Raglak a story of werewolf (episode 6)

Ragini nods her head in agreement. After two days, in presence of all relatives, friends they get married traditionally. Laksh places sindoor in her maang.

Her parents bid bidaai to Ragini and Ragini comes to Laksh home.

“Ragini..you need not feel new. Think this as your own house..!!”

“Hmm… what are you thinking.. I know about this house more than you..!! I’m seeing this house from my childhood… it’s never new to me..!!”

Laksh pulls Ragini holding her hand…she falls on him. He locks her in his hands.. “then I’m seeing this girl from my childhood.. why I’m feeling new..?”

Ragini bends her head in shy. Laksh raises her head. He moves near to her. Laksh kisses her corner of her lips, where he bit her once when he was as wolf.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you then..?” He asks. Ragini nods her head.

“Why did you bear this much for me Ragini..?”

Ragini cups his face.

“Because, you are my friend. I can’t see when something happens to my friend..”

Laksh gets tears in his eyes. “Laksh…” says Ragini concerned and hugs him.

“Laksh..don’t cry naa..!”

“Ragini, when my friend is suffering for me like this. How can I tolerate her suffers?”

“Laksh, that was happened only once. And last time, I started intimation with you, before you became wolf. So, you didn’t harm last time. So, if we do same this once. At next full moon, everything is set..!”

“So, this was all for me..?”

“Laksh, don’t worry about me. I will be fine and you will be fine..!!”

Next day, Ragini and Laksh both go to college as wife and husband.

All say, “best friends have become wife and husband.”

“You say that you are friends always, but see you became like this at last”

“We used to doubt your closeness. Yes, you both were lovers actually right..!”

Raglak ignores their words and goes to their class. They always used to sit together in class, then also they sat together.

“Hey, you used to listen classes or used to love during class times..?” Someone questions from back.

Laksh raises to beat that person, but Ragini stops him.

“Laksh..ignore everyone’s words. We know the truth. We were really friends then..!!”

Laksh sits silently. Some classes will run..

Later sports hour..

Ragini goes to library as usually, Laksh goes to volleyball.

Just then swara comes near her. “Hey..! Dirty girl..! You have snatched my laksh..!!”


“You were friends, but not actually right..!!”

“Swara, laksh never loved you..!! And don’t poke your finger in our matters!”

Then sahil, “leave it swara, they were lovers actually..!” He says and keeps hand on swara and takes her out.

After a game, laksh comes near Ragini running.

“Did you finish reading yet..or you have to complete whole library..?” He asks wiping his sweat with her chunni.. this is common for them always.

He looks at her tears. He holds her hand.. “Ragini, what happened?”

“Laksh, We are wife and husband now.. it’s ok. But, when these people were pointing our friendship as false one.. I can’t take it..!! I never ever felt bad about you then.. even you didn’t feel like that about me. But..all are doubting us. They are making fun of our friendship..!!”

Ragini cries.

“Ragini, barking dogs keep barking always. Let them bark.. with thier bark, the reality in our friendship never changes. And that session was completed. Now we are husband and wife..!!”

He stands and gives his hand. Ragini takes his hand and she too stands. They have a single bag, they kept their books in one bag only..just to prove they are one now.

Laksh hangs the bag to his shoulder. They both goes out fingers entangled. All were looking at them.

“Ragini, hold my hand completely and place your head in my shoulder.”


“Do it..! Let’s make every one jealous.”

Ragini smiles and holds his heavy hand and places her head on his comfortable shoulder. They keep walking burning everyone.

Both sit on the bike. Ragini hugs Laksh tightly from back and her head rests on his shoulder back.

This burns swara more and she turns into ashes.

Raglak leave on bike to home.

They reach home. Ragini gets down and about to go. But, her chunni gets struck to bike handle. She turns back. She goes near bike..Laksh was removing it. Their hands touch..they look at each other… Ragini about to go..Laksh holds her hand.

“Do you want to say anything to me?” He asks.

She turns and comes near him. She simply pecks his lips.. “I love you Laksh..”

Laksh holds her near by waist… he too pecks her lips back, “love you too Ragini..”

She smiles and keeps her hands around his neck. She Sucks his lips… he too sucks her lips back. They both join their lips, she sucking his upper lip and he her lower lip. Later, Laksh gives her open mouth kisses. He goes a bit down and he kisses her chin. Ragini bites his nose point. For which Laksh unknowingly presses her waist tight.

“Laksh….” moans Ragini in pain and she runs inside. Laksh smiles and follows her.

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