raglak swasan lovestory (episode 3)


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So the episode start with.
ragini&virat aka ragvir room.
ragini get up and sees virat sleeping on counch amd smile looking at him she then goes too bath.
in bath
ragini why god this happen too me ha.
why always me.
and remember what happened yesterday and start crying.
she then touch her manga and say why why always this happen too me god why.
after some time she goes out and get ready she then goes to virat.
ragini. Virat get up.
virat was awaken but try to pretend
virat. 1 min.

ragini. Nahi laksh.
virat. What.
ragini. I mean virat.
virst then get up amd goes to bath.
ragini get teary eyes and say laksh i love you.

laksh room.
laksh get up and remember yesterday accident and get teary eyed and say ragini i love you and i know that you also love me and are missing me dont worry i will save you from virat and then you will be mine for always.and goes to bath after bath he get ready and goes toward ragvir room.

swara get up amd sees sanskar sleeping holding her hand and say in his ear i love you jaano.
sanskar smile.
swara understood and kiss his cheek and run to bath.
sanskar touch his cheek and get happy.
swara get ready and sanskar come and hug her.
sanskar what happened.
swara thinking about ragini.
sanskar dont worry she will be alright. Laksh is there for her.
both share a hug and goes out.

danny room.
he was sleeping and dream about swara and he get married and get up and say you will be mine soon.

ragvir room.
virat sees laksh coming toward there room.
virat hug ragini from back and push her toward hiself.
laksh sees this and say this bastard. Laksh was about to go in when.
ragini slaped virat and say who dare you virat.
virat. You are my wife.
ragini. No.
virat. Why not i love you.
ragini. But i dont i love laksh not you.
virat get angry and goes from there in angre.
laksh get teary eyed.

precap.raglak moments.

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Credit to: unkown

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  3. Big fan of raglak loved it

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  5. Hello i will parimala

  6. Very nice

  7. Rags so sad but virat deserve tight slap

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