raglak swasan lovestory (episode 2)


Hello guyz.

The episode start with everyone is worried for swaragini.
Laksh. Bhai i think some kidnaped swaragini.
Sanskar. Laksh so finally you used your brain smart in angrliy tone.
Laksh. Sorry bhai.
Sanskar. Dont feel sorry we have to find them ok.
Laksh. Yes bhai.
Ap. Beta.
Sanskar. Hun aate hai.
Ap. Kaha ja rahya ho beta.
Sanskar. Swara or ragini ko dondani.
Ap. Ok beta plz take care.
Sanlak. We will maa.
And goes.

Two boyz are taking them too mandir its danny and virat.
Virat. Ragini you will be mine now.
Ragini. You cheapo my laksh will not leave you.
Virat. Woh laksh kya kare ga.
Ragini. Woh tumhe maar deye ga.
Virat. Iske phir meri tumeri shaadi ho jaye gi.
Ragini. Kabhi nahi.
Swara. Leave them na our husband will find us and will not leave them.
Ragini. You are right swara.
Danny. Tum duno mujhe parshan kara rahi ho.
Virat. Danny come down we love them.
Danny. Yes they making me angry.
They reach temple.
Pandit. Je app yaha kai kar rahya hai.
Danny. We want to marry them.

Pandit. Sorry but we vant force this girls.
Danny and virat. Abh oh and point gun on him.
Pandit. Ok.
They start wedding ritual.
Ragini in mind. Plz laksh save me.
Swara in mind. Sanskar when will you come.
Both get teary eyed.
Virat and danny make them wear mangalsutra.
Ragini. Plz virat mujhe chora do.
Swara. Ha plz danny leave us we beg you.
Danny&virat. You idiots we guyz love you. But sanskar and laksh dont plz you will be happy with us.
Virat full ragini headline with sindoor.
Laksh and sanskar come there and say stop this marriage.
Danny was about to put sindoor on swara headline but sanskar hold his hand.
Swara. Sanskar and hug him.
Sanskar. Dont worry i am here.
On the other hånd ragini is shocked to know that virat haved filled her headline.
Laksh. Ragini are you ok.
Ragini. Laksh.

Laksh. Ha ragini.
Virat. Dont try to touch her she is mine. I have filled her headline and we are married now.
Laksh. What and is shocked to see ragini manga.
Ragini. Laksh tum en dari kar di.
Laksh. Ragini.
Swara. This vant happen.
Swasan are shocked.
Police come there and was about to take danny and virat just then virat said.
Inspector i am married with ragini you vant do this i didnt forced her.
Inspector. Ok we will leave you too guyz.
Virat. Ragini lets go.
Ragini who was in shock.

Virat ragini and hold her hand and take her with him.
Danny. Well ragini and virat is married soon swara you will be also mine.
Sanskar was about to punch her when swara stop him.
Swara. Leave it.
Laksh was in shocked.
Swasan take him home.
Laksh goes to his room and start crying.
Swasan tell everything.
Everyone is shocked.
But just then virat with ragini and danny come and say we will leave in this house.
Swara. No you guyz will not.
Virat. Swara only og you remember that ragini is also a part og this house and she is half malakin og this house.

Swara. Ragini.
Ragini who was in shocked. Was not able to talk.
Virat. I am his husband i have the right to decide.
Laksh who come down hearing sound get happy seeing ragini there and goes toward her.
But virat stop her and say she is my wife dont you dare to go near her you understand that.
Laksh look at ragini who was still in shock.
Laksh under stand the situition.
Virat so what do you think swara.
Swara. You guyz vant live here.
Laksh. No they can.
Swara. Laksh.
Laksh with eyes.
Og they stay then ragini will also so plz.
Swasan understand and say ok.
Everyone goes to there rooms.

Swasan goes to there rooms.
Laksh show ragini and virat a room and say you guyz can live her.
Danny say i now where i will live and goes next room by swasan room.
And say swara you will be mine.
Laksh who was sad goes to her room and start crying holding ragini photo.
Virat say i will sleep on couch you sleep on bed.
Ragini nods in yes and sleep.
Virat see her and say ragini i love you Møre than anything. And sleeped.
Laksh also sleep.

Swara. Sanskar i love you if you havent comed then i would be married with danny.
Sanskar. Kiss her head and say you will be mine always and i love you swara.
He kiss her lips and both share å romantic moment.

Precap. Ragini was in room virat hug her from back.

Plz guys sorry if. You dont liked but at last its will be raglak and swasan. Plz do comment. And love you.

Credit to: unkown

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  5. Hey I don’t understand in ep 1swasan n raglak meet in college then raglak fite n in ep 2 virat n Danny kipnap swaragini then ragrat marry laksh heart broken I don’t understand

  6. I’m because in ep 1 swasan anf raglak just met and now they are even married then kiddnaping and again marrige with someone else pls clear my confusion…..but it was sooooo nice 🙂

  7. Elina it my first fan fiction and its first episode. Hopefully you understood and i will try my best. Thanks everyone for commeting

  8. i can’t understand 🙁 if in the first episode they have just met then how come they are married??? and moreover Danny and Virat kidnapped them in order to marry the girls who are already married….. plus police didn’t show any objection to it… whats going on ? pl.clear my confusion.

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