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Part 5

Siddhanth applies medicine for roli .she looks at his care and roli remembers her parents .roli was only daughter she was princess for them and she was pampered a lot

She suddenly started crying sid asked her y r u crying .ma papa said roli .i miss them .they died in an accident

She starts crying .sid wipes her tears if cry your mother and father will not be happy they want their daughter to be happy always .

Roli i know it will be very bad to live without parents but you have to move on please don’t cry

Siddhanth put his hands on her shoulder roli hugged him and shedded tears .gautam and China was sad to see their didi. Like that but were happy to see close to siddhanth and his care for .

Roli was realised what she is doing and immediately got up and said I’m sorry .siddhanth said its OK we are friends right .

Siddhanth got an immediate call he went .roli mind was occupied by siddhanth his smile and his care and when they hugged the security which no can provide and the warmth .she felt to live like that till end

But she stooped her thinking and scoped herself for over thinking.

Siddhanth came home and saw swara but he taught as jhanvi as swara was wearing jhanvi colthes as she don’t have any of her own

Siddhanth came and shouted boom and lifted her started spinning her swara shouted .

He was shocked to see her face and sorry she said .

Swara was shocked to see him as he is a famous singer and said I’m your fan siddhanth smiled and his thought went to roli

Siddhanth always wanted a girl who never think about his field never care about it roli was the same when he met her she never talked about it

Swara said hello and broke skid dream and said thanks for saving her .siddhanth asked her how are you and said can we friends .

Swara felt happy about their friendly nature and accepted him .swara was mingling with them very well.

Swara suddenly started getting flashes and fell down siddhanth lift her up and took to the room

Swara woke up and shouted ragini and baadi

Ragini got feelings and said swara

Laksh hugged her and said ragini are you OK .ragini says swara she called me .laksh hugs her be tries to make her

Swara starts regaining the name of the family members she starts saying maa .dida ragini and sans but she couldn’t say she was thinking she remebered baadi

Swara called maa siddhanth neha.she started shouting all ran to her and came .she started to know about baadi .she says in swara Bose I’m in baadi

Please take me baadi .siddhanth comes near and calms down says i will take you baadi don’t worry

Please take rest and he made her sleep siddhanth says to others that he will take swara tomorrow baadi

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