Ragini’s support and said: Yes! It had gone. What a kick man!
Laksh had a ‘This is for teasing my sister’ look. Laksh with a wide smirk: I know!
Uttara giggled and Ragini started to laugh. Arjun was having a puppy face and Laksh was mesmerized in Ragini’s laugh.
Ragini looked at Arjun’s puppy face: Ok Ajju! Don’t over act! I will massage ur back.
Arjun nodded like a small child and lied on the bench. But he felt a hard hand massaging him. He lightly lifted to see who was massaging him. It was Laksh with a look ‘Why am I doing this?’ He then looked at Ragini who was having a ‘What had happened to this Laksh?’ look. He smirked thinking something.
After Arjun’s massage, they 4 planned to make a surprise meet for Swasan. They had a hand shake and went downstairs. They acted like as though they don’t know anything. Soon everyone went to their house.

At night,
Laksh’s room,
Laksh’s POV,
What a day today! Today I acted very differently unknowingly. First I was mesmerized in RAGINI’s beauty. Next I was admiring RAGINI’s laugh. Next I was not angry looking at SWASAN. Next I was very angry looking at RAGARJUN. Next I did something crazily to disturb them. Next I accepted to unite SWASAN. Next I felt angry when RAGINI smiled at Arjun and not at me. Next I felt hurt when RAGINI asked Uttara to not to call her as ‘BHABHI’. Next I felt like I am completed when RAGINI is in my arms. Next I felt angry when RAGINI said that she will massage Arjun’s back. Next I impulsively jumped in between them and massaged him. What happened today to me? Why am I doing like this? These are all new for me. I can’t understand my feelings. Oh god, please help in finding what happened to me. Please!
Ragini’s room,
Ragini’s POV,
What a day today? Why today is so different from other days. I felt someone’s gaze while I am laughing many times. I felt someone checking me from top to bottom when I went to receive Arjun. I felt someone pushing me away from Arjun. I felt someone not worried about the union of Swasan. I felt someone feeling hurt when I asked Uttara to not to call me as bhabhi. I felt someone jealous and tightening the grip in my hand. I felt very safe in someone’s embrace. I felt someone jealous when I said I will massage Arjun’s back. I felt someone acting differently than normal. It was not someone. It was my love, my life, my husband, my LAKSH for whose love I had done many things in my past. But still I didn’t get it. But now I am repenting my past and trying to correct my mistakes. This time he was acting differently to me. Why? Why r u doing like this Laksh? What happened to u? What happened to u today? These are all making me to feel that u r loving me. But it is IMPOSSIBLE. Oh God, please help me in avoiding Laksh. Please!

With that they both felt slept in their respective bedroom.
So what will god do? Will he make Laksh realize that he is in love? Or will he help Ragini in avoiding Laksh in her life? Or will he do the both? Let’s wait and watch!
How is the part today? Did u all like it? Please post ur comments! Keep smiling and bye! Take care!

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