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Part 4

Roli comes to her NGO.roli is running NGO and she will be there from.
Morning 9 to eve 6 .

All kids in NGO thinks roli will be happy but know she lost all her smile because of her parents death

Siddhanth comes there and he is standing there and looking for roli

Siddhanth routine was to look roli from .because he felt for roli on the first because of character her bubbliness and etc

Suddenly some groups of boys comes near siddhanth and calls him .siddhanth looks at them

He says what u need .the boys says I’m Chinna and gautam .

I know how many days will u stand look my did I haan.

Sid was shocked and he stammers but the boys says if you love our didi
talk to her

Sid was shocked he asks how do you know .we know

Sid says i love her a lot i will keep her happy will you both help me winning her heart .i will win her heart

Gautam says if you will make my didi smile .he says sure .OK you come

Sid comes inside the NGO .gautam and China takes him inside to roli

Roli asks him to sit .gautam says that he wants to help for this NGO and always comes and visits me .roli thanks him for his kind heart but did busy in looking at roli

Swara starts getting some negative flashes about baadi her dida and shomi .she shouts maa .

Sujatha runs and comes to swara and makes her calm.and says beta u lost your memory but within few days or months you will be alright

You take rest after you gain strength we will search about you .swara says
maa can i go down i will feel better if I’m down .

There neha and amar and jhanvi are playing anthakshari .while amar plays guitar and sings tum hi ho .

Swara starts getting flashes of using guitar and the competition she holds her head .

While sujatha makes her sit .swara suddenly takes the guitar and starts playing has I ban gaye

All we’re mesmerized by her beautiful voice all clapped for her she looked at them some with hesitation

While neha asked for friendship and swara accepted for it and amar and jhanvi to did the same

She felt secured with her new friends .swara thanked them for saving her .amar said there is no thanks and sorry between friends remembered sanskaar saying that she got negative flashes

Siddhanth was playing with the kids .while gautam and China said to did about roli parents and her lost smile

Sid who had watched roli playing basketball asked her to come to make her smile but roli was thinking about swara and her parents was sad .
With the help of the kids roli

Roli to came to play sid and roli started playing sid made a goal.Sid said I’m born to win

Roli said Mr bharathwaj don’t underestimated roli .roli win sure sid says oye chipkali u will never .

Roli says Mr monkey I’m not chipkali i will win roli

Rosid started fighting roli made goal.she showed her tongue .

Sid and roli was playing while roli fall down and got sprain in her leg .

Sid rushed. To her shouted roli y can’t u be carefully if something happens .you will get pain na sid was moist roli said ash in pain

Roli was shocked by his care .roli said nothing siddhanth I’m fine .roli got up but she can’t she shouted aah

Siddhanth immediately took her in arms
They had an eyelock

Khete gain huda be is jahaan mein sabhi me liya
Kisi na kisi ko hai banaya had kisi keliya
Tera milna hai mujhe raab ka ishara manao
Mujhko haan there jaise mein kisi keliye
Kuch tho hai tujse raabta
Much to tujse raabta

They continued their eyelock till siddhanth placed her in the bed in the NGO .he immediately asked the kids for ointment and removed slippers

Roli said siddhanth but he applaud ointment without looking at her .roli was continuously starrrting at him .she felt unknown happiness on his care

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