Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 8)

Ragini is shocked to see complete wolf transformed Laksh. Laksh shouts as wolf. Ragini closes her ears.

Laksh runs away from window. “Laksh..!” Shouts Ragini and follows him. He runs into woods. Ragini runs back of him.

“Laksh, come back. Don’t run” she is shouting. They reach middle of forest.

There is another werewolf over there. If he kills the werewolf he may become normal. He has to kill the werewolf which bitten him. It was that.

Ragini gets shocked to see two of werewolfs. She is now really worried about Laksh. She is not dare enough to shout as there was another one too.

Laksh starts fighting with other one. Ragini is crying looking at him. In fighting, Laksh falls back with wound once.

Ragini goes near him.. shouting Laksh… she bends to Laksh. Other werewolf grabs Ragini by hair and about to beat her, Laksh wakes and does war with that again.

Ragini, “Laksh, plase come back,”

Those both werewolf go to cliff side. They both fight and accidentally both falls off from cliff.

“Laksh….!!!” Ragini shouts and runs there. She stands at cliff. It was a steep valley and both werewolfs fell in.. probably they might have dead.

Ragini falls on her knees. “Laksh!!!” She shouts. She places her face among her palms and cry deeply. Her sobbing is reflected in that hill area.

She remains there crying for long time.

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  1. IQRA222

    Awesome and so scary omg
    Hope nothing has happened to laksh
    Waiting for the next episode

  2. I’m new here it was omg
    Waiting for d next one


  4. Mintu

    Amazing….ohh noo..laksh fall on cliff… Poor ragz…waiting for next

  5. Follybraverl

    Ohhhh lucky is fine right

  6. Asw

    Nice is laksh is safe R not? Keep going

  7. Lovely7

    Hope laksh is fine

  8. Dharani


  9. awesome!!! loved it!!!

  10. Superb part

  11. Don’t you think that this ff is too short. Plz post a very long one in next time. But make it fast dr. Coz
    I’m dying to read your ff

    1. ???????

  12. ?????then what happened?
    Post the next part soon??
    Anyways it’s superb

  13. amazing yar..but it was too short..plz give long one nxt time dear

  14. Asra

    awesome dear….hope nothing happen to laksh…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  15. Jazzy


  16. Awesome plz post the next part soon. Hope laksh is safe

  17. Mindblowing epi dear

  18. Awesome episode and also interesting. Hope Laksh will be fine

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