raglak- swasan made for each other..short ff


hey guys…writing a short story..please comment ur views..if u lyk dis den I vl continue dis track only..

story starts from d day of swasan and raglak wedding..both brides r getting ready..
swara- ragini m vry happy..finally v both r getting married again nd in same mandap
ragini- that too with our wish with our love..last tym i married laksh forcefully..nd forced u to marry sanskar..(gets sad)
swara- ragini..leave all that..that was our past..be happy coz today v are getting our true love…nd now I vl bcum ur jethani..nd u have to follow my orders..ready..
ragini- yes jethani ji..
both laugh
in sanlak room..sanskar nd laksh r getting ready
sanskar- laksh m very happy today..today v going to start our new lyf..m happy that u forgive ragini
laksh (smiles fairly)- Ha sanskar
at mandap..panditji asks to call bride and groom
ap asks uttra and parineeta to call swasan as they r elder so their wedding will happen first then raglal wedding
both swasan come..sanskar get mesmerized seeing swara ready beautifully in bridal attire..both come to mandap
swara- Sanskar y r u staring me..
sanskar- wat cn I do u look so beautiful I can’t take off my eyes from u..(both smiles)
their wedding occurs and both seeks elders blessing..
ap ask to call raglak
parineeta brings ragini..all r waiting for laksh..then uttara comes running..with a paper..he gives it to dp he reads it and gets shocked..he ask all guest to leave by giving their blessing to swasan..all are stunned..all guests leave
ap- wat happened..y u hav snd all guest..raglak marriage z still going to happen
she turns to uttara and asks her about laksh
all r worried..and ask dp
dp- rag lak marriage cnt happen as laksh has ran away..
all r shocked..ragini get shattered to hear dis..Swara and sumi hold her
dp reads letter in which laksh wrote that he don’t want marriage wd ragini as he can’t forgive ragini for wat she has done with him and his family..and I was doing all this drama only to get our property back from ragini..my going away from all of u as I know if I stay here u all will make me marry with ragini
ragini was crying vigorously sumi hugs her and consoles her
shekar gets angry and tells dp that his family has given only pain to his daughters so he don’t want his daughters to stay here..and he break all ties with their family
ap nd dp fold their hands and apologies from shekhar but shekhar don’t listen and ask swara and ragini to come..swara nd sans look each other wd teary eyes..
just then ragini gets faint..all r worried they call doctor..
doctor- nothing to be worried she z fine..it z due to stress she should be careful as she z pregnant..
all r shocked..
listening dis ragini starts crying and holds her tummy..remembers laksh
ap and dp ask to think abt swasan ng ragini unborn child bt shekhar doesnot change his decision nd ask all his family to come baadi…

after 4 yrs..in baadi
a small kid z shown shouting..mom mom…where r u..( he z laksh nd ragini son his name z Arav)
just then ragini comes..
arav- mom m getting late..make ready fast..I have to go soon nd where z maa why she z not bringing gift..y u both r always late nd bcause both of u I always get late..
Swara comes nd swaragini laughs seeing arav
Arav- y both r smiling at me u know today z arpita didi’s bday( adarsh daughter)..nd there I vl meet Dadu dadi nd all..mom hav u informed badepapa..is he coming to take me..give me ur phone..I vl Cal him..
just then sanskar enters..
san- hey champ
arav rushes to see sans and hugs him..
Sans comes to ragini and told her that he vl drop him by tym..he looks at swara..she was also looking at him..
san- hw z u swara..
swara- m fine hwz u..nd ask abt all other family members ..tears roll out from her eyes..
Arav- oho maa..every tym badepapa come to take me u start crying..I vl come by night..plus stop crying..
sans nd Arab bids bye to swaragini..ragini nd swara looks each other..
ragini- bcoz of me u nd sanskarr have to be separated..instead of ur marriage u both can’t stay together..
swara- y u alwaz say like this..it’s not
bcoz of u..it’s bcoz of circumstances..at least I can see my love…but u..
rag- m getting punishment of my deeds..I hurt u a lot..I have done very bad things..but at least I have Arav..he s my lyf now..but I hope arav cn meet his dad also…
swara- rag don’t worry..may be one day it vl also b possible as now he can meet his grandparents his sister nd other family members..
rag- ya and it only because of sanskar..I know baba won’t say but he trust sanskar only that’s y he allowed him to take arav sometyms to mm…wen maa nd papa came to take u me nd arav..

Credit to: kavya

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