Raglak & Swasan: A new story (Episode 2)


Hi ? guys. I was very happy to know that u all liked? and did not have any complain. So without further delay let’s start the second episode of “Raglak & Swasan: A new story”

Recap: Raglak meeting.

The next day; Ragini is shown talking with someone on the phone
Ragini: Shona when are you coming back from Delhi? (Yes you’re right ✅ its our cheerful Swara)
Swara: After a week
Ragini: Shona, you know I’ve made a new friend that also just yesterday! His name was something La…k…sh Maheswori
Swara: Ragini you don’t even know his name properly but you’re saying he is your friend ?
Ragini: I’ll confirm his name and say you tomorrow
Swara: ? but how you two met each other
Ragini narrates the whole story.
Swara: OK talk with you tomorrow. Bye ?
Ragini: Bye

Here Laksh is also seen talking with someone on the phone ?.
Laksh: Bhai when are you returning from business tour ( yes he’s our dashing Sanskar)
Sanskar: Maybe after four days
Laksh: OK bhai talk with you tomorrow

One week pass and both Raglak had a good ? and well developed bonding and friendship with each other. Sanskar has returned but Swara is left to come. As Swara said she would return in a week. Today was the seventh day and time for Swara to return home.

Swara reaches baadi and she is shown opening the lock ? just then Ragini comes out and sees Swara and happily runs and hugs her and greets Sharmistha

Ragini: Namaste aunty
Sharmistha: Namaste beta. How’re you? Nice to see you after a long time ?
Ragini: Same here aunty
Ragini: You would have said me Swara I would have come to pick you up ⏫
Swara: I thought not to trouble you so I didn’t ask help.
Ragini: To pick my friend their is nothing trouble for me. From next time I’ll not talk with you if you talk like this
Swara: OK meri maa. You’ll make us let go in and we’ll have to talk with you by standing (Swara was just joking with Ragini)
Ragini: Oh, I’m sorry I forgot. OK you take rest I’ll come to meet you later on and you have missed the lectures for 2 weeks so you’ll have to cover it and then tomorrow we’ll have to go college also

Precap: Swasan meeting

Sorry guys. I know today also the story was boring but I assure that it’ll be interesting in the upcoming days. I have not brought the role of Ragini’s family and Laksh’s family till now. I don’t want their love story to end ?because of their family before starting only so I’ll do their entry in other episodes. So guys let me know your views and don’t forget to comment ?. Bye ? guys

Credit to: Innovative

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  1. I hoped that you all would like and my hope turned into a truth. I’m really really happy ? that you all liked it. I’ll try to post ? regularly but if some problem occurs I’ll let you know

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