Raglak & Swasan OS {Undercover Rascals}

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a factory is shown. there is lot of people do packing drugs. it’s a illegal business. Sanjay is shown taking video footage of the illegal doings.

the scene shifts to Aditya mehra, who is giving an interview with a tv person. “so do you thinks it’s fake?” the girl asked. “yes. I’m doing social works to protect the people. those are humours about it.” adithya said. a man came running to adithya. he said something to adithya. he gets shock and angry. he stopped giving interviews and walks away.

“what is this? do you don’t be careful. okay, now you should go and erase the footage anyway.” adithya said it to ved and vicky. they nods and goes from there.

Sanjay reached his home and puts the phone on table. he goes to kitchen and drinks water. suddenly, a knocking sound. sanjay gets shock and looked pale. he steps to door slowly and opens it. ragini was there. “hey, you?” Sanjay asked and pulled her inside. ragini looks on and gets in. “why are you looking pale?” ragini asked. “nothing. why are you here suddenly?” he asked. ragini looks at him. “then? what should i do? always you will sent me letters and talk to me but suddenly you stopped. so that’s why I came here to see you.” ragini says. “okay, but it’s danger to be here.” sanjay says. ragini looked puzzle. she opens her lips to say something but again a knocking sound. this time it was louder.

“oh shit. they are here.” sanjay said in a hurry. “who?” ragini asked. sanjay didn’t say anything instead he puts something on chain clock and gives it to her. ragini takes it. “go away from here.” sanjay pushed her. ragini asks why. “i will say it afterwards” he says. ragini ran away from backside door.

ved and vicky break the door and gets in. sanjay tries to escape and they capture him. they beats sanjay and sanjay falls down. ragini came to the main door while they asked him about the memo card. ragini saw them. “run away, ragini” sanjay screamed at her. ved and vicky beats him. ragini ran away. “i think the chip is with her.” they said and follows her.

ragini ran away and they try to catch her. ragini hide under a pillar at train station. ved and vicky searches her but didn’t found her. they goes another in search of her. ragini runs to house and didn’t find sanjay. she runs from there.

the scene shifts to a meeting board at the police station. they discuss about a drug named opus and the illegal business by adithya mehra. “i have chose two men for this task. first Sanskar.”

intro of Sanskar is shown, where he beats few mens in a tamilian avatar. he then introduced himself as sanskar and other qualifies.

“second, lakshya.” the officer said and looks at the pic of him.

intro of laksh, where he was in a girl attire. a man come and gives her something. laksh takes it and starts beating him. he introduced himself and said that he got so many tranfer because of his anger and fighting skills.

laksh and sanskar came into the meeting and stand. the officers gives full rites of doing the task. laksh and sanskar didn’t speak or smile at each other.

the meeting finished, sanlak get out and goes to bathroom. “hey, see, we are just partners. don’t take advantage.” laksh says. “okay” sanskar says and gets out. laksh stops him and says “wash your hands.”

sanskar looked on. “why?” sanskar gets out. laksh looks at him and goes away.

next morning, laksh gets up in his room and does his own work.

swara gets up and sit on bed. she is pregnant. sanskar gets up. “good morning, babe” sanskar says. “good morning.” swara said. she is tamilian. “you’re beautiful.” Sanskar copliments her. swara gets shy and said “go and do work.” she says. sanskar nods and comes for a kiss. swara pushed him away. sanskar gets up and do the house works like washing clothes, cleaning the house.

at last, after doing the works, sanskar get into the bath. he is bathing and swara makes breakfast. laksh came to their house with his car. he horns. swara came out and saw laksh. swara dislikes him and gets in. she knocks the bathroom door. “yes” sanskar replied. “your friend laksh came here.” swara says. “he came. okay” sanskar baths and get out. he just take his dress and came out. swara stops him and asked him to eat. sanskar says no but swara insists. “for you” sanskar drank the coffee and get out.

laksh horns. sanskar askes him to wait. “bye, beby” sanskar says. “be careful to him” she said and looks. sanskar nods. laksh horns again. “wait.” sanskar says. “okay, came with your transport.” laksh drives. sanskar ran to catch the car. a dog follows him. he ran faster and stops. he looks at the fog. the towel got loose. the dog ran away. sanskar tights it. laksh came and sanky gets in. sanskar puts his dresses on. they drives to sanjay’s house.

at house, sanlak get inside in search of clues. they searches and find some photos. laksh sees it and gets sad to see ragini and sanjay together. sanky looks at him and then at the photo. sanky looks worried for laksh. “ragini. it’s mean ragini is sanjay’s gf?” sanky manipulates. “yes. she is. do you know whose fault is this?” laksh asked.

sanky looks on. “you.” Laksh says. “why me” sanky asked. “because of you ragini separated from us.” laksh gets out. sanky looks at him.

ved and vicky stands aside looking at the house. “i think she will come.” ved said and looks. laksh came there. “who is he?” vicky asked. “who knows. we should escape.” they goes away. laksh looks for some clues. sanky came there and help him. laksh didn’t care about him. laksh goes to open the door of the side. there is wire between the door. sanky looks on and pushed laksh away. laksh got angry. “why you pushed me?” laksh asked and shakes his hand. “wait. there is a wire between.” sanky says. the door opens slowly. they watched. the house blast suddenly and they gets shock. the other police officers came to them for help.

the officers helps them with first aid kit. “it’s for not for us but for ragini.” laksh scream. “what should i do to it. it’s a mistake. I’m sorry.” sanky asked. “i don’t want your sorry.” laksh walks away. sanky gets up and asked him repeatedly. laksh gets angry and a fights ensues between them. a police officer stops them. “it’s duty. so keep your personal aside” he said. laksh gets away. sany says sorry. laksh thinks about ragini.

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    yes i know this story.this is a malaysia tamil film.whick acted by c.Kumaresan ,Jasmine Michael and kk.khanna.am i right sister.

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  6. loved ur ff it is just os or thr will come next part bcus its incomplete

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