raglak-swasan (is it love?) part-1

Hey guyzz,its me anna again comes to give you my first episode.i’m very happy that all of you like my ff intro.so I will try to make it entertain for sure.my sincere thanks to

So lets start with first episode..here it goes……….


Sanky was 11 years old and in 6th std
Lucky was 10 years old and in 5th std
Swara was 9 years old and in 4th std
Rags was 7 years and in 2nd std


A fine morning,a room from 2 nd floor of gadodia mansion is shown….a pink colour room……pink curtain….pink bedsheet…pink wall…..its our swaraginis room..sumi comes to the room and comes near shone.

Sumi:shona beta,get up today is your first day at school.

By hearing this shone immediately get up and went to washroom.{bcoz it was school reopening day..she misses her school for 2 months}
Next was ragini,

Sumi:lado beta get up….
Lado:ma,plz 5 mins.
Sumi:no 5 mins,for 2 months you were sleeping like this now wake up…

Lado took sumi’s hand and kiss and hug it tightly and sleep.sumi was smiling seeing her action.after some minutes shona comes out from wash room.

Shone:ma,wat is diz?you wake me up early and lado is sleeping.this is cheating

She makes puppy face.

Sumi:lado is younger to you na..thta’s y…no prblm…I’ll call and wake her up..lado wake up,otherwise I’ll call dadi..she will come and pour water on you.
Lado:”water”……..oh my god…don’t call her…..i’m going to wash room ma….

By seeing this sumi and shone laughs.
They wore their uniform{a red skirt which is not upto the kneeand white full sleev shirt with red tie.lado didn’t know how to tie the tie…shone is helping her to wear tie and then they wore shoes and socks.boths of them get ready with their pony tails and come down for breakfast}
Shekar:my princesses,come and have breakfast..i’ll drop you at the school.

Both of them ate the breakfast and took blessings from dadi and dadaji as it was their first day at school..and sumi and shekar also hug them and gave them kiss


Two boys were sleeping like princes and wandering in their dream world.suddenly they heard a sound like thunderstorm..it was their in both of their dream.

Dp:do sanskar and laksh didn’t have class today?if they didn’t come at time.they wont go to school today.

At Sanlak room

Sanky:dad started again after two months.
Lucky:haan,I’m very tired bhai,I cant wake up so sleepy mood.
Sanky:acha den I’ll help you..

Before he could complete …sanky push lucky and he fell down from bed.lucky got up and stand.

Lucky:wot is diz bhai,why you push me?
Sanky:you said you cant wake up na…now you get up and stand too…
Lucky:oh my god…

{lucky and rags tell oh my god bcoz they are best best friends and their talkings are also similar and likewise swasan too}lucky and sanky get ready in their uniform.
{red pants,white shirt and red tie}
They came down and had breakfast and dp took them to school.


Rags and swara comes out from their car and at the same time sanky and lucky too comes out.they both sees each other and run. They hug each other.lucku to rags and sanky to swara.
Shekar and dp sees this ans smiles and they head towards their office in same direction.

Precap:raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak bond……and …..a surprise

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