Raglak & Swasan OS {Undercover Rascals} (Part three / three)

hi guyzzz…. thanks for the comments… I’ll try to update Aur Pyar Ho Gaya continuesly… and i have a important exam next week but I’ll try…

the last part starts with, sanky reaches the headquarters. laksh was there already. “haan, you’d come. i got a information about adithya is at a pub. we should nab him.” laksh said. sanky nodded and they left from there.

at the pub, adithya talks about a deal with foreigners. sanlak came there. they saw adithya and makes a plan.

the pub song changed to a intimacy song. sanlak came to the stage with getup changed. laksh was in a girl attire and sanky was in a man’s attire. they danced on the song. while dancing, “hey, keep your hand off me. it feeling very weird” laksh said. “we should dance like this. because of the song.” sanky said. they danced.

the dance finished, adithya and his henchmen get out of the pub. sanlak follows them. they noticed it and get carefull. they came to the terrace. the fight ensues. laksh beats the men. sanky also beats them. a girl came to him. “hi,” sanky said. the girls tries to kick him. sanky fights with her.

the girl kicks him and his phone broken down. “hey, it’s my wife’s gift. how dare you” sanky beats her. the girl escaped and ran away. sanlak stopped fighting because of the men ran away. they sighed and relieved.

it’s morning, sanlak came to headquarters with the attire. a police man sees them and makes fun saying “see, that’s why i said they were useless.” sanky gets angry and yells at him. laksh stops him. sanky hands at his chest. laksh looked on and stepped aback.

they goes to the chief cabin. chief looked on. “what’s this?” he asked. “sir yesterday we went to the pub to catch adithya” laksh said. “did I told you to do so?” chief asked. “no” sanky said. chief looks at them. “okay. where is ragini?” chief asked. “sir, she’s in my house” laksh said. “what? lonely? if anything happens who will take responsibility? go and take her.” chief ordered. sanlak nods and gets out.

they came to house and changed the clothes. ragini gets ready and they leave.

swara was driving the car. she feels something. so, she called sanky.

“hello, where are you?” swara asked. I’m in laksh’s house.” sanky said. “why did you there?” swara asked. “I’m in incharged to protect ragini.” sanky said. “okay, bye.” swara said. “hey, say it to her.” laksh said. swara hears it as sanky forget to cut the call. “okay” sanky said.

he goes to ragini. “ragini, i want to say something.” sanky said. “i don’t wants to listen anything” ragini said. “hey, listen. that day isn’t laksh’s fault but my fault. i got her there. he isn’t done anything wrong.” sanky told everything.

swara listen to it and gets teary eyes. she cries at the same time she got angry. she drives to laksh house.

“so, you done everything.” ragini said. sanky nodded. ragini looks at laksh. “why don’t you tell me that day?” ragini asked. laksh keeps silent.

swara came there. the security stop her. “show me your identity card” security asked. swara saw him. “identity” swara said and taked a umbrella. “is it okay?” swara asked point it towards him. he let her go. swara curses sanky and gets in.

sanky talks to raglak. they saw ragini’s car stopped. sanky looked boggled. swara comes out with the umbrella. “baby” sanky walks to her. “baby?” swara starts beating him with the umbrella. sanky screams. laksh got worry and walks to stop it. ragini stops him. “leave it. he got it for betraying.” ragini said.

“laksh, help me” sanky asked. laksh pretend that he didn’t listen it. swara feels enough of beating him and stopped. “never show me your face.” swara goes away. sanky tries to stop her but cannot. she left the place.

sanlak and ragini was driving. “shit, that Tamil girl left me. are you happy?” sanky murmurs out. “you are now living what you done in the past” laksh said. “stop. or i’ll kill you.” sanky said. “stop it, guys. think about your task” ragini said.

laksh got a call and they drove to a haunted place. there is some of the adithya henchmen were there. they goes to nab them.

there into the place, they tried catch them. but they have guns. there is a fight with guns happens. they found sanjay there unconscious. they help him and sent him off to ragini.

sanky was seen fighting what swara thought to him. laksh shoots them.

sanjay atlast reached the car. ragini saw him and get out of car. a car came there and hit and run sanjay and kidnapped ragini. they finished fighting and come to car. they saw sanjay severely injured and take him to hospital.

the chief came to hospital and met sanjay who is in unconscious state. he came out and asked laksh “where’s ragini?”

“sir, they kidnapped her.” laksh said. sanky consoles him. “okay, don’t worry. we’ll find her.” chief said. laksh goes to headquarters and sanky went to home.

at home, “baby” sanky calls out to swara. they lock is locked. he tries very hard but swara didn’t opened it. sanky gets away.

laksh is in his cabin looking at ragini’s pic. he remembers their sweet moments. he takes out the watch which ragini gave. laksh noticed something and opened the back of the watch. he found a memory card and takes it chief. they put it on phone and watched the illegal drug deal and ordered to arrest adithya.

next day, they goes adithya’s house to arrest him. but he didn’t there. laksh gets a call saying “do you want your ragini. see yourself” adithya hung the phone and send a video. sanlak watched the video. in the video, ragini was got drugged. “she will die in a few hours. save her if you can” adithya said in the video. “laksh, don’t worry. we’ll save her.” sanky said and goes away.

they came to a container parking area with the information. a fights ensues and they catches adithya and his men. “you cannot save her.” adithya said. laksh beats him. he didn’t tell. the police officer who fights with sanlak when they were in the changed attire came with a girl. “where did you found her?” laksh asked. “near a container” the man says. laksh manipulate.

he goes with a group of police and dogs. they found ragini in a container with the help of dogs. ragini in the verge of losing her life. laksh saved her and stays her on conscious. he takes her to hospital.

sanky gets a call and left for hospital immediately. at hospital, sanky came into a room and saw swara in labour pain. the doctor operate her. she was in pain. sanky came to her. “why did you came here?” swara yelled. “sorry, baby.” sanky said. swara pulls his hair and beats him in pain. the doctor got angry. “stop your fight and push.” the doctor said. they looks on and push while sanky said “push, push, push”. the baby born.

the doctor came out. laksh came to him. “she is out of danger. you can meet her.” doctor said. laksh gets in and saw her. he cries. ragini starts to suffocate. laksh was scared and worries. “doctor” he calls and about to go. ragini grabs his hand. she is alright. “just for fun” ragini said and smiled. ” i was scared.” laksh said. he kissed her hand. ragini smiles and says “i love you”. laksh smiles and kissed her forehead.

chief came to see sanjay sanjay is alright. “get ready fast and join the team” chief said. sanjay repeated it. “hmm, making fun of me and do.” chief walks away.

the baby came in. swara and sanky full stopped their problem and loves their baby. they smiled happily.

they united and lived happily.

After few months,

sanlak gets a new task and goes to do it. the end.

i hope you’ll like it.. bye and enjoy….

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