Raglak & Swasan: A new story (Episode 2)

Hi 👋 guys. I was very happy to know that u all liked👍 and did not have any complain. So without further delay let’s start the second episode of “Raglak & Swasan: A new story”

Recap: Raglak meeting.

The next day; Ragini is shown talking with someone on the phone
Ragini: Shona when are you coming back from Delhi? (Yes you’re right ✅ its our cheerful Swara)
Swara: After a week
Ragini: Shona, you know I’ve made a new friend that also just yesterday! His name was something La…k…sh Maheswori
Swara: Ragini you don’t even know his name properly but you’re saying he is your friend ?
Ragini: I’ll confirm his name and say you tomorrow
Swara: 🆗 but how you two met each other
Ragini narrates the whole story.
Swara: OK talk with you tomorrow. Bye 👋
Ragini: Bye

Here Laksh is also seen talking with someone on the phone 📞.
Laksh: Bhai when are you returning from business tour ( yes he’s our dashing Sanskar)
Sanskar: Maybe after four days
Laksh: OK bhai talk with you tomorrow

One week pass and both Raglak had a good 👌 and well developed bonding and friendship with each other. Sanskar has returned but Swara is left to come. As Swara said she would return in a week. Today was the seventh day and time for Swara to return home.

Swara reaches baadi and she is shown opening the lock 🔒 just then Ragini comes out and sees Swara and happily runs and hugs her and greets Sharmistha

Ragini: Namaste aunty
Sharmistha: Namaste beta. How’re you? Nice to see you after a long time 🕦
Ragini: Same here aunty
Ragini: You would have said me Swara I would have come to pick you up ⏫
Swara: I thought not to trouble you so I didn’t ask help.
Ragini: To pick my friend their is nothing trouble for me. From next time I’ll not talk with you if you talk like this
Swara: OK meri maa. You’ll make us let go in and we’ll have to talk with you by standing (Swara was just joking with Ragini)
Ragini: Oh, I’m sorry I forgot. OK you take rest I’ll come to meet you later on and you have missed the lectures for 2 weeks so you’ll have to cover it and then tomorrow we’ll have to go college also

Precap: Swasan meeting

Sorry guys. I know today also the story was boring but I assure that it’ll be interesting in the upcoming days. I have not brought the role of Ragini’s family and Laksh’s family till now. I don’t want their love story to end 🔚because of their family before starting only so I’ll do their entry in other episodes. So guys let me know your views and don’t forget to comment 💬. Bye 👋 guys

Credit to: Innovative


  1. Innovative

    I hoped that you all would like and my hope turned into a truth. I’m really really happy 😁 that you all liked it. I’ll try to post 🏣 regularly but if some problem occurs I’ll let you know

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