Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 7)

Ragini goes to kitchen to prepare something for them. Laksh comes inside and sees the photo frame of his father. Ragini comes out with snacks. Laksh has tears in his eyes. “Laksh..” Ragini says and makes him sit.

“Ragini, is me the reason for dad’s…”

“No..laksh, it was happened suddenly.”

She wantingly hides matter, otherwise Laksh will upset.

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand.

“You won’t leave me naa..!” He asks looking at her.

Ragini kisses his forehead, “never”

He hugs her. Then Ragini remembers that she is going to die after next full moon. A tear drops.

Later, Ragini seemed to be studying. Laksh is watching TV. Ragini smiles and closes the books.

“What..you closed the books so early? Book worm, you have to read at least for one hour right.” Laksh asks putting remote aside.

“What use? With next full moon, everything with this world going to complete.” Ragini says looking at TV.

“What do you mean?” Laksh asks eye brow raised.

“Nothing..” Ragini stands and about to go. Laksh holds her hand. He pulls her back. She falls in his lap. Due to that her hair falls on her face. He sensually removes her hair from face and he moves fingers on her cheeks which runs shivers in her spine. Laksh brings his lips near her neck and starts chewing her neck with lips. The skin of her neck has become his chewing gum. Ragini was rubbing his head and nape with her hands.

He makes Ragini lean on couch and he comes over her. Then he gives wet kisses on her cheeks and forehead.
“Now, tell me. What is worrying you? Are you worried about me?” Laksh asks.

“I’m not worrying Laksh..I’m fine..!” She says.

Laksh gets up from her. She too sits setting her hair. When she was arranging her hair, she suddenly feels flying in air. Laksh was carrying her in his arms to the room. Ragini holds his collar.
He places her on bed. “Good night Ragini.” Ragini smiles.

“I will bring you every night like this.” He says and sleeps beside her. She lays her head on his chest. She is rubbing his chest and he is caressing her head.

“You are for me. And I’m for you. There is none other for us.”

“Yes. You sooth me sometimes and I sooth you sometimes.”

Ragini feels, “how can you stay when I leave this world Laksh?”

Laksh gently pecks her lips… “good night”
She smiles and closes her eyes.

One month passes. The full moon day will come. Ragini is thinking, this is last day for me. Laksh was some what happy that he is going to be normal. He don’t know that Ragini is going to die.
Laksh is getting ready to college.

“Laksh, where are you going? Today is full moon.”

“But, today is very important. I have finals in foot ball match.”

He is about to go, Ragini stops. “I will also come..!”

He smiles and kiss her forehead..both leaves to college.

Ragini sits in stadium and watching the match. She was nervous about the night that day. And she is also very sad..that she is going to leave. Tears won’t stop in her eyes. But, if she cries Laksh may get disturbed and lose the match.

So for lonelyness she goes into library again..however no one will be there as everyone are in stadium. She cries very much..!!

Swara sees that she is in. She smirks and locks the door from out.

Ragini keeps crying and she won’t see the time.. it was already 6. That means, college is over already.

She hurriedly goes to door and shocked to see she is locked inside. She keeps beating door for help..but corridor and whole college is empty. She shocks.

Laksh reaches home thinking Ragini might have reached already, but he is amazed Ragini was not at home. He tries calling her, but no response..!!

Just then he is about to step out house, evening is over and all becomes dark. Slowly moon raises from sky.

Laksh shocks and takes step back.

Ragini also shocked to see moon from window. She takes an axe and breaks the door. She gets out of room hardly and her hand gets scratch while doing so.

The curtains and doors of house are not closed and moon light penetrates inside.. Laksh scares and tries to run… but suddenly his legs start changing… he is getting hair all over…

He still tries to run, but he feels dizzy and he now don’t know what’s happening.

Ragini who rushes to home soon gets shocked to see completely wolf transformed Laksh.

He shouts in wolf mode.. Ragini closes her ears in tears, now how can she make Laksh normal. He is a dangerous beast now. It’s equal to death to go near him now.

But, she gets all courage. Steps a head to him. Smelling her blood Laksh turns back, his eyes are red..! His nails are sharp… his teeth are big.

Now what happens???

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