Raglak & Swasan OS {Undercover Rascals} (Part two/three)

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the episode starts with the flashback revelation. laksh and sanskar were very close and tick friends since childhood. they stays together and studying for IAS. and they work in a petrol bunk. one day, laksh saw ragini in a coffee shop. she is worked there. first they spend time with friends and then lovers. but they didn’t reveal it to each other.

sanskar has crush on swara who is a tamilian. he gave her bouque to her. but she didn’t care about it. but the days passed, they became lovers. swara teaches him about tamilian attire and they goes for the temple and etc. they spend a quality time with each other.

and the four became a good friends. on the eve day of they study, sanlak goes for a walk. “laksh, will you please come to the pub” sanskar asked. “no, i want to meet ragini and i want to express my feelings.” Laksh walks away. sanskar didn’t give up easily. “please, please,please,” sanskar forces him by lying on road and etc. laksh at last accept that.

they goes to the pub and dances with the girls. laksh didn’t like it at all but for sanskar sake he is there. sanskar gives him the drinks. laksh says no and sanskar insists. laksh takes it and drunk so many peg. he was not steady at all.

next morning, sanskar was sleeping with a girl. laksh is seen sleeping on the sofa. the girl gets up and lie down beside laksh.

ragini and swara came there. they knocked the door but didn’t get any answer. ragini puts a envelope under the door. the door opens abit. ragini looks in and saw laksh. laksh came to his sense and gets up. ragini looked shocked and swara saw that.

“ragini, i did not do anything. i don’t know her” laksh said. ragini starts crying. laksh came to her. ragini backs up. sanskar came there and looked shock. “hey, babe. how are you here” sanskar stammers. “do you know this girl?” swara asked. “no” sanskar said. laksh looks at him. “i had trusted you. but you betrayed me. don’t show me your face again.” ragini said. laksh stops her. “then say who took her here?” ragini asked. laksh looks at sanskar. sanskar signals him not to say. laksh stands quietly. ragini cries and goes away.

swara looks at them both and walked away. sanskar sighed And looked at laksh. he puts his hand on laksh. laksh takes it away. “don’t” he walks away. sanskar looks on.

and then they got work and separated. ragini disappeared from there and so they all. swara makes a bad image of laksh in her.

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in the present, laksh walks away. sanskar looks at him going and shakes his head. they goes to the headquarters. the chief police calls then in. they get in. “have a seat.” the chief said. they sat and looked on. “we have a information regarding sanjay’s case. we should get hold of the girl.” chief said. they nods and gets out. they came to their cabin and sit. laksh thinks about ragini and calls the information office.

“hello, I’m police officer laksh. i want to get more info about the girl.” he said and hung the phone. he looks at ragini’s pic and gets sad.

they are now going in the car. swara calls sanskar. sanskar takes the phone and compliments her. laksh looks at him and smiles. “hello baby. i did not know that i’ll come today for sure.” sanskar said. ” what? you said that you’ll come with me to my parents house.” swara said. “sorry, baby.” sanky said. “haa, ithaan Amma Appa appave sonnaga, police maapla venamnu. naan kekkala ippa ippadi. unna kattunathuku oru erumai maatta kattirukalaam. enakku konjam uthaviyaa irunthurukum(parents said that police officer cannot be a good match. but i didn’t listen so i living with it. if i married a buffalo even it can be a helpful.).” swara yelled in her language. “baby, stop yelling in your language, i didn’t understand.” sanky said. laksh laughed. swara hung the phone.

sanky looks at laksh and glares. “laugh” sanky makes a face. sanky again get a call. it from the information department. “hello” sanky said and listens to then. he hung the phone and looks happy. “friend,” sanky said. “hey, don’t call me like that” Laksh said. “when i called you. i called the god. did you know?” sanky asked him.

“what?” laksh asked. “ragini is sanjay’s sister” sanky said. “what are you saying?” laksh was happy. sanky repeated and laksh was so happy and drives away.

ragini is shown, at a market. vicky and ved came there. ragini saw them and got shocked. they found her but didn’t show it. ragini walks away and then runs. they ran behind her. ragini as tough gets escaped and came to her apartment. they came there also. they tries to catch her. ragini and beats and kicks then and went. they didn’t give up and follow her.

she came to public place but there is no one. sanlak came there. laksh gets hold of her and they get into a eyelock. sanky shoots them. laksh joins him and get hold of vicky. ved escaped. the officers came and arrested vicky. sanlak shares a friendship moment.

vicky is now in the headquarters. the police officers asked him. he said what had happened.

adithya is in a swimming pool. ved came there and told what happened. he looks angry and beats a man. “I’ll do it on myself.” he said. he get off from there.

sanlak and ragini were in chief police’s cabin. ragini looks relieved. “congrats, laksh and sanskar. you did a good job. laksh, it’s your responsibility to take care of her.” chief said. ragini looked on. “no,” ragini words out. “why? don’t worry. he is not that type.” chief said. sanky hmm-ed to it. ragini accepts it. laksh smiles.

they goes from there. they first goes to a nearby park where they asked about sanjay to ragini. “i don’t know anything. he was message me or talk to me every day. but last few days i didn’t get hold of him. so i goes to house that night. where he gives it to me and asked me to run away after that, i don’t know.” Ragini finished. “okay, don’t worry, ragini” Laksh came to her. “please don’t call me ever.” ragini stepped back. sanky noticed it and changed the topic. ” okay let’s go from here” they stepped from there.

in night, sanky came to his house. a old couple sat aside sobbing. sanky didn’t understand why. he goes to them. “what happened?” he asked. “my jimmy is dead. i dont know what he saw.” the old man says. sanky remember the morning incidents and gets away.

the door is locked. sanky looked puzzle. he starts make sound by pressing the calling bell. “baby, baby” sanky said. swara came there. “why you came here?” swara asked. “what is this? I’m your husband. please open,” sanky asked her. swara looks at him. “no,” swara said. “baby, please. I’m hungry” sanky opens it. swara looks concern. “didn’t you eat ready?” swara asked. “yes,” sanky nodded. swara sighed and opened the lock. sanky came in. “sorry,” sanky asked. swara smiles. she goes to take food.

raglak came to house. laksh makes the house clean. “do you want anything?” laksh asked. she looks at him and nodded no. laksh goes to his room. ragini sees her photo there and remember the sweet moments of her life. she smiles. laksh came out with his towel. ragini gets away and stands. laksh goes to bath. ragini lie on sofa and slept. laksh came there and fold her a blanket and goes. ragini opens her eyes and looks at him.

sanky gets a call from laksh. “hello” sanky starts. “come to headquarter. i have a idea to nab adithya.” laksh hung the phone. sanky looks at swara. “baby” sanku said. “hmm” swara said. “sorry, i have to go to go” sanky ran away swara came to the gate. “hai, saava adikka pore paru. erume, thiruppiyum varaathe(hey, I’ll kill you. buffalo, don’t come again”)” swara said and looks.

so here is the second part, I’ll uodate the last part soon, bye…

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