raglak-swasan (is it love?) intro

Hey guyzz,I’m anna.i was really a silent reader of all fanfictions but reading all the ff gave me inspiration to write one my own.i don’t know whether you all will like it or not.anyway I will try my best to make you all entertain.you know what Im really a crazy fan of swaragini.especially raglak but I like swasan too.if there is any mistake is found in my ff please kindly forgive me.
So lets strt with chatcter intro:

Shekhar gadodia:a rich bussinessman in kolkata,husband of sumi,father of swaragini
Sumi gadodia:housewife,wife of shekhar,mother of swaragini,loves her daughters a lot
Swara gadodia:a girl of 25 years,modern girl,bubbly and chubby,loves her sister a lot,she will do anything for her,now,helping her father in business
Ragini gadodia:a girl of 23 years.traditional type girl,sweet and smart like sister,loves her sister a lot,final year b-tech in a prominent college in mumbai,studious.
Other charcters in gadodia family are dadaji and dadi

Durgaprasad maheswari:a rich bussiness man in kolkata,business partner of shekhar,husband of annapurna,father of sanlak
Annapurna maheshwari:housewife,wife of dp,loves her sons a lot
Sanskar maheshwari: a handsome and cool guy ,elder son of dp and ap,works with his father in bussiness,27 years
Laksh maheswari:a handsome and hot guy,flert with girls,studies at london,coming india after 16 years to india to meet his parents.26 years
{in my story rp and sujatha are staying in london and they do not have children .so they took laksh to london when he was 10 years old and looks after him like their own son.but sanlak calls rp and sujatha as papa and mummy,dp and ap as dad and mom.rp quits his business there and return back to india and decides to stay in india.rp and sujatha already came in india.but laksh is coming afterwards since he was enjoying with frends because it is his last tym at london he also going back to india forever}

I’m very very tensed whether you all accept my ff or not then only I can procceed.please share your views with me dear friends

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  1. It’s swasan then people will accept.. Nice start

  2. Varsha Darshini

    Suprb yaar keep writin

  3. am happy to c a new raglak plot

  4. ur ff story line is really nice plsssss dr carry on. ..

  5. Itz nice dear. Plz continue

  6. Raglak story na so its nice

  7. nice intro…

  8. Hmmmm…….. Cool start Anna. But plz make it swasan and raglak. And plz upload long ff.
    Lots of love………

  9. Nyc intro

  10. nice keep updatng

  11. Nice can u plss chnge the pairs swalak and ragsan

    1. Sory dear pairs are already decided anyway..I will try to make a good bond betwn swalak and ragsan ….

  12. Nice intro

  13. obviously everyone will accept ur ff….dnt worry and continue it…waiting for more parts of ur ff..

    1. Tnqu dear for our support

  14. Raglak v nice

  15. Nice intro.. Keep updating… All the best?????? I just live Raglak…

  16. pavani bhavanam

    Nice introduction…. Plz continue… Thank u for making raglak

  17. Seems good??please update the next part soon because I can’t wait. Thanks for Making it raglak and swasan. please give equal importance to both couple????

  18. agree with bresh..if its swasan then we will love it…interesting…

  19. super intro

  20. NYC pls continue

  21. Love it 🙂

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